Crystals that DON’T work together

I often get asked how to know if you are wearing too many crystals, if they cancel each other out and what are bad crystal combinations?! This blog post was born to address that and how to ensure you have more powerful crystal combinations.

Crystals that Don’t Work Together:

I believe that with the right intention all crystals can work together and in general, all crystals do work together.

Something to keep in mind for crystal combinations: some crystal combinations may not work well if you are particularly emotional or sad. It’s important to be self-aware when you’re working with your stones for healing or not. In this instance and as a general guideline, I wouldn’t recommend the following crystals:

  • Malachite because it is a powerful crystal that is also known to amplify all kinds of energy so it can leave you feeling lower in the dumps. It is said to make the highs very high and the lows very low.
  • Clear quartz as it is an amplifier. You may find yourself feeling lower because it is amplifying your low energy.
  • Cooler colored, light blue stones because these crystals can bring energy down instead of energising. If you’re feeling down, the last thing you want is to feel more down so be mindful of that.

This can differ for many people so it isn’t set in stone. It is only a guideline. Many people find that clear quartz boosts their energy and makes them happy even if they are feeling low. The same can be said for malachite and many other stones!

It’s important to take note of how your crystal make you feel and how they impact your mood!

Powerful Crystal Combinations when Wearing Crystals:

If you are wearing too many for your energetic body, you will know.

Here’s what you may experience:

  • You will feel off and that something isn’t right but you haven’t changed much.
  • Feeling uncomfortable, sluggish or tired.
  • Snapping at loved ones or anyone in general so you’re more irritable or edgy than usual.

I know it’s “on fleek” to nicely layer 6 crystal necklaces around your neck or carry that many around with you. I’ve been there too! When you do this, sometimes you can feel as if you’re carrying bricks around and that is a bad crystal combination. If you notice you’re feeling any of the above ways, wear LESS crystals or change the combination to determine which is too much for you. You also want to actively GROUND your energy on a regular basis by getting outdoors, meditating with a mandala or grounding crystal.

You can definitely wear or carry powerful crystal combinations, but it doesn’t mean you need to have a huge amount of them. Less is more when it come to crystals – not always, but usually.

Powerful Crystal Combinations

Working out Powerful Crystal Combinations:

Something important to take into consideration with your crystals is as HibiscusMoon says: “You’ve got to ask yourself what are you trying to achieve here?

Her example is fantastic: Carnelian boosts energy whereas Blue Lace Agate calms energy down so they would cancel each other out because it sends a confused signal out into the Universe, i.e. you don’t know if you want to boost or calm the energy.

The above crystal combination is pointless unless you have a specific intention behind the combination, e.g. carnelian to boost creative energy and blue lace agate to promote better communication. That’s why intention is very important for powerful crystal combinations when using them for your healing journey because remember, all crystals do work well together generally.

A common question I receive is: “Can I wear my INSERT CRYSTAL NAME HERE and INSERT OTHER CRYSTAL NAME HERE together?” – And the short answer is in this post: what are you trying to achieve with your rocks? Intention always first! All crystals can work together BUT your intention is what helps you combine crystals or not. Crystals need something to do.

General Guidelines for Energizing and Calming Crystals:

When you are working out what you want to achieve with your crystal/s, it can be helpful to know whether your crystal has more of a energising or calming energy. It can get a little tricky, but there is a general guideline that you can follow when it comes to the colors:

  • Warmer colors like red, orange and yellow, boost and energise. They are motivating colors. These sorts of color shades want to accelerate, make you want to move, get going and light the fire.
  • Green will balance because it’s in between warm and cool. It can also be relatively soothing yet expansive in some instances.
  • Cooler colors like light blue, indigo and violet will be more calming, soothing and/or spacey. These shades of colors generally call for peace and slowing down.

General Guidelines to Energize or Balance the Chakras:

Colors can also complement your chakras. This is helpful if you want to put together a powerful crystal combination that focuses on specific chakras.

Not every person will to need to energise their chakras and sometimes our chakra is chaotic so it’s more beneficial to cool down that excess energy.

If you want to energise your chakras, here is a general guideline (which we all know):

  • Red stones (red jasper, garnet, ruby) for the root chakra.
  • Orange stones (carnelian, sunstone, orange calcite) for the sacral chakra.
  • Yellow stones (citrine, yellow aventurine, golden tiger eye) for the solar plexus chakra.
  • Green stones (green aventurine, green fluorite, green tourmaline) for the heart chakra.
  • Light blue stones (blue lace agate, blue calcite, blue kyanite) for the throat chakra.
  • Indigo stones (sodalite, blue tourmaline, lapis lazuli) for the third eye chakra.
  • Purple stones (lepidolite, amethyst, rainbow fluorite) for the crown chakra.
The Colour Wheel
Credit: Faspaints

If you wanted to calm energy and provide more balance because it was too active or energised, here’s a general guideline:

  • Green stones for the root chakra
  • Light blue stones for the sacral chakra.
  • Purple stones for the solar plexus.
  • Red stones for the heart chakra. I also feel that pink stones like rose quartz will calm the energy.
  • Orange stones for the throat chakra.
  • Yellow or orange stones for the third eye chakra like carnelian or citrine. Heat treated citrine would work well for this in my opinion.
  • Yellow for the crown chakra.

In conclusion

All crystals can work together and intention plays a big part when it comes to crystals for your healing journey. Being more familiar with your stone’s energy can help you form your intention and build combinations if you wanted to. Ultimately, only you can work out if a combination is suitable for you or not.

Lastly, you don’t need to use, carry or wear a numerous amount of crystals for it to be a good, powerful combination.


Can this crystal work with that crystal?

Yes, all crystals can work together but for your healing journey to ensure their energies don’t clash for you personally, look at your intention!!! I am no longer answering comments as to whether certain crystals can be combined or not.

Can you tell me if I can combined these two (or more crystals)?

No, you need to decide that for yourself. Consider if the energies may clash and if so, get intentional with what you want to achieve with each stone. Stop looking for an answer outside of yourself and begin working with your crystals in order to learn them and how they work together. I am no longer answering comments as to whether certain crystals can be combined or not.

Are there bad crystal combinations?

No, only combinations that are bad for you which you’ll figure out once you work with your crystals and pay attention to how they effect you. There is no rule book for what crystals do and do not go together. Bad can refer to feeling drained, agitated or perhaps more anxious when working with certain combinations.

More Information and Part 2 for Powerful Crystal Combinations

If you want to use your crystals for different intentions (each one their own intention/job) or use a combination of crystals for one intention, then read this post as to how you can do that: Crystal Combinations 2.0 and Our Intentions

If you’re looking to combine crystals based on specific intentions such as energy, stress relief, protection, manifesting, grounding, and more; then visit this post: Crystal Combinations. Alternatively, pay for a Crystal Reading consult with me if you don’t know what crystals are suitable for you.

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381 thoughts on “Crystals that DON’T work together”

  1. Have found that I can’t wear selenite and clear quartz together. Turns me into an over wrought emotional girl.

        1. Hi there Luz,

          You can but as always, think of what your goal is for the crystals.
          What do you want to achieve with them?
          Are they working toward one goal that each of them adds something toward that goal OR is each one doing their own thing for you.
          Crystals work when we use them with intention.

          1. Hello. Can I wear Black Tourmaline, Labradorite and Jadeite all together on my left wrist? My intention would be the following.

            Black Tourmaline – Grounding and Protection
            Labradorite – Shielding against Energy Vampires
            Jadeite – For Wealth and Prosperity. I heard that Jade can also protect you from Negative energy/loss so I’m after that as well.

            Thanks in advance!

          2. Hello i’m wearing emeral and white coral.. can i wear other stones with this combination..please tell which stones will suit this combination.

          3. Hi all! Not sure where to post questions so I hope this is okay. I’m recently getting back into crystal work & am going through all of my stones. Just wondering how bloodstone & rhodonite would do together? Thanks!

          4. Hello, I’m wearing clear quartz, amethyst, and kamamba jasper together and I’m thinking of adding rose quartz are these good together?

        2. Hello, can I wear rose quartz and amethyst together? I’ve already for a bracelet or labradorite, tigers eye and yellow calcite together

          1. rose quartz and amethyst and great togetger!! add a clear quartz in the mix and with all their properties combined you’ll have a little anti-anxiety bundle :))

          2. You people are so funny. She literally said she isn’t going to be answering any more “can I put this and this together” questions. You have to decide that for yourselves!!! What is you’re intention?? Think and read the article!! Oh my goodness 😅

          3. I doubt many actually read the post. They see the headline and then immediately comment!
            Thank you for noticing though 😀

          4. hi can i wear jade, citrine, black obsidian as a pendant and tiger eye stone as my ring?

          1. Hi there, am I able to put rose quartz and black tourmaline as rings ( this is for protection and love )

            And also Shattuckite on my neck. To increase my psychic abilities.

      1. Hi, with everything that went down in 2020 and with the uncertainty of the future I’m designing a necklace, for me, with stones and cristals “to cover all bases” but I don’t want them to cancel each other out, this is the order and the intensions for each one:
        1. Rainbow obsidian: Protection from emotional and psychic harm
        2. Black tourmaline: for grounding and realising anger
        3. Labradorite: for shielding
        4. Lapis Lazuli: for healing
        5. Moss Agate- for balance and resilience
        6- Amethyst: for connecting with the divine
        7-Angelite: for connecting with Angels

        1. Each has its own intention so I wouldn’t worry about them cancelling each other out. You bypass this the moment you get intentional with your crystals and working with them.

          1. Hello 🙂 I have an intention set to be more focused and to have less anxiety are tigers eye, amethyst, rose quartz, and clear quartz a good combination? thank you for your time.

      2. Thank your for this article. I have only started to use crystals again with the intent of bringing up the self-love in my young son, improve his sleep as well as activate a harmonious and confident vibe in my home. Are these the right crystal combinations?

        1. Pink amethyst and small crystal cluster and garden-like crystal (cleansing and healing) by the dining table where we often sit together.
        2. Citrine geode, clear crystal quartz towers (one is clear and one has rainbow in it) by the living room sort of like an altar arrangement.
        3. Tourmaline and amethyst cluster at the door entrance for protection.
        4. Palm and tumble stones for bedrooms (rose quartz, pink tourmaline, black tourmaline.

        How about a flame shaped amazonite? Can I combine that with the Citrine in living room?


          1. Hello! I found a stone/crystal outside and I can’t tell if It’s a green aventurine or a raw jade. I’ve looked up millions of sites and each one says a completely different crystal. And honestly I’m starting to think its just a rock;( I also bought a good amount at a crystal shop called Dancing Cranes Imports and I don’t know what this one crystal is. Is there a way to ask the shops to find out or a website that has accurate results? Thank you!:)

          2. I’d recommend asking the shop you purchased your crystals from: Dancing Cranes Imports. They sold you the crystals so they should be able to help you identify what you purchased.

            In terms of the one you found, I’d recommend checking out the NUMEROUS groups on Facebook solely dedicated to identifying crystals. Join one and follow the advice and guidance to identify your stones.

        1. Yes you can but think of the WHY: why are you drawn to those stones, what do you want their support with?
          You can combine any stones of your choosing, but how they will effect you is unique to YOU. Wear the combination when it RESONATES (you’re drawn to) with you and then pay attention HOW they effect you, and always, always, always, do so with intention: what are you calling in, what do you need support with.

    1. Would labrodorite and agate work well worn together? And which has more calming and focusing abilities?
      Thankyou xx

    2. Hi, I have recently taken an interest in crystals . I have a question about my Sunstone. I used to keep her on a Rose Quartz plate beside a Selentine tower and a flower agate on my bedside table as I felt they all gelled well and looked amazing together.
      Lately, I have felt it may be that my Sunstone is causing me to wake at night and/or keeping me from being unable to sleep or rest.
      (Especially after recharging with a full moon)
      I have moved her away from the other crystals and away from beside my bed.
      I usually hold in my hands before getting ready for the day. She seems to boost a good energy for me.
      I am just unsure where I should keep her now and she isn’t giving me any hints. 😂
      Yes! I was once a “only for hippy’s” person myself and I may sound crazy to some.. but these lovely treasures are actually helping me with healing, and clarity.. help!

      1. It’s no surprise that Sunstone would keep you awake. It’s a very energizing stone but thankfully you picked up very quickly that she may be disrupting your sleep and that’s fantastic!

        When you hold the Sunstone before getting ready for the day, where do you do this?

      2. Hello I need a bit of help, I live in a small apartment with my boyfriend and I don’t have much room for crystals, I sleep in the living room a lot and that’s where my table is displaying my stones (not all of them) just a few, the rest are stored and I take them out as needed. My question is which (main) crystals can I leave out that won’t affect my sleeping etc, because like I said I sleep in here a lot. So I’m not sure which crystals I can leave out. I have a tourmaline out for protection, calcite to keep my mind clean and calm. Clear quartz for purity and cleansing. Rose quartz for love and self love, and amethyst for my anxiety. I tried to stick to basic ones when choosing which ones to keep out on display. Which should I leave out or put away? Is this too much energy? I just am not sure which stones to keep out on display in an area that I’m in 90% of the time so I don’t want too much energy or too little etc. Thankyou!!

        1. Crystals that are red, orange and yellow tend to be too active to keep around while sleeping. This isn’t the case for everyone but worth keeping in mind.
          Crystals that are linked to the third eye and crown chakra can be too stimulating for some folks and can effect sleeping. Again, isn’t the case for everyone, but worth keeping in mind.

          Tourmaline, Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, and Amethyst based upon your intentions seem fine to keep out. If you start to have sleeping problems, check if it’s not the Clear Quartz because it’s amplifying or the Amethyst because it’s stimulating, that may be causing problems (put them away for a week at a time and that should give you an indication if it’s one or the other, or just a bad sleeping time)

          The only time it’ll be too much energy is if it begins to effect your sleeping. No one else will be able to tell you this because they’re not with your crystals, you are so be self-aware and just pay attention.

    3. Hi,
      I wear a rose quartz necklace and have been looking into getting some rings, I was going to get one with amethyst and clear quartz on and another with black obsidian, is this a good combination or not?

      1. Hi there B!
        What do you want to achieve with those stones?
        If you don’t know what you want to achieve with your stones, there’s really no point to use them for healing.

    4. Can I wear standard tigers eye with Indagio Kyanite? I’ve searched everywhere online for some details but I find nothing about these two together?

    5. can you pair Hematite Quartz and Citrine and Selenite together?

      and I have really bad social anxiety and feel like everybody is looking at me and I have small panic attacks have any suggestions

      1. Lepidolite helps tremendously with anxiety issues. If you pair it with rose quartz it gives you a calm feeling. Like Siobhan said “Set your intentions “ Putting your Intentions first is key.

    6. I’m gonna buy some crystals online and I need some help. I wanna get carnelian, clear quartz, tigers eye, rose quartz, their all tumbled stones. I also want to get black tourmaline but, I’m afraid that they cant be together, I’m new to spirituality and I could use some help.

      Which of those crystals do you recommend me getting and what should I put their intention as?

      I for sure want rose quartz, I searched up what these crystals do and I want them all they all seem good as what I read but, I want somebody experienced to help me with this.

      Please help me ASAP, I really wanna buy some crystals already. ps I also need tips on what I’m supposed to do once I received the crystals in the mail, I have some violet incense sticks that the brand is HEM.

      1. I recently was advised to wear pyrite. But I am very sensitive to smells, I can clearly smell the sulfur.
        Is it really safe wear pyrite?

        1. It’s safe to wear Pyrite, and you’ll be fine. Pyrite is an iron sulfide so perhaps what you’re smelling is more of the iron which can be noticed if I sniff my own pieces. Generally it only oxidises when exposed to air so perhaps get a polished piece to wear if you’re worried.

    7. Hello, I have Rose quartz, Angel quartz, amethyst, Malachite, Citrine , and Pyrite. Are they all okay to sit together in my selenite bowl all the time. And what would be good to wear on me, and sleep with?

    8. so in order for the crystal to do its magic. you have to set an intention with it everytime you have it on you? thats why my crystals been making me feel poopy

      1. In order for a crystal to support you, you have to set an intention. Not necessarily every time you have it on. Once you’ve set your intention, you’re good to go until you feel you’ve made the shifts you wanted to.
        Your crystals may be making you feel shitty because you’re not drawn to them really, you don’t really have a goal for them or you need to give them a good cleansing.

  2. Hi I have just finished collecting my crystals. I am very interested in healing with crystals in combinations. I would like a crystal treatment. So where are you located?

    1. Would black onyx and amethyst go well together? Also would these be good for a kind hearted person ? and are there any other crystals that would be excellent for a kind person who has sensitive feelings? And last question us it a good idea/bad idea to put an amplifier quartz together with them! I don’t know much about Crystal’s so its better to ask someone who knows alot about them!

      1. Black Onyx and Amethyst can go together, again depending on intention.
        They can be good for a kind hearted person if that’s what the person is drawn to.
        Difficult to say what crystal would be good for someone who has sensitive feelings, I’d recommend again to go with what you’re drawn to. If you want a personal crystal reading, please check out my service for that here
        You can put an amplifier with any crystal if you feel that is what is missing, but don’t just throw it in there. Work with what you’re drawn to and if you feel like there is something missing, then add your amplifier. It’s like salt in a dish. Imagine the salt is the amplifier. Do you just chuck salt in before tasting? No. Same with crystals. First experiment then tweak and adjust.

  3. I’m glad I read your article. With regards to light blue stones such as Blue Lace Agate, I would experience a decrease in energy levels. How can I wear Blue Lace Agate, without depleting my energy during the day? Is Blue Lace Agate better for balancing the throat chakra or calming an overactive Throat Chakra?

    1. Hi Robert! Great question. Blue Lace Agate can be used to balance the Throat Chakra or calming an overactive Throat Chakra, depending on your intention. It isn’t traditionally used to calm an overactive Throat Chakra but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be used for that.
      Blue Lace Agate does have a slower vibe to it so if you’re a super active person, it can be helpful for slowing down BUT this won’t be helpful if you need the energy so it’s always good to use your crystals with intentions so as to not experience something you don’t really want (less energy).
      I hope this helps a bit 🙂

  4. Hi – will grounding/heavy stones slow or stop the vibration of other stones? Like if I have labradorite on a bracelet with black tourmaline or onyx, will the black stones weigh down and decrease the labradorites vibes? (the general intention here being shielding and protection)

    1. Hi Ali,

      Using grounding stones with other stones won’t necessarily slow the vibration UNLESS that was your intention. Generally grounding stones don’t cancel out other stones but it’s also important to take note of how your combination feels. If you feel it’s slowing YOU down, then you may want to change up the combination but if you are wearing the combination for shielding with the labradorite and protection with the black tourmaline or onyx then you shouldn’t have problems. Intention is always key, along with paying attention to how our crystals effect us personally.

    2. Hi, I’m looking for crystals to help me guide me through life and crystals to bring me my dream life. Can you recommend me any if you know some?

  5. Hi,
    I’m preparing for a crucial exam of my life, which is highly competitive national level exam with chance for only two to be selected. I want to be one among the two. I’m a lady with low energy levels n easily distractable. Could you please suggest me the best crystals to wear to succeed in my exams. Thank you.

    1. Hi there, firstly good luck with your exam and should things not work out, remember that something better is on its way.
      I would recommend the following crystals for you: Red Jasper to boost energy, Carnelian for motivation and to pump you up, Golden Tiger Eye for focus and Rainbow Fluorite to help your brain retain the information.

    2. All these Q&A, I have received a box of crystals of colors that I have separated. I guess I have to learn the name of the crystals because I do have all the positive crystals I don’t have any Light blues at all I want to have my crystals to represent different intention and I’m just a beginner starting today but thank you for this group

      1. You’re welcome 🙂
        Never be scared to ask questions and research. Look at the colors of your stones, Google those colors and look if you can find yourself. There is so much information on the internet for us to learn from and enhance our journey.
        In addition, there are some great identification groups on Facebook dedicated to helping you identify your stones so check that out too!

    3. is it ok to combine
      aquamarine,citrine,carnelian and emerald? I’m having blood clots and abnormalities in the heart and I believe crystal can do some healing and these crystal might help but im not sure if they are in harmony and im also a pisces

  6. Hi! I have 3 bracelets on my left wrist (blue tigers eye with citrine, rutilated quartz with sunstone, and black onyx with brown tigers eye and a gold piece) at my right wrist there is a dark red garnet. On my left pocket i also have a rutilated clear quartz, brown agate, blue apatite, smokey citrine, amethyst and a lava stone. I also have a moldavite for my necklace. Are these okay to wear all together? I need this for my career, business, purpose in life and character. Sorry for the many questions, hoping you could help me with this. Thank you and more blessings to you!

    1. Hi there Macky,
      Yes those are find to wear together, however it is a lot of crystals so pay attention to how you are feeling. You may start getting drained easily, or get agitated, or spaced out. If you do so, try to limit the crystals to your main intentions (career, business and life purpose) to maybe 1-2 per intention.
      Crystals work great together but less is more when it comes to crystals and they work well together when they each have an intention (aka job to do) that either works independently (their own intention) or for the main intention adding to it.

  7. Hello . I have found the letters and your replies so helpful to my understanding of how crystals work. Thank you.
    I wonder if I may ask would you please advise my on crystals to motivate me to clearing my space, over the last 3 years I have become so drained that I’ve list interest in almost every thing in my life with the result of my home becoming extremely cluttered and though I really want to clear away or dispose of lots of items I feel What’s the point.. I would be so grateful if you could suggest something. Many thanks and blessings to you and your followers . Beryl

    1. Hi Beryl,
      My first suggestion is to get someone to help you with the clearing out. If you cannot create space in your life or home, the Universe cannot bring any new energy into your space or life. Work with Carnelian to pump up your motivation to clear out, Black Obsidian or Black Kyanite to help you let go and Rose Quartz for compassion toward yourself. Even if you start with clearing one thing a day, you are creating SPACE for NEWNESS.
      Oftentimes we want newness in our lives but we hoard onto the old so the Universe is sitting there trying to come through the door, but it can’t as it’s shut.
      I hope this helps and good luck! YOU’VE GOT THIS!!!

  8. Ive two questions i wear in a pouch if going out , clear quartz, rose quartz, amethyst, blue lace agate, blue kyanite, and sodalite to calm my energies, but is this a bad combination??.
    I also wear labradorite on a pendant for a few years now but recently am being drawn to lizardite, can i combine this with labradorite.

    1. It’s not a bad combination but as the article outlines – what is your intention for each of those crystals? Are they working toward one main goal of your pouch and does each one add its own flavour to that goal? Or are they each for specific intentions?
      Any crystal can be combined with another crystal but it’s important to look at what we are looking to achieve with each crystal we combine.

    2. Labradorite and Lizardite work quite well together, tbh, depending on your reason for working with them.
      Labradorite has the ability to boost all psychic and magical abilities/aspects as well as a defending ability e.g. protecting you from harmful entities. And it can much more.
      Lizardite, though, has the ability to make a connection to the Devic Kingdom, bringing forth the posdibility to (directly) work with Nature Spirits, even outright channel them if you wish so, for instance. And much more as well.

      So you see, if your intention is it to work with (Nature) Spirits and to be shielded from the bad ones (a protection crystal would be good as well here, like Aegirine, Morion, Black Tourmaline or Moldavite (helps to raise the vibration, protects that way and as a tektite, links to E.T.s and Spirits as well, with its green color you can see in which direction it can go, may be a nice addition). Look them up and follow your own intuition along the way.

      So you see, if your intention is it to work with (Nature) Spirits and to be shielded from the bad ones (…..), then this combination may very well be a great one in the future. And if your interest doesn’t go into that direction at the moment, then their mentioned abilities, in that regarding, may become interesting to you in a few years. Who knows? Good luck!

      Good day to you!

        1. Lapis lazuli an scarab,moldevite,citrine
          …I think I spelled the first one rite 😮but anyways,I just purchased that one today,an wearing all three do three,is it ok to?

  9. Just a quick comment for strong healing practitioners, I wear a combination of Moldavite and rutilated quartz (touralamine)
    With great success in staying balanced and grounded. However, keep off the heart. It will cause irregular beats.

  10. Hi. I have 5 bracelets
    Amazonite and aquamarine and apatite
    Sunstone and citrine
    Howlite and turquoise
    Amethyst and fluorite
    Can i wear them all together?
    And what are good combinations between my crystals?

    1. Hi Mel,
      You can wear them all together.
      As my article outlines – work with your crystals intentionally by looking at what you want to achieve with each crystal and if they are working toward one main intention with each of their flavors or are working on their own special project.
      Intention = crystals not cancelling each other out.

  11. I’m getting a lady to make me a chakra bracelet,
    I’m new to meditation & trying to centre myself to connect to my inner self and was considering this following ones together with the lava rocks for it to balance out so I can have protection , but also calm my mind & connect with my abilities to relax and also reach another level of love and maintain my emotions & bring down my stress levels and anger.

    Green calcite
    Tigers eye

    Reading about what they all help do I feel it’s a good combination together for me personally . Am I correct or will any of these contradict each other and make it harder for me to control my energies ?

    1. Hi Kameo,
      If you feel that’s a good combination for you, then trust that. Remember that it’s always important to use crystals intentionally so look at what each one can bring toward your main intention or have each of them do their own job so they don’t clash.

      1. Hi Siobhan,

        I had anxiety problems, last night after the third day of me wearing black tourmaline, i suddenly awakened and feel panic with heart racing problems. When i take it off it gradually subsided, i wear smokey quartz and citrine as well.. do u think it just doesnt fit me (black tourmaline).. thank you for your response..

        1. Hi Alex,
          It’s difficult to say… it could be that the stone’s energy is too strong for you right now, it could be that you shouldn’t wear it during certain times, it could be that it needs a good energetic cleanse and intention setting.
          What I’d suggest is to give it a good clearing and then think about what you want the stone to do for you (what’s your intention), then work up to using it for longer periods so start with working with it for 5 minutes each day, then increase the time as the week’s go by.

  12. I’m wanting to put together a pouch of crystals for a friend who has found out she has brain cancer that is beginning to travel through out her body. I’d like a combination that is soothing as well as helping with her fear of the death process. Perhaps the pouch can be carried as well as placed under her pillow at night. Thank you and blessed be. Susan

    1. Hi Susan,
      Something for her spirit – to uplift it – would be lovely, like Spirit Quartz, combined with something like Lepidolite to soothe her anxieties would be great. Spirit Quartz can also help her connect to the Source of all (whatever that means to her).

      1. Hi Siobhan, is there a darker stone that does what lepidolite does? My partner has recently been diagnosed with an aggressive cancer, I guess it doesn’t matter too much as I could just put it in a pouch for him but I know he won’t wear that colour. Just looking at easing the fear and helping the spirit transit. Thankyou for your time. Blessed Be.

        1. Hi Stacy,
          I am so sorry to hear about your husband.
          Crystals for cancer support while physically healing include: Selenite, Petalite, Amber, Sugilite (which is a dark purple but can also be a lavender color), Smokey Quartz. Selenite I always like to recommend because I find it’s really peaceful and comforting for cancer patients. You could always go with a dark grape Amethyst which can help alleviate fear and anxiety too.
          Alternatively, give him your stones and let him choose <3

          1. Hi Katherine. What about Celestite specifically?
            Celestite does have a calming vibration to it, but it can also be quite high vibrational when you use it for meditation.

  13. I don’t wear crystals but i have a small pouch that i carry everywhere and it has a lot. I have a rose quartz and rhodonite under my pillow. Is that too much? What can you suggest as essential crystals to bring?

    1. It’s difficult to say if it’s too much for you, so I’ll rather ask you this as it’ll be a better gauge – HOW do you FEEL after carrying that pouch? Tired, irritable, easily agitated, drained? If so, it may be too much for you.

      Essential crystals will be any crystals you are drawn to RIGHT NOW so maybe take out all the crystals in the pouch, give them a good clearing and then take a look at them with fresh eyes. Which of the stones draw your eye first? Perhaps work with those first and put the others way. If all of them are drawing your eye, work with all of them and figure out what you want them to assist you with (what’s your intention for them) and then see how you feel. Check in with yourself regularly to determine if you’re carrying too many crystals and if there is a crystal that is not working with you right now.

  14. Hi, is it possible to wear black tourmaline for protection against negative energy with blue apatite for communication? Is it ok to wear the 2 bracelets together? I want to unblock my throat chakra and also tend to get zapped by other people’s energy, especially those with more dominant personalities. I work with a lot of people who tend to see the negative in everything. So I thought black tourmaline could help protect against this and zapping my energy. Thank you for your help!

    1. Hi there,
      Yes it is possible as you have an intention for each crystal 🙂
      Work with crystals intentionally and mindfully, then you are good to go.

  15. Hello, I recently have had this crazy transition which stems from a very long story but let me just let you know the sort of person I am, I’m a 27 years old.. and I’ve been a bit of a typical lad all my life, trouble with law and drink and drugs and stuff, lots of ups and downs along the way same as anybody else, hit a year or two where I suffered from some very severe mental issues that lead to suicide attempts and self harming, I later went back packing I guess you could call it, I came back home to my children and wife and I was such a positive person I did how ever make a switch from the alcohol to cannabis but I am not ashamed as I am such a happy person and a logical and realistic thinker now, everyday I’m surprising myself and I feel proud of myself even tho I have stripped myself back to basics. I am now feeling like a great father and a supportive partner for the first time EVER!

    Now to how I come across Chrystals/stones.
    I have never looked into these or even gave them a single thought, I had no interest or knowledge, Me and my wife took a kid free break back to the county I went ‘backpacking’. Recently my wife had stumbled across a gemstone her recently passed away father had in his belongings along with lots of others but she googled this particular one which was I fact called ‘jade’ I believe and I loved what I read and it reminded me of this crazy transition that I feel the cannabis has had on me, and funny enough the stone was green too, ever since then I started calling a ‘joint’ a ‘jade’ instead. Anyway.. we are on holiday and walking around this shopping centre I guess you could call it, and there was one of those sweet dispenser things you put 1pound in and twist the nozzle.. well this one was full up with gemstones and because of the recent encounter with ‘jade’ we said let’s get one.. so we did.. and then we did and we spun the nozzle together and said that’s our stone as a couple (not knowing anything about these stones at all) we later decided to go get our own ones each so we got one each but then we wanted more so got change and ended up with 6 each taking it in turns. Ever since I have kept them on me as it’s only been 3 days just out of novelty I think but normally I’m very forgetful but the last 3 days I have with out noticingly have kept them on possession at all times with out loosing a single one, getting changed multiple times! So some how these things have latched on to me.

    With in 2 hours of owning my new crystals I had this over whelming sense of anxiety in the car journey on the way home, and spoke up straight away Putting blame on the stones.. brushing it aside but keeping the stones on me, ever since I get random waves of negative thoughts and feelings and emotions only 2 or 3 times a day, this brings me to tonight and googling if stones energy can clash, and eventually stumbling across your post confirmed in my eyes that these crystals deffo have a sense of energy to them and am amazed as I never would have thought in a million years I would believe in this kind of stuff.but after reading the bit about carrying too many crystals can make you feel sluggish or that something isn’t working and how it looks on fleek to carry 6.. it hit the nail on the head to me and made me strongly believe the power of these stones! Never thought I’d say that. So after this long arse story I was wondering if there is any tips or directions you can point me in to gaining some great knowledge into these crystals and learn the powers and combinations to maximise my wellbeing, and most off tell me what I’m doing wrong and why I’m getting these negative waves. What stones do I need to not carry. Could I send you a picture of what I’m carrying?

    Hope I haven’t bored you just keen and amazed by the power I have felt from this and this transition journey I seem to have found my self on.


    1. Hi Jaime!
      What an incredible experience.
      The best advice I can share to learn the powers and combinations that will work for your well-being is to EXPERIMENT with your crystals and just have fun with it!!!
      There are no stones you should not carry, except for those you are not drawn to. If you have a severe dislike for a stone, sit down and think about where it’s just not for you or if there is something about the stone when you read up about it that could be something you need to work on, heal and acknowledge.

      Yes you are welcome to send me a picture of what you’re carrying. I’d love to see!

      1. What an amazing experience Jamie had (even learning the hard way so to speak was enlightening). I could relate to a bit of his life’s sadness and confusion too. Jamie’s honesty will indeed contribute to making great intentions as the knowledge grows. Respect from a fellow midnight toker 😊

  16. i am very new! like only just started!
    i have an Amethyst, rose quartz, Labradorite and white quartz together. is that okay? i also wear a moonstone ring.
    help! 🙂

    1. Hi there Amy,
      Sure those sound fine. Remember to:
      Pay attention to how you’re feeling REGULARLY when you wear the crystals, and
      Your intentions for the stones: what do you want to achieve with your crystals? If you want them all to work together for one intention (goal), what does each of them bring to party of that intention?

  17. hi! i have an Amethyst necklace that never comes off, but recently i’ve fallen in love with a Serpentine pendant. I was wondering if they would work well together? or would they leave me feeling drained

    1. Hi there Cassidy.
      It’s hard to say to be honest if they will drain you. If you’re attracted to both stones at the same time, wear it and see how you feel.
      They can work together but look at your INTENTIONS for each stone: What do you want to achieve with the Amethyst? What do you want to achieve with the Serpentine? Do you want them to work together for one intention and if so what does each one bring to the “party” for that intention?

  18. Hi!

    I am a Male 40 yo from India. I am suffering from Diabetes, High BP, Ankylosing Spondylitis with some digestion issues and Financial issues. I do have a very short temper. I have just started wearing Howlite as base 7 chakra bracelet. Ma’am can you pls suggest some stones for my health, anger issues and depression. I get angry and irritated very fast.
    Thanking you
    Best regards

    S Singh

    1. Hi S Singh!
      For health, great ones to work with are Serpentine to boost the immune system and Bloodstone which is just in general really healing for the body on a physical level.
      For anger, work with light blue stones. Howlite is a great one for calm but if you need more suggestions look at Blue Calcite, Blue Chalcedony and even Blue Lace Agate. It’s also important to begin learning how to MANAGE your anger better, so take a look at what your triggers are, what your reactions are when you’re triggered and how you can stop reacting and rather being mindful of your actions.
      For depression, that’s a harder one to work with but I like to recommend Golden Tiger Eye for happiness and grounding at the same time, but Lepidolite is also known to help many people on an energetic level with depression.
      Never forget that crystals complement other forms of therapy but speak to your doctor for more advice and speak to someone you love or trust when you’re feeling low. NO ONE should go through anything alone. Please reach out <3

  19. Hello, can I mix Amethyst and clear Quartz crystals together as a healing necklace? Will the Quartz amplify the Amethyst in a positive way? Also, is Shungite the most powerful protection crystal/ stone?

    1. Hi Barry!!!
      Yes you can mix Amethyst and Clear Quartz BUT look at what you want to achieve with them. So think about your intention for the necklace and how each Clear Quartz and Amethyst can work toward your intention.
      Clear Quartz is an amplifier so if you intention is for it to positively amplify the Amethyst, make it so and so it shall be.
      Shungite is known to be a powerful protector. Is it the most powerful? Yes and no. Yes if that’s what you’re most attracted to for protection but also no because there are other crystals which are powerful in their own right. There is no better or more powerful than the next one when it comes to crystal. Only what works for you.

  20. Hello Ma’am

    Thank you for your response/advice. I will follow it. Kindly confirm, if i can wear these stones on my Left hand wrist as bracelets.

    Can i wear 3 bracelets i.e. Serpentine, Blue Lace Agate and Tiger eye on my left wrist ?

    Hope their energies won’t clash with each other or won’t be overwhelming.

    Should i continue wearing my Howlite 7 chakra bracelet and add the above 3 bracelets?

    Also, i feel very attracted to Turquoise stone. Is it suitable for me as per my situations and date of birth (6 December)? I feel like wearing a big stone as a finger ring. If it’s ok then pls tell in which metal and in which finger should i wear it?

    I thank you sincerely once again for your time and valuable advice. God bless you and give you all the strength for all your future endeavors.

    Best regards

    1. Hi there,
      You can wear those stones or any other stones you are drawn to on our left or right wrist.
      You can wear them all on the same wrist but wear your crystals mindfully and with intention – if your crystals don’t have a “job” to do, it’s pointless.
      You can continue to wear the Howlite and Chakra bracelet with the other bracelets or alone IF you are still drawn to them and you feel they help you with your intention. If not, give them a clearing and store them away from a while.
      If you’re drawn to Turquoise then work with it. You can wear it as a ring on whatever finger you choose.

      There are no rules when it comes to crystals except to work with what you’re drawn to, to do so intentionally (i.e. giving crystals a job to do) and to not overwhelm your body with numerous crystals. Pick 2 or 3 and work with those.
      Working with crystals is more about what works for you 🙂

      1. Hello Ma’am!

        Thankyou very much for your advice/time. I will follow what you have told me. Will update you my progress.

        God bless you! More power to you!

        Best regards n wishes


  21. Good day!
    I just bought clear qurtz, sodalite, snowflake obsidian and hematite beads. I want to make my son a bracelet that can help with his anxiety. And then I read this article of yours- so helpful. But I am still not sure if I can still put all of rhis bracelets together. Would you be able to help me with this?

    Thank you

    1. Hi Bernadette,
      Seeing as the main intention, or goal, for the bracelet is to help relieve anxiety, take a look at how each of the crystals you’re drawn to (Clear Quartz, Sodalite, Snowflake Obsidian, Hematite) contributes to that and can help relieve anxiety so that they each have a job to do for the main goal.

  22. Hi Siobhan,

    I’m a novice in this and i’m trying to figure out what I need. I suffer from negativity, anxiety etc. and fear. I want stones that energise my positivity.

    At the moment i have clear quartz and Lapiz Lazui.

    Any recommendations?

    1. Hi Alistair,
      Welcome to the crystal world! Here are my recommendations for you:
      Busting Negativity: Golden Tiger Eye to keep you uplifted and grounded, Citrine can also be a feel good stone. When it comes to negativity it’s important to take a look at the negativity you’re facing. In other words, is it your social media? Then clean it up. Is it the circles you hang around in that drain you? Don’t partake in gossip and that type of negativity.
      Another good negativity tip is to clear your energy daily and protect it when you head out to do your daily work/chores/tasks. You can protect your energy by holding something like Black Tourmaline or Labradorite and visualizing a protection bubble around you. Then visualise lower vibrations as smoke or arrows hitting your bubble and bouncing off. Tap into this any time you feel you need protection.
      In the evening, using Selenite, clear your energy by combing or sweeping around your body with the Selenite and visualise releasing energy which isn’t yours.

      For anxiety and fear: you can work with something grounding like Smokey Quartz or Black Tourmaline to keep you grounded. You want to get out of your head and into your body. You can combine your grounding stone of choice with Lepidolite, Rose Quartz, Blue Chalcedony or Amethyst to ease stress, anxiety or tension.

      Rock out with your stones!

  23. Can I wear green aventurine, Ruby, pyrite, citrine, and herkimer diamond together in a bracelet? Intention is for good luck, abundance / prosperity / wealth, and career. Is there a better combi for that?

    1. Hi there Jea,

      You can wear all those crystals in a bracelet but I’ d recommend to look into how each of them contributes to your main intention of luck, abundance and prosperity in your life and career. Each one should add something to the recipe so to say. Think of your intention like the dish you are making, and each crystal is the ingredient to make that dish.

  24. Hi Siobhan,

    My intention in wearing crystals is for luck, money, and fortune.

    I have 2 bracelets I wear all the time: citrine and golden rutilated quartz. I am planning to add 1 more bracelet. Please help me which one is the best combination.

    1.citrine, golden rutilated quartz, and yellow calcite
    2.citrine, golden rutilated quartz and yellow tiger’s eye
    3.citrine, golden rutilated quartz, and sunstone
    4.citrine, sunstone, and carnelian (but i like yellow or golden stones).

    Thank you!

    1. HI Yza,
      Because you like yellow or golden stones, I would recommend to go with the Citrine, Rutilated Quartz and either Yellow Calcite or Tiger Eye. Which one do you prefer? That’s the one you go with 😉

  25. Hi Siobhan! Greetings (and a lot of love) from Brazil!

    I have a few crystals in my room and beside just feeling well, connected with my spirituality, maintaining a healthy relationship with my fiancée, I have some particular motivations and I intend to use my crystals to help them.

    I have anxiety and still struggle with depression, although I do therapy, it’s still something that I always expect my crystals to help! I also know a lot of them are good for it.

    I have some spaces in my bedroom that I would like to put my crystals around.
    1. On the side of my bed.
    2, In my TV desk (is in front of my desk and where all my crystals are right now)
    3. In my studies desk.

    Could you help me with the pairings and where to put them in these three places? If you have any tips on which crystals I can get for these places as well, to complement the ones I already have, I’d be grateful to know! Also, if you think there are any spaces that I should get room for crystals in here as well, I’d like that too (like, next to the door, or something, since all these places are far from the room entrance).

    My crystals are:
    2 Aquamarine (one is really small and polished, and the other is raw and bigger)
    2 Amethyst
    1 Unakite
    1 Citrine
    1 Amazonite
    2 Rose quartz
    1 Aventurine
    1 Blue quartz
    1 Clear Quartz
    1 Smoky quartz
    1 Selenite
    1 Black Tourmaline

    Thank you so much!!!

    1. Hi Bia,

      So it’s always going to important to go with crystals based on your intention and intuition.
      While you want to do A LOT with your crystals, I’d recommend to start with ONE area and then move into the other area, especially since all your crystals are in ONE room. You may find with ALL of them out, you’re going to get overwhelmed. Pick an area of your life you want to dedicate your space to and start there. LESS is always more with crystals.

      If you want to feel more productive and creative, place a crystal in a space where you are productive (your studies desk).
      If you want to feel more connected to your spirituality, place a crystal on a space dedicated for this.
      If you want more calm at night with the addition of love, then place a crystal on each of your bedside tables, with the addition of one or two for calm. Here’s some suggestions for family crystals

      You already have the right idea with what you said here “I feel like the energetic and creative combo should be in the studies desk, and the rest should be distributed between the bed side and the TV desk.” and it seems like you just need someone to say that what you think is correct so here I am saying YES YES YES GO FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then send pics 😉

      Just to go further, I’m including some tips with the crystals you mentioned based on your intentions and messages:
      Aquamarine – calming, good for getting in the flow.
      Amethyst – good for bedtime, calming.
      Unakite – great for collaborations and relationships because of its marriage of pink and green within it.
      Citrine – productive, creative, energizing, happy (read more here
      Amazonite – calming, communicative.
      Rose quartz – loving, calming.
      Aventurine – I’m assuming green but with Rose Quartz it’s balancing, also growth encouraging.
      Blue quartz – great for the mind and mental game.
      Clear Quartz – it’s great for everything so you can decide what you want to use it for.
      Smoky quartz – grounding, protective, clearing.
      Selenite – spirituality, clearing, calming (read more here
      Black Tourmaline – grounding, protective.

      Here’s some suggestions based upon Feng Shui –

      I hope this all helps and remember I’m here cheering you on saying “YES YES YES GO FOR IT!” 😀

      1. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! You’re the sweetest! I’ll read every one of the links ahahaha thank you so much <3

        And YES YES YES!! Going for it!!!

  26. Hi.. I have placed order for the below crystal bracelet
    3.Red Jasper
    4.Rose quartz
    Can you tell me of these. My goal is better relationship, success at workplace, negativity off, abundance and manifestation in life…
    Please let me.know if I can wear them altogether.

    1. Hi there Rajani,

      You can look up crystal properties within this online directory here
      I have written about Malachite, which you can read here

      Yes you can wear all of them together and for more about intentions, I recommend you visiting this post on Facebook where I wrote indepth about intentions and how to form them if you’re wearing/using more than one crystal

      1. Thank you so much! You’re the sweetest 😊 I will go through the detailed links and come back with any more questions…
        Take care!

    2. Hi. I have a couple questions I’m hoping someone can help me with. I was attracted to wearing 2 bracelets: 1. a combination of blue and brown Goldstone; 2. a combination of amazonite and serpentine. My goals are to move my life forward down the path that I’ve chosen – opening a Waldorf-inspired preschool-kindergarten in my home. I’m in the midst of looking for someone to hire and looking for families to enroll. I’m feeling stuck, unempowered, and a little hopeless. My intentions are to get my energy back, feel hopeful, and be empowered and successful. My questions are: are these good combinations/will they work well together for my intentions? and, which wrist should I wear them on, right or left? I think I should wear them on my right inorder to manifest empowerment and success but I’m not sure if the right wrist is the way to go. Thanks!

      1. Hi Hillary,

        So no one can tell you if those 4 crystals are a good combination and if they will work well together for your intentions because no one is you. YOU are the magic key.

        Taking those 4 stones and your intention to get your energy back, feel hopeful, empowered, and successful – HOW do those stones speak to you? Do they FEEL like a right match to you? When you hold them and think on your intention, does the energy feel open and expansive for you? Or do you feel withdrawn? Lean into that either way.

        Ask in which ways they can support you and see if that leads back to your intention. Be open and curious to what the stones have to share and if it doesn’t lead back to your intention, ask what could. That RESONANCE is key because what you’re calling is calling you and the stones can support you with that.

        Remember also that while they can support you to call in your intention, you will still need to do the work. In what ways can you open the doors to your school, what can you do daily to move you toward that (small promises that you can keep to yourself and that build up toward your goals)? Ponder on this, it’s all part of the work to get us to move through our blocks and stagnancy which is always the uncomfortable parts (but always worth it).

        And honestly, it DOESN’T matter which wrist you wear your crystals on. Put in on on the wrist that FEELS good.
        It’s old age that you MUST wear it on certain sides. Yes, your right is receiving (feminine) and your left is sending (masculine) BUT that doesn’t ALWAYS apply to every single person, crystal and/or situation. Do what feels right FOR YOU. That is more important than wearing crystals on the “right” side or choosing the “right” crystals for your intentions. It’s got to be right for you, always, even if it goes against the rule books!

  27. Hi Siobhan,

    Thank you very much for going into this. Question is there anything I should know about if I were to combine jade and shungite? I have been wearing jade for a very long time and have a bit of an affinity for it. I have recently heard about shungite and am interested in learning a bit more about any potential advantages and disadvantages. Also does it matter wear the crystal is worn?

    Thank you

  28. I am a beginner and I don’t know where to start. I am interested in purchasing a lot with various crystals and stones. I just don’t know where to start or when ones to get. I suffer from depression anxiety, no energy or stamina. I have also been a worrier, but trying to bring peace into my life. There are several sets I have looked at but not sure which one to start with first. I’m a cancer survivor but have lost a lot of my family members the last few years. My parents 7 months apart, my aunt just recently and two very good friends. I feel as if I’m just exsisting and constantly worry about the other family members. Everyone looks to me or I feel it’s my responsibility to take care of them emotionally. Help!

    1. Hi Sonja! Welcome to the crystal journey!!
      Right so you’re interested in purchasing crystals – tell me what crystal is it that has intrigued you and made you want to look into purchasing crystals? Start there. You were drawn to this path for a reason and that’s a good place to start.

      I shall offer you some recommendations based on your request. Look at photos of them and then take a few days to mull it over and see which stick in your brain.
      Depression and anxiety relief – lepidolite, amethyst, rose quartz, blue chalcedony. Also don’t think you need to go through anything alone, reach out to someone you trust when you feel like things are too much and you’re carrying too much. Accept help when offered to you.
      Energy and Stamina – carnelian, golden tiger eye and red jasper. Also take a look at what you’re consuming and I don’t mean just food here. Often the circles we mingle in, the things we watch, social media we are exposed to; they all can make you tried.

      Lastly, it’s not your responsibility to save the world or anyone in it. It’s your responsibility to save yourself. Look after yourself FIRST and I mean it, sternly. You will never be of service if you are drained. You become of service when you serve you first. Make you number one. You’ve got this!!
      I know this is very easily said and read but it’s true, you’ve got to look out for yourself and stand up for yourself. The less you do it, the more people walk over you and thus expect you to look after things. You are so worth it!

  29. Hi,
    Which Crystals should I wear? My intentions are for good support from Superiors, Peers & Subordinates for my career. Lately feeling very depressed and demoralised.
    Hope you can assist me. Tq.

    1. Hi Audrey,
      You can take a look at Rose Quartz to encourage love. This is going to help you because the more you love and respect yourself, the more you will radiate that energy to others. Black Tourmaline can help remind you of your boundaries and to stick to them. Green Fluorite or Blue Calcite within the office can encourage harmony with colleagues.
      Never ever forget that you are not a doormat and that you don’t need to accept that kind of behaviour from others! You are worthy of respect even when people disagree with you. End of story!

  30. I wear 4 crystal bracelets as well as a ring. Green Jasper, garnet, rhodochrosite, and hematite. I wear the Jasper/garnet because it works with my sign to energize and balance me. The rhodochrosite is to build love and compassion internally and externally. The hematite to keep me grounded and dispel negativity. I used to wear them on the left hand to bring these attributes inward. However, upon adding the hematite, I experience a throbbing sensation all through the left side of me. So I switched to the right. Any ideas of why that would be?

    1. Hi Pria,
      So Hematite is a very strong grounder and what you felt may just have been you experiencing the energy. If things do continue and you begin to feel uncomfortable using that stone, take a look at whether you are really attracted to it. If not, clear it and put it away for some time. If you are attracted to it and the throbbing continues, check with your local physician that things are physically fine with you.

  31. Is Peridot and blue kyanite a good combination? I wear a peridot ring and tuck the blue kyanite in a pocket.

    1. Sounds like a good combination but look at WHY you want to wear both – what’s your intention and what do you want to achieve with them.

  32. Hi! I just found this and I’m very new to understanding stones. Where do you order them to make sure they are real? And also if I want to have them in my room can I just lay them on my dresser or do I have to make sure they’re not next to each other?

    I wanted to get quartz crystal, citrine, and amethyst because of the intentions I have I am not sure if these are the correct stones though (I want to be more in tune with my spiritual feelings and intuition/psychic feelings and strengthen that, as well as have protection against negativity and bad nightmares. I also want to feel less anxiety and overthinking.

    Do you have to recharge them and how do you do that? Sorry for too many questions! I will continue to read up on it as this is my first day looking into this. Thank you so much!

    1. Hi there Sepanta,

      Welcome to the crystal journey!
      So I am based in South Africa and here’s a blog post about stores I support
      I also offer some tips to buying online if you’re not in South Africa and you’ve found a local crystal shop you want to support.

      The internet is your friend and filled with many sites that offer information on real and fake crystals. Stuck, here’s a video for you about fakies
      HibiscusMoon also has a ton of info on her website about fake crystals. You’ve got to begin to learn about that before you can be confident in spotting fakes.

      You can keep them in your room, however and wherever you like, but as I always mention – what’s your INTENTION for them. If you’re just going to have them lying around, that’s fine, then ensure you’re clear that they’re just decorative.

      Quartz and Amethyst sound like good choices for spirituality and connecting with your intention. Citrine is lovely for boosting your confidence to begin trusting your intuition. However if you want to work on anxiety and overthinking, add a GROUNDING stone to your list. You’ve got crystals that are all for the top chakras, but you are first and foremost a physical human being having a SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCE. So you need some grounding stones and/or practices. Good grounders are Hematite, Red Jasper, Smokey Quartz and Black Tourmaline.

      You don’t have to recharge them or clear them if you don’t want to. I share more about that in my companion blogpost here

      I hope this helps and if you have any questions, let me know! You’ve got this 😀

  33. I have 1 inch amethyst ear gauges and 1 inch howlite gauges, could I wear one in one ear and one I’m the other?

  34. I’m a jewelry maker and I would like to create a protective necklace bracelet line with the most powerful protective crystals for my customers 🙏🏽 I made a sample bracelet containing 9 crystals. Purple amethyst in the center, blue turquoise to the left of it, hematite to the right of it, labradorite, tourmaline, golden tigers eye,Smokey quartz, black onyx, and obsidian.

    1. Brianna, that sounds like a fantastic combination of crystals.
      Is there something about your combination that you’re concerned about?

  35. I am having hypothyroidism. I want a stone to heal my throat chakra but not to reduse my energy as I already feel so exhausted, stressed and I wish to wear rose quartz for heart healing as I am also suffering from divorce situation. Suggest me stone for throat chakra also can I wear the same with rose quartz or not. Please

  36. I have grey map grasper it it’s combination is with gold. I don’t know a lot about this stone can you give me some insight on this

    1. Hi there Tevin,
      Unfortunately I’ve never heard of it so I’m unable to give any insight. Best bet would be to Google it.

  37. Hello! I just came across this post. I am new to crystals and healing. I ordered a chakra bracelet that had the following stones. Citrine, Peridot, Garnet, Carnelian, Sodalite, Amethyst, and Blue Lace Agate. You mentioned an example of Carnelian and Blue Lace Agate canceling each other out when worn together. Is this bracelet going to be a problem for me? Or is it different when it’s make into a chakra bracelet vs having a separate Carnelian and a separate Blue Lace Agate bracelet? Or is it all in the mindset for the uses that I need them for as you mentioned as well? Thank you for your help!

    1. Hi there Chelsey,
      In the blog post I explain that if you’re just using Blue Lace and Carnelian with no intention behind it, then they can cancel each other out energetically. When you want to use it for healing, it’s recommended to include your intention so look at why you want to work with those two stones and what you want them to do in the bracelet.

  38. Hi, I have immune disorder I also have severe arthritis. In pain in my back constantly from bulging discs. I have Shanghai. Petalite and Prasiolite. I was wondering if these stones are helpful. Thank you.

    1. Hi Chris,
      If those are the crystals you resonated with when you chose them, then they can be helpful for you.
      Alternatively, you can research what stones would be helpful for your particular immune disorder, arthritis and pain relief.

  39. Hi there, I hope you’re having, had or going to have an amazing day. I purchased a Amethyst bracelet, Green Jade bracelet and a Citrine pendant.

    So my question is, would these 3 crystals work well with each other or not?

    Hope to hear from you soon.

  40. Hi!
    Can I wear Amethyst and clear quartz pendants in a chain together?
    I have chosen them for nightmares and anxiety issues.

  41. I have been wearing 2 wraped pendants lately one with emerald and zirxonia, the other with moonstone garnit and a quartz crystal. One pendant is on a silver chain the other on a gold chain, with some copper wrap. I feel there is a lot going on energetically wise but I am open to feeling these energies….any ideas on this combo? guidance is appreciated.

    1. There can be a lot going on energetically with that combination but it’s important to pay attention to how it effects you. Take note on that and experiment 🙂

  42. Hello,
    I’m new to the aura, chakra and wearing beads. Anyhow, I read a lot about these from the web and I selected the following in par with my intentions.

    Anxiety, stressed out, work pressure, family pressure – Golden brown tiger’s eye bracelet

    Quit smoking, transform my negative energy to positive and useful energy – Black onyx bracelet

    So, here are my questions for you;

    1. Have I made the right choice when selecting the bracelets?
    2. What is the best side of the body to wear this? Right hand?
    3. Is it good to use the sunlight to cleanse these two types of bead bracelets?

    Thanking you in advance for your time to reply.


    1. Hi Nandaka,

      I can’t tell you if you’ve made the right choice selecting the bracelets because each of us is different. Honour your intuition and yourself. If you’re drawn to the choices you made, that’s what you need to be aware of because that means you’re going with what you need right now. Here’s an article to read

      Wear them on the side you’re most comfortable with, don’t overthink it, wear it.

      To read more about clearing crystals, visit this article

  43. Hi Siobhan! I have terahertz and wish to mixed them with other crystals for various combination, is that fine?


    1. It shouldn’t be too much Dawny B, BUT pay attention to how you’re feeling from wearing them. If you start to feel drained or edgy, give them a clear and if that feeling then persists, try working with one at a time to see if perhaps one of them if just too much right now.

  44. Hello. Your Chakra guide is incorrect in coordinating to colored crystals and may confuse readers. Please consider correcting the purple to coordinate with third eye/crown and yellow to solar plexus in your bullet points below… heat treated citrine is also something I particularly don’t recommend recommending.

    “ Green stones for the root chakra like green aventurine.
    Light blue stones for the sacral chakra like blue lace agate.
    Purple stones for the solar plexus like amethyst.
    Red stones for the heart chakra like red jasper. I also feel that pink stones like rose quartz will calm the energy.
    Orange stones for the throat chakra like sunstone.
    Yellow or orange stones for the third eye chakra like carnelian or citrine. Dare I say that heat treated citrine would work well for this in my opinion.
    Yellow for the crown chakra like citrine.”

    1. Hi there!!
      As the post explains, it’s about balance so perhaps you misunderstood the post 🙂
      Should you find that your chakras our overactive, a balancing stone may be more helpful than a stone directly linked to your chakra, eg. red Red Jasper for the Root. A green stone, such as Green Aventurine, may be able to calm the energy.

  45. Hi! I’m doing some research for major protection and cleansing myself and home. My new house has a very grim feeling to it out of nowhere and I know family members practice magick with ill intentions.
    I’m thinking salt bath, Labradorite, Fluorite, Black obsidian, Staurolite, clear quartz for amplification and rose quartz as a heart stone in the mix.
    Not sure if I should be adding a different combination like pyrite, Tibetan quartz, Tourmaline, Tourmalated quartz

  46. Hi , I have bracelets amethyst, rose quartz, black obsidian, Green Aventurine, citrine, Smokey Quartz and blue lace agate. I have a pyrite ornament at home.
    My intention is I want a peaceful Environment at home and in my mind to meditation. I do not want to connect with spirits. I do not have any disease conditions body or mind. I want to cultivate more unconditional love and emotional control, calmness and relaxed mind. Same time want fully alert mind and energy to meditation. I am not planning to actively start new carrier or business but I want security of my current job and current wealth and some wealth luck because I need financial security to continue meditation with peace of mind.
    My question is can I use above stones for these intentions? Is any of those stones I should remove? When I am not wearing them or not meditating with them is it ok to keep it in a room which is not used by anyone? Do my stones negativity impacts someone in the house who wants energy to go forward with their carriers and busses?

    1. Hi there,
      If those are the stones you are drawn to for your intentions, then you can use them for those intentions.
      If some don’t feel in alignment or you’re unsure, leave them out.
      When not in use, you can keep them in a room. They won’t negatively impact anyone because crystals work for the highest good of all. If they are drawn to a stone from your collection, there may be a reason so they could then look into getting their own piece.

      1. Thank you Sobhan l, that answer is helpful. Also the article about how to use them with intention is very helpful. If I use different stone bracelets for different purposes, because I can’t wear them all together always, how long and when should I wear them? Can you advise on this or direct me to an article please?

        1. You can definitely wear different crystals together so that’s why it’s important to be clear on your intentions.
          For instance you can wear a Citrine, Moonstone and Red Jasper bracelet together, because you’re using the Citrine for confidence, the Moonstone to better connect with your emotions and the Red Jasper for grounding.
          Wear what you feel drawn to and wear them with intentions (I know I sound like a broken record now but intention is the key to everything and once you have that, you know what you’re working for).

          How long before you see results, I’ve addressed this in a previous post, check it out here

  47. Hi can I wear the following together?
    1. Citrine
    2. Green aventurine
    3. Pyrite
    4. Tiger’s eye
    5. Clear quartz
    6. Rose quartz
    7. Carnelian

    Please let me know. I will be grateful.

    1. Kyanite and Celestite are two different crystals with two different chemical compositions and systems.
      You can use it with tarot cards and readings though.

  48. Hi Sobhan,
    I ordered a chakra bracelet with 7 stones
    Red jasper, carnelian, golden tigers eye, Green Aventurine, aquamarine, lapis lazily and amethyst.
    I heard that wearing carnelian which increase energy is not good with calming stones. But can I wear it with intention; calming stones to calm unwanted emotions and carnelian for increased energy to practice good qualities, wisdom and meditation. Also wear the bracelet with ultimate intention of balancing all the chakras. Thanks

  49. Hi Siobhan,
    Finally I have decided my favorite stones and want to wear them with intention and also want to wear a bracelet for 7 chakra. So I came up with the idea of this bracelet.

    1. Smokey quartz and black tourmaline : For root chakra AND calming, relaxing, grounding, absorb negative energy, positivity, stress and anger control effects.
    2. tigers eye and carnelian ; for sacral chakra AND positive energy, wealth and prosperity, mental clarity (tigers eye) and creativity and self confidence (carnelian).
    3. citrine : for solar plexus chakra AND wealth luck, safety of existing wealth, abundance, happiness, self control effects.
    4. Green aventurine and rose quartz : for heart chakra and also for unconditional love and a good relationships (rose quartz) and love, luck, abundance, success (green aventurine)
    5. blue lace agate and lapis lazuli : for throat chakra and communication, anger control
    6. black obsidian : for 3rd eye chakra and calmness, and protection from negative energy
    7. Amethyst: for crown chakra, and all its effects which are a lot.
    1* is this a good combination?
    2*is it OK to have 2 stones for one chakra? I have 2 stones for heart, throat and root chakras. If not, which ones should I take out?
    3* do the stones here balance chakra and promote my intentions above mentioned at the same time when they are in a 7 chakra bracelet?
    4* I have a citrine bracelet, a green aventurine bracelet, an amethyst and rose quartz bracelet and a blue lace agate bracelet. All these stones are in the above chakra bracelet.
    I am going to wear 7 chakra bracelet all the time. And..
    Can i wear the citrine bracelet with chakra bracelet when I need more happiness.
    And wear blue lace agate bracelet with chakra bracelet when I need communication skills up.
    Wear Amethyst and rose Q bracelet and Smokey quartz with chakra bracelet when need more calmness to meditate. Like that..
    Thank you

    1. 1. It sounds like a good combination, but more importantly, what do you think of the combination, how does it feel to you? In alignment? Then it’s the right combination for you.

      2. It’s fine to have 2 stones for one chakra but what’s your intention for each stone, how are they working to benefit the chakra?

      3. If your intention for the stones is in a multi bracelet, it will work according to your intentions and highest good so pay attention how you’re feeling when wearing the bracelet.

      4. You can wear additional stones or jewelry based on what you feel you need at the time. You are not restricted to only wearing one thing or one stone. Keep in mind though to be aware of yourself. Too much crystals can leave one feeling drained or edgy so pay attention to yourself.

  50. I have a bracelet with amethyst, lapis lazuli, aquamarine, green aventurine, golden tigers eye, carnelian and red jasper. It is suppose to be a 7 chakra balancing bracelet. Can I wear my citrine, rose quartz, Smokey quartz, blue lace agate, and black obsidian bracelets (one or couple at a time) together with the chakra balancing bracelet? I have intentions set for each of the bracelets. Chakra bracelet for balancing chakra. And the other intentions for other bracelets.
    Thank you.

  51. Hi Siobhan,
    I am a left hand person, female. Which side should I wear my stone bracelets? left or right wrist?

  52. Hi Siobhan,
    I read the article you suggested for me. I wear and hold crystals in both hands but I don’t feel anything special. I am meditating under my Buddhist teacher about 16 years and am already happy. (insight meditation has nothing to do with crystals). I am interested in crystals since couple of months. Just want to get any additional benefits they can give to me. Also like their beauty. Does this mean I don’t get benefits from crystals? I don’t have clear quartz though. I held amethyst, smokey quartz, blue lace and citrine.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Dinu,
      If you don’t feel any difference in your hands at all in terms of one hand feeling/experiencing more sensation than the other, then go with your non-dominant hand as your receiving hand and your dominant hand as your sending.

      Also remember, perhaps you don’t feel a difference but you can see, hear, taste, feel, sense. You have more than one sense and many people put emphasis on FEELING and then completely miss the fact that they may be experiencing energy or crystal energy in another way.

  53. I have upcoming surgery, Lumpectomy to be exact. Wanted to know what quartz would be best
    for before, (Oct.21,2020) and also after. (Radiation). Thank you for the helpful and hopeful insight to cryatals.

  54. I am wearing the following bracelets :
    Haematite for Root Chakra
    Carnalian for Sacral Chakra
    Citrine & Pyrite for Solar plexus chakra
    Rose quartz for heart chakra
    Fluorite for throat chakra
    Lapis Lazuli for Third eye
    Amethyst & salenite For crown chakra

    I really enjoy wearing these. most times I wear them all together although not stacked up chakra wise…. Are there any crystals which don’t go together?

    Some days if I want to focus on a particular chakra, I only wear those bracelets.

    1. Hi there Ms. Shetty,

      I am not sure if you read the article but I do explain how to know which crystals don’t go together generally.
      In terms of what crystals won’t go together for you, I cannot say as you’ll have to discover that for yourself on your journey. Any crystal or combination that makes you feel strange, off or uneasy is a combination or crystal not suited for you right now at that current point of time.

  55. Hi Siobhan,
    I have citrine green Aventurine and pyrite for wealth luck. My husband is not interested in stones. But rather than mine, his career affects family income, therefore affects my wealth. So, can I program Stones to secure family income which is both his and mine? I am wearing 7 chakra bracelets which include citrine and green Aventurine in their chakra places. In addition if I put all 3 of the above stones near the front door or the south west corner of the home (in Feng Shui this is husbands area) , can they help to secure my husband’s income? Because his income affects me. Also I manage all his bank accounts, so literally he gives his income to me and it is like my income. Do the stones help me to secure my income through securing his career? Thank you.

    1. Hi Dinu,
      Yes you can use your crystals to open the channel for more wealth for the family.
      You can put the stones in the husband area as per feng shui, but what I find is that crystals work for the highest good of who is working with them so if the stones aren’t for him, you may have no results because they cannot alter other people’s journey, only yours as the user. Experiment and see what happens. It may work, it may not.

      If I remember correctly, Amanda Frances may have done a YouTube video on something similar to what you’re asking about. Someone had shared with her that when she started doing the money work, she found that income started increasing for her husband too. It’s often because money is just energy, if there is an imbalance, it effects all and wants to come into our lives without the specific doors we choose for it to come through. I hope this makes sense.

  56. Hi Siobhan,
    I want to wear citrine and Aventurine bracelets for wealth luck. I already have a chakra bracelet in which those 2 stones are included.
    Does wearing separate bracelets with citrine and Aventurine has additional benefits on receiving wealth luck? Or having them included in chakra bracelet is good enough? I have 3 of each stones in chakra bracelet.
    Thank you

    1. More doesn’t always equal more powerful or more efficient. Technically the chakra bracelet should be sufficient if your intention for those stones is for wealth and luck. However, that being said, you may feel it isn’t enough and then I’d definitely say to wear bracelets dedicated to your intention for wealth and lucky.

      1. I mean can my intention of those in chakra bracelet be wealth and luck, as well as balancing their relevant chakras? That is my question. Thanks a lot.

        1. Oh! Yes definitely, if that is your intention for it assist with wealth, luck and balancing their respective chakra.
          If you then would have felt that somewhere maybe you aren’t getting the results you desired, then add the individual stone bracelets or change the stones.

  57. Hello,

    I recently going through a rough patch in life, since I lost my loved one and now I’m looking to heal from it through crystals so I’m looking at rhodonite , amethyst and labordrite together
    Rhodonite for love
    Amethyst for intuition , healing
    Labordrite for protection

    Hope this is gud combination for it

    1. Hi Néelam, if those are what you’re drawn to then that sounds like a great combination for you 😀
      I am sorry you’re going through a rough patch. Please know that it’s okay to not be okay, that you’re not a burden and that you are worthy as you in every single moment. Please reach out to get additional support and love, even if it’s just a hug from someone you trust. You deserve that <3
      Send me a message via the contact form or respond back here for a mini distance healing session on the house.

  58. Hi Siobhan. You’re article is very informative and I loved the ideas, but I have one question. If I want a gemstone that could make my wishes or intentions come true, is there a gemstone you would suggest to me?

  59. Hi Siobhan, I’ve been wanting a gemstone that would make my intentions or wishes come true. Do you have any suggestions about which gemstones I should use if there is a type of gemstone that could fulfil my wishes?

  60. Hi,
    I want to make a bracelet for abundance wealth and luck. I thought if combining pyrite, citrine, tigers eye, green Aventurine, rise quartz and green jade. Is this good combination? As green jade a high vibration stone, is it ok to combine with others and wear always? Because I heard high vibration stones can mess up other stones’ function if they do not matching.
    Also for protection from negative energy and evil eye, psychic attacks- can I make a bracelet with black obsidian, black tourmaline Brown tigers eye and hematite. Is loving kindness is protective from negativity, I am going to add a couple of beads to it. Is this a good combination?
    Thanks a lot

    1. Hi Dinu,
      All crystals can work well together.
      Remember that if you are combining all these stones for abundance, how is each one going to support abundance? Using different stones linked to abundance with no real idea of how they can each contribute to the intention may not produce fruitful manifestation. More stones doesn’t always equal MORE powerful or better.

      1. Does that mean I have to set intention to each stone in the bracelet separately, because they act little differently from each other? Or should I set the intention of wealth happiness opportunity abundance and luck for whole bracelet taking as a one piece? Do you have an article how to do this and can I have the links for it please? Thank you

  61. Hi,
    Can I charge a crystal bracelet using a clear crystal Or hematite bracelet if same size? Keeping them touching with coach other overnight? Or the charging stones must be a larger one?

    1. Generally if you charge a crystal with another crystal it should be larger than the crystal you’re charging, but experiment with what you have and see if that works for you.

    1. Hi Tania, you could. Although I’d recommend also experimenting: try and carry it with you during the day and see if that doesn’t work better opposed to keeping it in the room. Experiment and see what happens.

  62. Hi god bless you !!!!!
    Please tell me what is the minimum size of a crystal to make it work for example minimum 5 carat to get
    The real power.
    if size is not a matter I wonder 0.01 carat grain of gemstones (diamonds,carnelian etc..) actually works ???? Kindly help me with powerful gemstone to get magical abilities and Extra terrestrial power and contact and command over divine and demon spirits overall ???
    I don’t know what the ring of Solomon made up of but myth is the wearer can command over good and evil spirits alike so I am asking near similar powerful stones giving extreme divine help with gemstones we have in the earth.
    Thank you so much !!!!!!!
    And also I want to go into extreme meditative state and deepest meditation like buddha and sages (nirvikalpa samadhi) but want to go in subconscious divine state very fast
    And also want to know the powerful gemstone for Divine enlightenment

    Thank you for your help !!!!

    God bless you !!!!!!!!!!!!

    And also carnelian stones gives good luck so I wonder if I wear carnelian in every fingers that is 10 carnelian stones one in each fingers then my luck will be 10 times multiplied??????
    Really wondering !!!!!!!!

    God bless you so much
    Thank you !!!!!!!

    1. Hi there,
      The size of the crystal doesn’t entirely matter so go with what you’re drawn to. Bigger doesn’t always mean more powerful or better. The same applies to wearing MANY stones. More doesn’t equal more powerful.
      Crystals support. They don’t give you magical abilities, extra terrestrial power or contact and command over divine and demon spirits overall. That is up to you. Crystals can support you on your journey so they can help you tap into your power and facilitate meditative states to contact spirit guides.
      You can visit this page for suggestions based upon what you are looking to achieve with your stones

  63. Hello.. Can i wear rose quartz, citrine, green aventurine together in left hand and lapis in right hand?

    1. Sure! What do you want to achieve with those stones? Intention first before placement. If you don’t know what you want to achieve with your stones, it’s no point wearing them.

  64. Dear,
    Is garnet and amethyst goes well. I want to wear it as a necklace.
    Please help me to understand further. Thank you very much.

  65. Hello!
    I just bought pink opal and aventurine will wearing them together be okay/ will they go well together? Also I wanted to wear them as rings will wearing them on the same hand be okay or should I wear them on separate hands or not together at all? Thank you!

    1. Hi Rachel,
      As per post: Before you ask anyone if a combination is right for you, ponder upon this: what are you trying to achieve with your rocks. Intention always first! Read more about intentions in this post.

      In regards to which hand to wear it on: whatever hand you want. If you want to wear them on separate hands, go for it. If you want to wear it on the same hand, go for it. If you find that the crystals aren’t working for you, change hands. YOU make the rules.

  66. I’m very new to this and I recently bought tektite and angelite. Can I be using both at the same time? I usually meditate and even sleep with both and haven’t really felt any negative effects from it or maybe I haven’t noticed but I still want to make sure I’m practicing correctly.

  67. How will wearing a moldavite necklace pair with an aquamarine/white topaz ring?? Should I find a ring that is just aquamarine or does the added white topaz work well with these 2?

    Also was wondering if I could switch between 2 different moldavite necklaces? Sounds like a silly question I know. But I bought 2 and it’s a genuine question if that will affect me differently in any way if I need to pick and stay with one necklace or not

    Also curious about the mixture of moldavite, aquamarine and emerald. I know you’re only supposed to wear 3 different gems at a time

    1. Hi Alexis,
      You need to work with the combination of moldavite and aquamarine or topaz to see how they will pair.
      You can switch your moldavite necklaces if you want.
      YOU make the rules to suit YOU. Do the work, experiment and see what works for you. There is no rules that only 3 gems at a time. You wear what works for you in whatever combination.
      The only rule is INTENTION as the article states.

  68. Hi Siobhan, I have 4 pieces of selenite bars. When I put them next to each other it is as wide as my palm. I can place several bracelets on it to charge. Instead of using one large piece, is this effective as well? Thank you

    1. Hi Dinu, yes you can use them to charge your bracelets. Don’t forget to charge your selenite once in a while too, otherwise it’s giving all it’s vibration out, and getting none in so it will get depleted.

        1. There are some who believe it doesn’t. I don’t follow that same guideline as I don’t find it to be true for my Selenite.
          It’s a hard working stone for me that I use often, and I treat it the same as I do my other stones.
          You have to make up your own mind about it with your own stones.

  69. Oh i didnt know that . Thanks for the information. I kept the selenite in a box and left other crystal bracelets on it. when i want i take one from that box and put it back on selenite when removed. Does this cause selenite to drain all its charge ? Also i thought selenite doesnt need to charge ans not supposed to be washed. What is the best way to charge it? Sunlight ? please let me know. Thanks for your help.

    1. Remember everything is an energy exchange so if the Selenite is charging, what is giving back to it? I don’t prescribe to the certain crystals don’t need to be cleansed or charged because I believe in the energy exchange. If you take out, you must pour back in. If you keep giving and giving, you will burn out, same with crystals BUT not everyone has this experience so if that FEELS right to you, do the same, otherwise experiment and see.

      MOST Selenite shouldn’t be washed, especially if the piece is VERY fragile. My tumbled piece can handle water with no problem but I have a very thin rod/blade which will flake needles of selenite under water or if I just rub it. If you rub your bar and you see needles or shards, don’t get water on it. If you scratch it though then you can take a slightly damp soft cloth and buff out the scratch IF you wanted.

      I feel the moon is a great charger for Selenite. Sunlight is fine, but not for long amounts of time. Any method you use should be fine but if in doubt, hold your crystal and ask. If you ask and you receive no clarity, experiment with your chosen method and see how your crystal feels afterwards.

  70. Can we make 7 chakra bracelets with 6 mm or 4 mm stones? i dont see them to buy. Are those small stones not as effetive as larger stones in healing chakra ?

    1. Size doesn’t matter, it’s how you use them *wink*
      I’d say to go with a size that is most comfortable for you to wear. Don’t go with the 6mm beads/stones if it’s bulky and uncomfortable because then you won’t wear them and use them in your life.

  71. What is a very good crystal for a relationship ? Also another good crystal for overthinking a lot & always thinking the worst because I do that a lot .

  72. I have a sodalite, rose quartz, Botswana agate & a aventurine crystal. can they all mix together ? and what is the best way to cleanse them all?

  73. Hi. Can i wear tiger eyes bracelet and black obsidian bracelet together at the same time??
    Thanks in advance
    Sending light and love to you all

  74. I’ve been doing a lot of research and I’ve heard that rose quartz and amethyst work great together, especially in my room. Could I add blue calcite to the mix or would that mess up the energy between the rose quartz and amethyst?

  75. Thank you for this information. I bought a bunch of crystals recently and I am still learning. It is good to know that mixing certain ones can counter each other.

  76. Hi! I’m starting to want to have crystals as my great-grandmother did! I have always loved gems, rocks etc! Would this crystal combination work?

    Rose quartz: better relationships
    Selenite: Calmness
    Black tourmaline: protection from negative energies/energy vampires
    Howlite: Sleep and open-mindedness
    And when I work I was thinking fluorite to focus me

    1. Hi Joy!!
      Welcome to the crystal path and I’m certain your great-grandmother would be absolutely excited for you!!
      Your combination sounds quite fine to be honest with you – You have coupled your intentions with them beautifully and I couldn’t have done it better myself! Let me know how they feel for you once you get to using them a little more.

  77. Hi I’m very new to crystals and I was wondering can I have my quartz and my stocky quartz and Soldavite together

  78. Hey, I’ve never used crystals before and I am COMPLETELY new. I was wondering if I can use the following together, and how I would use them.

    Emerald- It is a May birthstone and I was born in May, also for attracting friendships.
    Clear quartz- for manifestation
    Rose Quartz- For attracting friendships

  79. Hiya, I forgot to add! Is there any other crystals that would be great for attracting friendships, that would work with the other ones I said earlier?

  80. hii I’m new here and I dont know much about cristal and I wear always moon stone , amethis, jade and clear quartz. are these good for me? and Do these crystals work together? thank youuu 🙂

    1. Hi there,
      Cannot tell you if they’re good for you because only you will know that.
      If you are drawn to those stones, look up their meanings and see if they resonate with you.
      In terms of whether they’ll work together, look at your intentions and what you want to achieve with your stones.

  81. Hey
    I am wearing emerald , what stone should I combine with it in order to be more successful and prosperous:)

  82. Hello. I just bought alot of crystal bracelets and pendats to help me during my review. Is it ok to wear all of them during review and on the test day? What would be your suggested combinations? I hope you could help me. Thank you.



      1. I have Just intention. To help me on my review and kn the test day. Is it ok to wear them all?as I research these crystals are intented for studying and fr taking the test. I just wondered if they would contradict to one another.

  83. You mentioned the color spectrum for which stones affect which chakras. What about clear stones, like clear quartz? What do they do?

  84. I know you’ve answered liked a thousand of these but please can I ask you one more.. 😅 don’t hate me lol

    But I’m curious about the combination of turquoise, emeralds, diamonds, rubies, and a raw sapphire. They’re all family jewelry pieces and from my wife over the years but I just recently added a turquoise belt buckle and a really cool raw sapphire and white gold ring that was my grand fathers but things in my life have seen kind of unbalanced and unsettling. Like I have no peace of mind, body or spirit right now and coming across this article and putting together I just recently started wearing two additional stones almost daily now, anyhow is that combo safe and logical or is it all just counteracting each other?? And what are some of the purposes and intentions I could except from this combo and these crystals?

    Sorry if that was too much but I super interested and would love to hear back thank you!!!

    1. The crystals you combine is always going to depend on INTENTION, just as this article explains. If you are just using the crystals willy nilly then ENERGETICALLY they can cancel each other out. Want to bypass that? Figure out what you want to achieve with your stones and use them intentionally on your healing journey. This is exactly what this post explains and it’s as simple as that for you and everyone else.
      I cannot tell you what to do with your stones because you need to figure out what your intention is and what you want to achieve with your crystals. Take your power here and stop giving it to anyone outside of yourself. Research the stones and see what you resonate with about them. This is the start of intention building.

  85. hello maam, This is very helpful for me, since im starting my small crystal bracelet business. Id like to ask if I can attach your site to those cant decide yet which crystal to choose, so that they can have an idea,. if its ok with you. Have a nice day 😉

  86. Can I keep green calcite in the same pouch as smokey quartz in my pocket? I also will be wearing a labradorite bracelet.

  87. hii! i normally wear my malachite bracelet on my left hand and mixed moonstones (white, peach, black) on my right hand, is it okay to do so?
    also, i was thinking about mixing 4-5 beads of obsidian with the mixed moonstones bracelet to protect myself from bad/ unnecessary aura/ energy because i don’t like to wear more than 1 bracelet on one hand but im curious if it’s okay or not?😅

  88. I have 15 different type of crystals can I just put all of them in one room but separate not together?

  89. can i use Smoky Quartz, Tigers Eye, Apatite and Botswana Agate together? i wanted to use them in my moon water. They’re all tumbled stone.

  90. is it ok to have angelite ,amethyst, turquoise stone, yellow aventurine under your pillow.

  91. First things, first. crystals dont make any sense. Its just for beauty. All these chakra and gibberish are total myths just like feng shui.

    1. Each to their own. Find what works for you and if crystals don’t make sense and don’t work for you, don’t shun those who have a connection with them for their journey.

  92. I want to build a better relationship with my home. When our house was purchased my husband absolutely loved it, he still does but he’s not much of a handyman and over the years it’s not gotten the care that it needs. I was never really crazy about the house to begin with and I’ve never really put my personal stamp on it. It’s been 15 years now. As of late I have come to realize there’s a lot of great memories and love under this roof and the house has protected us and that love that’s here and the disrepair that it’s in has never been the fault of the home. A friend suggested using crystals to mend the relationship between ourselves and our home but I don’t know where to even start. Any suggestions or guidance you could give would be wonderful.

    1. Hi Tammie,
      I do not offer crystal suggestions for free anymore. If you’re keen for a personalised, intuitive crystal reading then you can check that out here:

      For the home, look at crystals for Feng Shui or crystals related to the earth/root, because your house is an extension of the earth which you dwell in. Make the space happy and yours even in small ways so think of things you like: flowers, lamps, shells, decorative pieces, fabric, colors. All of this can extend into your home

  93. Can I wear tigers eye, amethyst, rose quartz and aventurine together on a bracelet/neckalce?

  94. I read over this and realized maybe i am wearing too many crystals at the same time myself?
    I have a beautiful pendant that contains Amethyst, obsidian, clear quarts and i believe tourmaline (made for protection)
    I also have a pretty decent sized (roughly 3-4g) piece of moldavite that’s also paired with a nice sized herkimer diamond.
    I just obtained a really nice (assuming) blue jasper stone. So pretty.
    Would this combination honestly be too many energies? I haven’t felt overwhelmed but i’m just curious to see your thoughts.

    1. I cannot tell you if it’ll be too much energy or conflicting energy because I am not you. We are all different and experience energy differently so as long as you’re not feeling overwhelmed, drained, anxious, agitated and irritated, then you’re good to go.

  95. I have necklace with tiger eye stone. I bought a new one with goldstone and I have a doubts if I can wear them together. They have very similar meanings, but I didn’t find any specific information if they can be combined.

  96. hiya, so I’ve been having a lot of problems with stress and I’m a baby witch. Anyways I read your article and chose out citrine (for higher emotion and opening of my third eye not to mention I feel I’ve been very narcissistic lately) blue quarts (for soothing my stress and toning my negative energy) green quarts (for making sure things get better in general) one pink crystal (to maintain some self love and closeness to people I care for) do you think this blend of crystals are ok and will all function properly? I had a feel for some blue ones before I did anything, but I hope it works

  97. I store my crystals in a bowl in my dresser and then take out what I want for that day depending on how I am feeling. Is it okay to store them together when not using? I did read your post about which ones not to combine too while wearing.

    Generally I wear fluorite bracelet, have for decades, for grounding, Shungite for the 5G and rose quarts for self love and relationships. When I work I don’t wear the rose quartz but use jade for protection with negative energy

  98. Hi. I have a few different necklaces. Moonstone, Malachite, Red * Blue tiger eye combination, Leopard Skin Jasper Light Green Adventurine, an a Blood stone with red coral, I also have a few bracelets. I been wearing a Bloodstone with red coral an I noticed when I take a blood pressure test my vitals go to 150 an my heart starts to race. Possibly from the Red Coral I have learned.

    My question is I am trying to be calm before my screenings for my job an would like to know which crystals/ bracelets should I wear an not wear. Should I not listen to certain frequencies before bed? Thanks in advance. Davon

    1. Hi Davon,
      I don’t offer free crystal consults/readings anymore so, I’d suggest following your intuition as to which crystals to work with for calm. Research about your stones and their properties then hold those that promote calm and see which bring that feeling to you.

  99. I want to know which breclert can where together .For business ,love ,power ,spirituality, kindly tell me .Thank you . I am confuse I can wear green aventur, rose qutaz, carnelian together pandel in neck .And right hand I can wear cirtine with moon crystal breselet. Left hand I can wear black tourmaline and tiger eye . Please guide me . I want to remove blockages in work and business growth, for marriage love and also spirituality.

    1. I no longer offer free crystal suggestion advice. Make use of this free guide:
      Choose ones you’re interested in working with and that you’re drawn to, then WORK with them.
      Read about working with crystals here:

      All free information, you just need to research and put in the work.

  100. Hi Siobhan,

    Thank you for the useful information! I have read some of your articles and I will continue reading.
    I was wondering if you could clarify this for me: When speaking of gemstone combinations is it the same if they are in the same piece (e.g. a garnet and aquamarine pendant) vs having one gemstone in a pendant and another gemstone in a bracelet or earrings. I think they are somehow separate, right? Hopefully if they are separate we can avoid mistakes. And of course I understand that each gemstone must be considered by intention.
    Thank you!

    1. Yes it can also apply to a piece if there is more than one crystal in it, say a pendant for an example. That is still a combination of crystals so intention will come into play then too. Not separate.

      Many jewelry creators, especially small businesses will combine certain stones according to intention or get a sense of what combines beautifully together for the piece and then those stones tend to have a complementary energy together. You can then take it a step further and add your intentions if you wanted to.

      1. Thank you for taking the time to answer my message!
        I wanted to clarify. In my case I was not sure if garnet and aquamarine can be combined. Is it ok to wear an aquamarine (water element) and a red garnet (fire element) at the same time but on different pieces, for example one is on a pendant and the other on a bracelet.
        Thank you again Siobhan!

        1. The guidelines for combinations would apply if the two different crystals were together in one piece or separately.
          You could wear aquamarine and garnet at the same time on two different pieces, but as always, intention. If you don’t really have an intention it’s possible that on an energetic level, for healing, the two may cancel each other out for you so be clear about what you want to achieve with them if you’re using them on a healing journey. If you’re wearing them because they’re cool, then continue forth and intention doesn’t really come into play.

          1. Thank you for your answer and useful advice! I will continue reading your articles, for sure. Yes, I do wear them with intention and it appears that they do have some similar properties in some aspects (even if they represent different elements), so I hope it is a good combination. I also saw that they are used many times in the same piece (e.g. a pendant with both aquamarine and garnet) so I hope that wearing them with intention, on separate pieces is ok!

            Thank you Siobhan

          2. I’d say that both of them would be really great together to bring balance, harmony and cohesiveness because of the fiery energy from Garnet and the flowing energy from Aquamarine. Definitely a great pair to be honest and definitely possible to wear both together in one piece or apart but at the same time 😀

  101. Is it okay to were amethyst bracelet and citrine bracelet in left hand and tiger eye bracelet in right hand?
    Can i were those three in one hand?
    Please answer me

    1. Read the post – everything is in the post about combining crystals, in addition to me not responding to personal requests about combinations.

  102. Hi ,please help me 🙁 .i read all of the comments from this topic but its still my question that can i wear amethyst and carnelian togeather? I know that everythings connected to my intention but i heard that they can cancel their energies togeather so … as a person who feels tired most of the time and stressed at the same time ,which do you suggest ? Wearing them togeather or not ?

    1. Hi Sahar,
      You read all the comments in the post BUT did you read the post?
      ALL CRYSTALS CAN WORK TOGETHER BUT if want to use it for your healing journey, look at your intention so as to use them intentionally to get the most out of them AND ALWAYS pay attention to how the crystal combination works for YOU.
      I cannot tell you whether to wear them together or not, YOU need to decide that because YOU are using them for your journey.

  103. Wow, your awareness on this subject is quite interesting. Do certain stones/gems respond better to intention than others? Do the gem/stones get programmed by intention in relation to the gem/stones matching characteristics? Can any stone be programmed by intention in whatever way regardless of the stones properties? Apologies if I missed that in the article.

    1. Hey Warren!
      All stones respond better to intention BUT only when using it as a tool for your healing journey, whatever that may look like for you. Some stones may respond better to the same intention than others for you. For instance, someone may find that pink opal works better for self love for them than rose quartz… so it really depends on what you use your stones for and how they work for you. It takes experimenting on your journey.
      You can use an intention with your stone based on properties you read about yes. If you work with your stone and you feel like it would work well for something that isn’t even mentioned in any properties, I’d say to listen to the stone and work with it for the intention you feel it will work for. That’s why experimenting is so important and actually working with your stone because sometimes your stone will work for you in a way that isn’t mentioned in the books. For instance, while smokey quartz is well known for grounding and flushing out negative energy, I really find it works well with that, but when I need comfort, it’s the one I go to. Not many books speak about it being used for comfort during trials and many rather recommend black tourmaline for that.
      Everyone’s journey is very different with their stones and each stone is unique. It takes some time to just learn how they work for you. Sometimes it’s by the book, other times it may be more unique and that’s okay 🙂

  104. Now, more and more people using the healing functions of these amazing stone. You need to know clear about them. Such a good article about crystals and stones and give me guide.

  105. hi all.
    I read and reread this site and although I started using crystals and stones only since February 2023, I have discovered that “where your intention goes, your energy flows.”
    Rather, I wear what feels right at different parts of the day and through the night.
    I have mixed Blue Apatite with Kyanite with Sodalite and Agate and Blye Tiger’s Eye to help with my old, stingy crappy eating disorders because those stones, regardless if they ought be paired or not, ate all great for mindfulness, helping me know if I’m hungry or emotional, they ground me, help me find balance in food and exercise (I tend to over-exercise and calorie count and then binge at night,) and I put a few quartz for amplifier.
    In the AM, I put on all sorts of energizing stones, Carnelian, bloodstone for perseverance, mookaite for grounding and others for staying Present in my running. Daytime I look for a simultaneously calming, mood balancing/hormone balancing and soft energy necklaces and bracelets, Lepidolite, peridot, angelite, RQ, Sunstone and Moonstone among others.
    I mix and match and when it feels wrong, I remove it.
    During meditation I use malachite, chrysocolla, Lapis L., and place a few appropriate stones/crystals on each Chakra, obsidian and black tourmaline on root, Carnelian, orange calcite, vanadinite on sacral, citrine and Sunstone on solar plexus, aventurine, jade, R.Q. on heart, Lapis and laboradite and azurite on throat and 3rd eye, amethyst and C.Q. at top of head.
    intention intention intention is KEY.
    With that, a person can wear what they want, how they want so long as awareness is present and paying attention to how one feels is there.
    TY for sharing.

    1. EXACTLY THIS! ???? “… a person can wear what they want, how they want so long as awareness is present and paying attention to how one feels is there.”

  106. I am entering a leadership position at work, and I also want to write more authentically and confidently on my blog. I have found a beautiful silver ring with nano citrines, blue topazes and rubies. I currently am wearing a black obsidian in silver on my middle finger that helped me a lot with my healing and letting go of negativity and also has helped me in protection. I am considering wearing the new ring on my index finger. Should I continue wearing the black obsidian as before? Any thoughts?

    1. Trust your gut and how you feel.
      Only you will know if you should wear the ring on your index finger – try it and see how it feels to you. You know best and can trust yourself on this.

  107. I m wearing labradorite, larvikite, the moment i try to combine with any of black crystals like black onyx, black tourmaline or black agate, i get a very bad headache by evening, larvikite with labradorite no problems., Is it not advised to combine higher chakra crystals with the grounding black crystals as mentioned

    1. There is no rule that states to not mix higher chakra stones with grounding stones. In fact it’s a good idea because you want to ground your energy when working with high vibrational stones otherwise shifts + transformation can happen too quickly and you experience “crisis” instead of slow, steady, growth.

  108. I am a Cancer, I suffered a loss and am very sad.
    what stone would be acceptable to wear or carry to start healing my heart.

    1. Carol instead of telling you what stones are good for cancer (zodiac sign), loss, and sadness, I’d rather tell you to go with what you’re drawn to right now.
      Is there any stone that you’ve particular been drawn to? One that you haven’t really been able to get out of your mind and heart? One that sticks out to you that if you closed your eyes and opened it, you’d want to see it in front of you?
      Go with that.
      That will be the one that will be able to support you RIGHT NOW.

      Otherwise, Google, there are many suggestions.

  109. Hi
    i bought black tourmaline yesterday .I cleansed it and brought it to my office .today i feel mild headache .what should i do?

    1. I’d suggest to give it another clearing. It may need the additional clearing that it didn’t receive the first time.
      Should the headache persist, I’d suggest to then work with it in increments so you can get used to the energy.
      If you still get a headache, check with your doctor that everything is fine physically.

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