About Crystal Healing by Siobhan

My Story:

I have always been very spiritual from young. My parents allowed me to follow whatever suited me and this allowed me to have a religious background. As I grew up, I dropped the “religious” label because I struggled to separate myself from others. I wanted to be a part of everything and everyone. After being nothing for a great amount of time, in about 2016, I started my spiritual journey yet again. The catalyst of this journey was my job in which I was unhappy, causing me to start looking for answers to life, myself, whatever.

After one “bad” day, I decided to take a trip to the crystal shop which was something I wanted to do for years but I didn’t have the guts. Here is where crystals stole my life and heart, and together we started a journey. One I’m still learning about and will continue to do so for YEARS to come. I attended workshops, read books, attended webinars, made spiritual teacher friends and went on a holistic retreat just because of crystals!

Studying Crystal Healing:

One night housesitting and in my meditation I saw myself working with Labradorite. After researching, I begun studying crystal healing with Thea from ViTerra Healing Academy.  I studied under Thea’s guidance and graduated in May 2017.

After leaving my “bad” job, I decided to further pursue the crystal life. Soon after, I was granted a scholarship to study with The Love and Light School for Crystal Therapy. In June 2017 I graduated with my classmates.

Certified Crystal Healer Graduate

I studied again with the Love and Light School of Crystal Therapy in August 2017 to study more about Animal Healing.

Happily with my certificates

Some of the workshops I have attended: Meet your Spirit Guide, Angel Communication, Animal Communication and Conscious Channeling, Spirit Guide Communication with Yamile Yemoonyah.

How Crystals have Changed my Life:

Crystals have helped me find more of myself because I have learned how to reconnect with myself. This has offered me the opportunity to understanding my weaknesses AND strengths a lot better. I have been able to grasp awareness and clarity on my life path and journey.

More About Me:

Something you may not know about me is that I have a Counselling Theory Diploma and I used to be a nail art blogger.

Here are a few of my favourite things:

  • Reading young adult and fantasy novels
  • Enjoying a cappuccino in a coffee shop or during the sunrise
  • Drawing mandalas
  • Eating pizza with loads of garlic and olives
  • Spending mornings cuddling with our dogs and my partner who has yet to go mad from my crystal collection or channeling.