About Crystal Healing by Siobhan

My Story:

I have always curious about spirituality and religion. I grew up religious but as I got much older I started further exploring other religions and spirituality. I found other people’s religions and beliefs really beautiful and it made up this glorious bigger picture. We’re all one and we’re all connected in the great scheme. In about 2016, I went through a spiritual catalyst of sorts due to my job in which I was unhappy. I started looking at my answers to life, myself and more.

After one bad day at the office, I decided to take a trip to the crystal shop which was something I wanted to do for years but I didn’t have the guts. Here is where crystals stole my life and heart, and together we started a co-creation journey. One I’m still learning about and will continue to do so for YEARS to come. I attended workshops, read books, attended webinars, made spiritual friends, met teachers and went on a holistic retreat just because of crystals!

Studying Crystal Healing:

One night housesitting and in my meditation I saw myself working with Labradorite. After researching, I begun studying crystal healing with Thea from ViTerra Healing Academy.  I studied under Thea’s guidance and graduated in May 2017.

After leaving my job, I decided to further pursue the crystal life. Soon after, I was granted a scholarship to study with The Love and Light School for Crystal Therapy. In June 2017 I graduated with my classmates.

Certified Crystal Healer Graduate

I studied again with the Love and Light School of Crystal Therapy in August 2017 to study more about Animal Healing.

Happily with my certificates

Other Workshops & Courses Attended:

  • Meet your Spirit Guide, Angel Communication, Animal Communication and Conscious Channeling
  • Spirit Guide Communication with Yamile Yemoonyah

How Crystals have Changed my Life:

I’ve reconnected with myself and am learning to understand myself with an easy, loving heart most of the days. Clarity on my journey I also very much credit to the rocks that I’ve been able to work with.

Working with crystals, developing a relationship with them and consciously listening to them has enabled me find the magic in my life, as well as my own magic inside. That spark within all of us. It’s why I share my art and crystal musings, because someone else is going to find and remember their own magic through these, just as I have.

More About Me When the Rocks aren’t Around:

Something you may not know about me is that I have a Counselling ]Diploma and I used to be a nail art blogger.

Here are a few of my favourite things:

  • Reading fantasy
  • Enjoying a cappuccino in a coffee shop or during the sunrise
  • Drawing mandalas
  • Eating pizza with loads of garlic and olives
  • Spending mornings cuddling with our dogs and my partner who has yet to go mad from my crystal collection or channeling.