Crystals for Family Relationships

We recently celebrated Family Day in South Africa and that seemed like the perfect excuse to pick our crystals for family relationships. For many of us, we are in isolation with some of our family members and things can get tense at time. Here are my favourites and top pics for this time:

  • Rose Quartz for Love of course but also for Patience. We all have bad days and now we are right there with our family when they experience it. Chances are high that they may lash out at us and visa versa. Rose Quartz helps you to see that it may not be about you at all. It also helps you to invoke your inner gentle God or Goddess.
  • Green Fluorite for Harmony. Harmony may not always be possible but Green Fluorite helps us to not get too stuck when things are tense.
  • Blue Calcite for calm Communication. We still want to be able to talk and for many of us, we’ve spent so much time away from home that we haven’t always been talking to each other. Blue Calcite brings that calm and eases the communication.
Crystals for Family Relationships

What to do with these Crystals for Family Relationships to encourage love, patience, harmony and calm?

Keep them in your family room or any room where you spend a lot of time together. Make them the centerpiece of the family room so as to keep emitting those vibrations where and when needed. Lastly, don’t forget to clear them regularly, especially after tenseness or upsets in the family.

What’s your favourite crystals for family relationships and what do you keep in your family space?

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