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Citrine is one I am INCREDIBLY attracted to right now. It’s like no matter where I look, someone is talking about it or sharing pictures of it. PeaceLoveMeditate has these INCREDIBLE pieces which are coming in soon. I’m staying away from them because I’m afraid that my phone will get water damage from all the drooling.

Citrine is known as the happy stone as it promotes happiness and feel-good vibes. It is often turned to for attracting more abundance and wealth into your life. The ultimate “money stone” if you will.

I mentioned to one of my friends recently that Citrine speaks about abundance on ALL levels for me. It reminds me to be confident in my own lightworker capabilities and talents. When you can believe in yourself a lil more, you may just draw in more connections for/to wealth.

I also find that it’s a lovely one to energize your skin if you enjoy that type of thing… you know crystal facials 😉

Citrine Macro

If you LOVE Citrine, leave a comment with your favorite emoji or tell me how it makes YOU feel.

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