The Healing Power of Jade

Hi everyone! Sometime ago I posted on Facebook about an insect bite that I had which irritated the life out of me so I taped a crystal to it because I am that sort of crazy and this is my story with my piece of healing crystal jade.

The History:

We went to the local nursery (for plants) one Sunday and yes it was a very hot day. When it is a particularly hot day, horse flies tend to hover around and bite the krap out of me anything. According to Wiki, the female horse flies bite animals as well as humans for their blood (shocker!) and they bite animals to obtain enough protein from blood to produce eggs (oh goody!)

I do not cope well when an insects bite me. I tend to go all zombie like and scratch the hell out of my skin. This time I thought it would be better as I was using calamine lotion, aloe gel and tea tree oil but NOTHING was making this bite better. It just got bigger and itchier with time.

I keep a dish of tumbled stones on my dresser and on a Tuesday, out of frustration, I ran to the room, grabbed the first stone which happened to be this jade, I said to myself “nature’s aloe” and sellotaped it to this bite. I had had enough now.

The Progression of the Bite:

Sunday 10/09: Horsefly decided to bite the life out of my foot. Thanks gal 😉

Monday 11/09: Calamine lotion, aloe gel and tea tree oil doing nothing. Bite gets bigger. It seems to be alive (in my mind.) Scratching the life out of my foot and waking myself up from scratching the bite during the night.

A horsefly bite on my foot

Tuesday 12/09: How is this bite bigger? Right, let’s get a crystal and I’m sellotaping it to this fucker now.

Taping Jade onto my insect bite

Wednesday 13/09: I slept with the jade on my foot during the night and didn’t wake myself up scratching. Cleansed the stone after taking it off to shower. Put it back on after the shower because I am sure this stone is working.

After the first day of wearing jade on the bite

Thursday 14/09: Going out with jade taped to my foot. I don’t care. Where I go, the bite follows and so does the jade.

Healing with Jade

Friday 15/09: Bite seems to be practically gone, no itch and no big bump either. It seems like I’ll be left with a light mark which would be a huge change for me. Usually when these type of insects bite me, I am left with a horrible mark (war wound) for months.

A few days after wearing the jade on the bite

Today 03/01: How is the bite doing now? What bite? Where?

Healing with Jade

The Healing Properties of Jade:

I had never worked with jade before and I didn’t think before taking the stone. I literally took what caught my eye and went forth.

I am not entirely sure what type of jade this is. It is probably nephrite but I am not entirely sure.

I know that Jade is generally a very healing stone both physically (especially for the kidney) and emotionally. It also is considered as lucky in some cultures (New Zealand).

Judy Hall (The Crystal Bible) says that jade is a cleansing stone. Philip Permutt (The Crystal Healer) says that physically, jade is good for the skin, hair, lymphatic system, bones, joints, spleen, bladder, heart, immune system, gallbladder, kidneys, muscles and entire female reproductive system. Basically what he is saying that it’s pretty much good for everything. HealingCrystals mentions that Nephrite (more common and less expensive that Jadeite) can alleviate skin problems.

All I know is that this crystal made my crazy insect bite better compared to any product I was putting on it or have ever used before! Perhaps it’s all in my mind, perhaps it’s not. All that matters to me is that it healed and it healed cleanly with very little battle scars marks.

I do think that an elixir made with this type of jade as nature’s aloe to heal and rose quartz as nature’s calamine lotion to calm, could be the perfect combo for insect bites but I need to get out there and get bitten again 😉 I’m not sure I want to purposefully do this right now LOL!

Do you have any crazy healing stories with your crystals?


Speak soon!

Siobhan xx

5 thoughts on “The Healing Power of Jade”

  1. Siobhan, my mom gave me a jade bracelet that I never really wore. But sadly she passed recently and now I wear it all the time to keep me close to her. I know that jade is said to bring wealth, luck and love. How can I program it to bring me wealth, luck and love and also keep me connected to my mom?

    1. Hi Keri!!!
      I am sorry to hear about your mom, blessings to her spirit and yourself.
      The best way to put your intentions into your crystals is to do so mindfully, so what I mean by this is to carve a little quiet time with your bracelet and write down your intention. Then meditate with your bracelet on or holding it and envision that intention with as much energy and your senses as you can: how does that intention feel to you (if you see scenarios, try to rather gauge the feeling behind it otherwise you think those scenarios is what is to come true), how does it smell or taste to you.
      Then let it go.
      As you continue your days, when you put on your bracelet, take a moment to connect with those feelings again. Just a moment and then step into that vibration for the rest of your days.

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