The Energy of Dyed and Enhanced Crystals

It’s said that the energy of dyed and enhanced crystals is none. Is that true though when everything is energy and energy cannot be destroyed? I have a slightly different opinion I want to bring to the table…
the energy of dyed and altered crystals

The energy of everything in creation

If everything is energy, and energy cannot be destroyed, then to say that a dyed or altered crystal has no energy isn’t technically correct.

So here’s what I think:

Dyed or altered stones such as heat treated citrine, carnelian, smokey quartz and others I don’t know of, either have:

  1. such a lower vibration that some of us cannot pick that up at anymore/at all so it feels dead, OR
  2. we are simply not drawn to it at all so it doesn’t work for us.

If you are not drawn to something, that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have energy or power. It may just have that for someone else.

And if something has a lower vibration that it can not be felt or experienced by you in some way or other, that also doesn’t mean that someone else cannot experience it at all, or even experience it high vibrational.

Back to energy…

Everyone experiences energy differently. It’s time that we stop saying things have no energy or power simply because we aren’t drawn to it and/or it’s vibration isn’t on the same wavelength as ours.

Instead of tainting people with our own preferences and experiences, we could encourage them to find what works for them and their energy, with the right info such as:
  • This citrine is technically purple amethyst which has been heat treated.
  • This carnelian could be heat treated to enhance its colour or dyed agate (a whole other topic).
  • This aura quartz is fake because it’s sprayed with teflon. Real aura quartz is quartz with metals that are molecularly bonded to the quartz.
  • This turquoise is actually reconstituted so there’s a little turquoise there but it’s mixed with plastics or resin.
  • This goldstone is glass with copper particles and copper also has metaphysical properties. Perhaps that is what you’re drawn to or not.
I could go on and on but you get the picture now…

Allow people to experience and work with crystals that are on the same wavelength as them and which they are drawn to. Who are we to dictate what is and what isn’t for someone else?

I hope that this post inspires you to think about a different perspective not often spoken of. We’ve accepted that dyed means dead instead of dead to me which is a valid truth, but not the only truth.

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