A Heart Adventure with Charoite

This is the story of my heart adventure with Charoite. We start at the very beginning because I’ve had quite a ride with charoite and it’s only just begun…

Meeting Charoite for the first time – my

different buyer’s experience

I hadn’t told anyone yet of the stone that was occupying my thoughts and living rent free in my mind. I’d see posts of it online and I’d find myself thinking about it often. When I looked online for a piece to purchase, I found quite a few. Every piece of charoite that I looked at was spectacular, but nothing spoke to me. I thought maybe I was crazy and that this was just an obsession, like a certain food I can eat daily until I’m sick of it, so I decided to get creative and directly go to the source. It was Krista Mitchell who taught me that you can do this.

I wasn’t entirely sure how this adventure and journey would go as I had no plan or map, but I was open to it unfolding and letting happen whatever happens. I was able to meet with the spirit of Charoite. We had a lengthy chat and it shared that when I stopped consciously looking, it would cross paths with me and that it would happen unexpectedly, not because I was seeking it out forcefully. We also spoke about Turquoise but of course I didn’t journal about this specifically as I couldn’t remember much. It’s a chapter that I can and will revisit in the future.

While it wasn’t profound what it shared with me, it was true. I had been forcefully looking and trying to make something happen instead of letting it flow. It was a reminder I much needed to hear.

You may wonder if I ever did purchase a piece of charoite. I did. One day I was going through posts of a store I enjoy, simply to kill time while waiting, and I found a piece which did speak to me. At that very point in time, I couldn’t purchase it but I held faith that if it was meant to be then it would be available for me month end. It was, and thus Harry (the name we settled on) came home to me.

Siobhan holding the charoite she purchased and on it is two googly eyes to make a face on the stone

My Heart Adventure with Charoite Harry

When it arrived, I gave it a good cleanse with the intention of putting it away until the weekend when I could work with it for an extended amount of time. What ride it was and I’m happy I took the time to wait those few days.

Before going into journey with charoite, I expected that it would tell me what I already know: stimulates the third eye, opens the crown chakra; that sort of thing. I thought maybe it would open up those channels better so I could channel my mandalas differently. As always, I go into these things open and ready to listen and learn. What I know, may not be what the stone wants to tell me anyway. Let your stone lead you because it may surprise you (it will probably surprise you!)

Our Journey

During our journey together, it showed me the 3 chakras which would light up (respond well) to working with it. Some I wasn’t surprised by, namely my third eye and crown chakra, but what I didn’t expect was for my heart chakra to light up. That seemed odd to me. What was even more unexpected was that of all 3 chakras, my heart chakra was far more brightly lit than the other 2. I got the distinct sense and answer that this would be a stone for my heart.

At the time, I only journaled about this experience and a few days later, I came across this beautiful reel on Instagram:

Charoite has always, in my opinion, had the most beautiful patterning. I have loved its appearance for years because it feels like a work of art to me. It reminds me so much of Da Vinci’s Starry Night that I like to call charoite the crystal starry night.

A tear drop shaped charoite cabochon with beautiful purple, cream and black swirls and coloring

And how incredible is it that charoite’s patterning looks incredibly similar to heart (cardiac) muscle cells?

Light micrograph of striated muscle fibres from human heart myocardium.
Light micrograph of striated muscle fibres from human heart myocardium. The cardiac myocytes have a single central nucleus, striated myofibrils and are joined to each other by intercalated discs. Near the nucleus, there are many yellow lipofuscin granules, a sign of elderly tissue. Source: Source: Science Photo Library

Crystals will surprise you like that. There’s always space to explore, chapters to read, learn, and write. If you’re open to it, they’ll show you incredible things.

I’m sure that if I looked online, I would probably/definitely find information on how charoite can influence the heart space and chakra. Maybe I’d even have found a reel or a repost like the one above too, but I prefer to remain open and do further research when I receive the prompt or call to. I want to let things unfold as they must instead of forcing it. As I type that, I giggle because wasn’t that the initial message Charoite had for me anyway?

I want to let charoite guide me and tell me how it can best support me in this way. This is of course another chapter that it has left open for me to explore with it. Isn’t that exciting?

If you let your crystals guide you, do you think you could be open to what it has to share with you even if it’s outside of what you know? Maybe you too will have a heart adventure with charoite or the very crystal you carry in your pocket!

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