HELP! I Can’t feel Crystal Energy!

How to sense and feel crystal energy is a topic coming up often. I’ve noticed a trend that many feel if they can’t feel the energy then something is wrong with them. If you feel like there is something wrong with you because you cannot feel crystal energy, I’m here to tell you – BULLSHIT! There’s nothing wrong with you and here’s why:

When it comes to energy, there is no right or more better way to experience it. The best thing is that we can all experience crystal energy! How to sense and feel crystal energy can be broken up into 2 sections for me:

  1. Your sending and receiving hands: Most people can feel energy in one of their hands more strongly than the other.
  2. Your clairs: If you cannot FEEL the energy, you may be able to experience it in another way. This I feel is sometimes taken for granted.

How to Sense and Feel Crystal Energy with your Sending and Receiving hands:

Now MOST people can feel energy in their hands because we have lil chakras in our hands which are huge receptors. Generally your sending hand is the hand you write with BUT this can vary from person to person.

Your receiving hand receives energy inwards and your sending hand is the hand that directs the energy outwards.

How to Sense and Feel Crystal Energy

Determining Which is Which:

Hold a cleared/cleansed crystal in your right hand for about a minute and then take note of any sensations you felt in your hand. Repeat this with your left hand. Now in which hand did you feel the MOST sensation/activity? THAT, is your receiving hand.

Crystals I’d recommend for this exercise: Clear Quartz, Garnet, Hematite. I can clearly feel the energy better in my receiving hand when I use one of these three crystals. This may differ for you.

If you can determine this, then guess what, you just felt some crystal energy 😉

Now you can go further if you’d like. Hold a crystal point in your receiving hand with the point directed at your sending hand, and start to draw little clockwise circles at your hand. You should start to feel some sort of difference. If you don’t, don’t stress too much because you’ve already proven that you can feel SOMETHING by working out your receiving hand. Here’s a great video by Ashley from the Love and Light School that explains this SO well:

Learning about the Different Senses:

If you can’t feel energy, you have 5 other senses you can try out! Because guess what? You have 6 senses and feeling is only one of them. Some people never see OR feel energy but they KNOW something is different, OR they can hear, smell, see or taste a difference.

Keep this in mind when you work with crystals:

  • See the energy (Clairvoyance): Close your eyes, can you see anything differently? I have seen colours when working with crystals and people. This is often how my guides work with me because I am a visual person.
  • Hear the energy (Clairaudience): Yeah some people can hear energy! Sometimes their ears buzz when working with crystals.
  • Smell the energy (Clairalience): A good example I have of this is what Geraldine taught me and that is “Have you ever stepped into a room and the energy just smelt funny? That is energy you’re smelling.
  • Taste the energy (Clairgustance): Sometimes you can taste a difference too. Now this is not something that has ever happened to me so I cannot speak from experience. Perhaps you work with a certain crystal, like Citrine and taste candy that you loved – that could very well be tasting energy.
  • Feel the energy (Clairsentience): when it comes to feeling the energy, it’s important to take note of your WHOLE body. You can feel energy all over and within your whole body. It’s a huge canvas!
  • Have a inner knowing (Claircognizance ): As I mentioned above, some people never see or feel energy, but they have an inner knowing about crystal energy. They will just know what it can be used for or how that energy feels, if it’s fiery, uplifting or happy, etc.

If you want to work out what your strongest sense is, I would recommend meditating with a cleared/cleansed crystal and observe what you see, hear, taste, feel, know and smell. Do this for about 5 minutes and JUST observe. Afterwards, write down your findings for about two weeks. Longer is better, but you should begin to notice a pattern after 2 weeks. That is a good starting point.

It upsets me immensely when people think that something is wrong with them because they can’t feel or see energy. There is NOTHING wrong with you. If someone tells you that, slap them silly with a wet fish! How to sense and feel crystal energy IS simple. The thing is that we can all experience it but HOW we experience it, is unique to us.

Join the discussion on my blog and leave a comment telling me how you experience energy? Which is your strongest sense or clair? While we’re at it, tell me about your sending and receiving hands too!

37 thoughts on “HELP! I Can’t feel Crystal Energy!”

  1. I am right handed but more often I feel the energy in my left hand, it feels similar to an orgasm to me. I just did the clear quartz crystal exercise again. I often feel the energy with a crystal, than a week later I will feel nothing. I Love running my hands through multiple crystals!

    1. This is the perfect reason why I HATE saying that one’s sending hand is usually the dominant hand because this isn’t always the case AND I love that you can feel that energy so strongly! That is absolutely incredible!

      1. Wow I meditated early this morning at 2 a.m and I actually meditated with 2 crystals and I felt a lot of energy with my left hand but im right handed i felt energy in my right hand but it was a medium dull and I also heard buzzing and my sense of smell was smelling everything I felt so relieved and relaxed and calmer after I meditated I also saw different colors im a newbie to this new spiritual journey im so excited and i will do more meditation with my crystals i even felt myself astro projecting as well it felt a little weird but I just didn’t think much of it bc I dont wanna overwhelm myself or scare myself i wanna learn more

  2. I can feel energy with both hands, especially around people. I can feel holes in people’s energy as well, like my hand is getting sucked into it.

      1. How would you suggest using marcasite? It has found me,And when I held it in my hands I felt a pulsating heaviness

        1. There are many ways to work with crystals. Here are some ideas:
          Wear them as jewelry, carry them in your pocket, keep them in your space where you spend a lot of time, meditate with them, lay them on the body on an associated chakra or anywhere you feel intuitively it should go, sleep with them, use them in a crystal grid.
          I’d suggest experimenting with the different methods to see what works for you.
          Complementary blogpost:

        2. Mar aside helps connect with the spirit realm.
          Strongly grounding.
          Help remove negative energy.
          Provides balance across all planes.
          Boosts courage abs will power.
          Hope this helps!

  3. I can feel n sense energy i often use my crystals to assist me in healing this is an excellent article and thank you for sharing i hope this helps those people that think they can’t

  4. Good message about crystal I go through your article ,one new things I want to share when I feel energy through vibert n warm is it true

  5. I have a hard time feeling crystals in general, I own several small crystals and when I chose them I just kind of new I needed them, the other day I help a crystal in my hand and for no reason just bursted in to tears, i still don’t know why. Thank you for the advise to meditate on in I’m going to have to try that i want to feel the energy like my mother, who gets strong waves of vibs through her hands, like you said it feels like me not being able to feel them in fault.

    1. I wouldn’t say it’s your fault, but I can tell you that often we block ourselves for many reasons like fear, not trusting ourselves, doubting that we can do something.
      Also remember that feeling is only ONE Clair. You just told me “when I chose them I just kind of new I needed them” which basically translated that I trusted my intuition and that can translate to Claircognisense. You ARE gifted, perhaps not like your mother, but do not discredit your gifts Queen <3

  6. So a few days ago I was cleansing my sisters aura with a selenite wand and right by her neck shoulder area was a tough area. It felt like if I were to rub a knife against a smoothe surface then there was a bead in the way and I pushed right passed it and freed the bead (if that makes any sense?), it happened so fast … can that be energy? Cuz I went back to it and it was gone!!

    1. Yes it sure can be.
      It’s very difficult to say exactly but I’m guess that she may hold a lot of tension in that area (perhaps ask her if her shoulders get tense often?) I often tense my right shoulder the most so you may even feel something similar on my right side.

      Selenite is known to clear and cleanse so it could have worked through you physically to release some of that stagnant energy that you picked up. Tension and stress can get stuck in the aura if we do not release it regularly.
      If we want to get a little deeper, it could even be a cord that is attached there, someone that is pulling her down BUT that is something I cannot confirm for you.

      How did she feel afterwards and did she share anything with you a few days following your healing?
      She’s also super blessed to have you help her clear her aura so please cheer for yourself as well!

      Something I feel is also important to mention is that often it really does happen so fast that our brain cannot comprehend WTF just happened and so it tries to figure it out with many questions and doubts, and THAT is where we lose feeling in touch with the energy in the moment. So even if you don’t understand it, just trust yourself and do your healing thing Queen 😀

      1. Every time I hold a crystal I get a warm sensation on the hand I’m holding it with and depending on the crystal it makes me feel so peaceful and happy. I love my crystals. Thank you for an amazing article! Helped me learn some new things! 😊🖤

        1. Hi Tasha,
          Thank you for your comment and feedback!
          I am so happy to hear that you enjoyed the article and I’m even more happy that you pay attention when you work with your crystals. That is so important because crystals effect us all so differently and paying attention is key!
          Keep on working with them Queen 😀

  7. Hi there

    With my Left Hand, I can feel im holding an object, but with my Right Hand it felt like trying to hold a ball of warm air. I could not feel that I’m holding anything, it was light, warm sensation.

    1. That may just be how your experience the energy Henco. With my right hand I can feel pulsing, sometimes it’s soft, sometimes it feels like my whole hand is pulsing. On the left side I sort of feel that same pulsing but it’s very “dull” for lack of better a word.
      We all experience energy unique to us 🙂

  8. Synergy 12 stones.
    My friend suggests me to try synergy 12 stones supposed to increase spiritual connections and powers ect . It took me a while to collect all 12 stones and I glue them to one end of wands . But I didn’t feel much difference . Please advise if those stones combination are just hype or just me couldn’t feel much differences . Also you talked about in the past that using only one or two stones . I thought those stones supposed to amplify and enhance each other . I bought a few bracelets with different of those stones as well and wear them togather . I don’t feel any different neither . Please let me know your experience and opinions about those stones .

    1. Hi there Melanie,
      No I don’t think the 12 synergy stones are hyped. Each person responds differently to crystals.
      I would have rather suggested to you to go into a crystal shop and choose what YOU are ATTRACTED or DRAWN to because it can be that of those 12 stones and your wand (which I’m sure looks pretty awesome by the way), you’re just not attracted to any of the stones.
      The thing is that when we just buy a stone without any attraction to it, we are not meant to be working with those stones so we will most like feel OR EXPERIENCE nothing.
      Another thing to consider is that maybe you cannot FEEL the energy. Have you meditated with the stones? If you have, when you’re quiet did you see anything in your minds eye? Did you taste anything? Could you smell anything? Did you have a knowing? Did you experience any physical sensations like shivers, heat, etc?
      There is a world out there MUCH bigger than the ability to feel something with our hands and you’ve got to go out that box.
      In addition to this, it can take TIME to experience anything with crystals. People purchase crystals and expect tomorrow to feel differently, it doesn’t work that way. As I always say, when you go on a date, do you sleep with the person that first time? Likely no. Same with your crystals. You don’t bed them on the first night. You get to know each other, work up your relationship.

  9. I could feel the amethyst in both but my left palm vibrated. Got nothing with a clear quartz.

    1. Try clearing the Clear Quartz and attempting the exercise again, or it just may not be a specific piece you can tap into right now.

  10. Hello. What I felt when reading your posts was a genuine and generous intention to share your knowledge to help. It felt good, right, true and warm.
    I’m starting now to relate to my crystals for healing, grounding, release negativity and clarity. I can’t see but I think I can feel intuitively.
    I made my own malabead after reading about Chakra healing with stones and chose the crystals I felt were right for me now. I want to commit to meditating more regularly and just hope I have the persistence and patience to improve. Thank you everything you share.

  11. I often wonder if I’m supposed to go for a crystal that feels urgent versus a crystal that is silent, because that urgent sense sometimes spooks me, like I’d be carrying around a loaded weapon without knowing how to use it or what it means. I wonder if the quiet one is the “safe” or grounding one to go with in those moments. Does that make sense? (I’m sure there is something to be unpacked in my impression of urgency. )

    1. Hi there Cody,
      I don’t think carrying an urgent crystal would be like carrying a loaded gun because you’d receive exactly what you need to when you are ready, never more and never less. It is always best to go with your intuition and what you’re drawn to at the time. Should that be an urgent energy to it, then work with it and see what you uncover.

  12. So I just did this exercise with a cleansed and charged clear quartz, my right hand (dominant) I felt a almost “pulling” feeling (like wanting to close)my middle finger and the crystal was sitting directly in the middle of my palm pretty much aligned with my middle finger. My left hand it almost felt as if the crystal was constantly moving or pulsating the entire time… so I’m not sure which was more powerful because they both were in their own way 🙂 any thoughts???

    1. Try the exercise with another crystal and see what you experience.
      From what you’re experiencing, it sounds like one hand is your receiving hand (energy goes in) and the other hand is your sending hand, but experiment with other crystals.

  13. I’m blocked ! It’s a narcassist under my roof and he won’t leave . So it’s cussing me and calling me names 24/7 ! So I don’t feel or sense and I’m not able to accommplish nothing !! I’m wanting to so bad and I won’t lie I do at times get fustrated and I know I shouldn’t ! Thank u

  14. Thank you for this article, It would seem that I can smell the energy. It’s more amazing as I don’t have a sense of smell after a head injury! After holding a crystal for a while my whole body seems to emit the scent of energy too.

    1. Smell is definitely a sense that often is overlooked as not many can smell or taste energy but it is super cool that you can. I am loving that for you!

  15. Great article on sensing crystal energy! It’s so reassuring to know that everyone can experience it in their unique way. I loved the part about discovering your receiving and sending hands—who knew our hands had chakras too! 🌟 It doesn’t touch much on what to do if you feel blocked or overwhelmed by negative energy. Maybe some tips on cleansing or grounding techniques could be handy. Have you tried using different crystals for various senses? Which ones work best for you?

    1. When feeling blocked or overwhelmed by negative energy, clearing is necessary yes, but it’s also important to look at WHY. Without discovering that root cause, you won’t gain clarity. Oftentimes we are the cause of the negative energy around us (lack of boundaries, no shadow work/awareness, engaging in negative experiences, etc.)

      Different crystals for various senses are going to depend on what works best for YOU, the individual. I cannot offer crystals for various senses because 1. each crystal is different, 2. each person is different, and 3. we all experience crystal energy differently. Garnet is high vibrational for me and not someone else. It comes down to what speaks to each of us and that is a journey you as an individual need to go on. No books can truly tell you what and each book may offer different or conflicting info.

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