Crystal Combinations

Crystal Combinations – something everyone seems to be wondering about. If you’re here and you haven’t read my first post about what crystals don’t work together, start here at Powerful Crystal Combinations before continuing.

Crystal Combinations

Crystal Combinations – What’s the Fuss?

When you get into crystals you want to wear them all because you want to fix so many facets and balance so many areas. Please don’t try to “fix” yourself in one go in one day. Healing is a PROCESS, not an overnight cure. Work on 1 or 2 areas and proceed from there. You’ll be amazed how shifts in something small, like being more compassionate and loving toward yourself, can cause ripples in other areas.

Now when you want to wear all the crystals, you start wondering if it’s the right combo. Folks I cannot tell you what’s right or wrong for you, because I’m not you. You are you. I can offer guidance.

All crystals can work together but I’m going to keep prompting you to go back to your intentions: WHAT DO YOU WANT TO ACHIEVE WITH YOUR STONES?

Crystal Combinations and Intentions

If you’re working with more than 1 stone, look at what you want to achieve with them. What’s your goal? Is each stone for something different in your life, e.g. A stone for love, a stone for protection? Or is all the stones for one thing, e.g. 3 stones for protection?

Example 1: Each Crystal for Something Different:

Say you have 3 stones: Rose Quartz, Black Tourmaline and Citrine, and you’ve chosen them for love, protection and confidence. Then there’s your intentions already in your choices and you just need to fine tune it to yourself: I use this Rose Quartz to encourage love in my life first from inside toward myself, I use this Black Tourmaline for protection and guidance on where negativity is draining me, I use this Citrine to remind me of my light and to not be ashamed to share it.

Example 2: Combo of Crystals for One Thing:

Say you have 3 stones: Black Tourmaline, Labradorite and Black Obsidian, and you’ve chosen them for one “job” of protection. This is where I call upon the Recipe. When you cook, in order to make one dish, you need various ingredients, each bringing a different flavour or enhancement to the dish you’re making. Crystal Combinations for one job is like this. Your dish in this example is protection and your ingredients are 3 crystals needed to make the dish. Think of how your chosen crystals work toward the dish/main intention?

In the example I could use Black Tourmaline to transmute negative vibrations, Labradorite to deflect negativity others wish upon me so I can more easily see what’s mine vs what isn’t and Black Obsidian to help me see my own shadow and negativity for healing. Each one has its own job for the main intention (protection): I want to transmute negative vibes, I want to deflect what’s not mine so I can begin to get in touch with my own shit and I want to be able to recognise my own shit for healing.

Crystal Combinations Conclusion

You can use any crystals you’re drawn to, in any combination you please but without your intention, you are going nowhere. Look at what you desire, what you want to achieve and use your crystals to help you reach those goals.

In continuing with the above recipe, you’re the main ingredient and crystals (or anything else) are the spices for flavour and enhancement. You’re the main ingredient folks. YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your energy, your goals and intentions is what gets the boiler cooling or cooking.

96 thoughts on “Crystal Combinations”

  1. Hi i channel a number of stones but something feels off heres my combo i have a labrodite crystal i use to enhance my magic a lapis azuli crystal plus a sodalite crystal, a citrine aldo a amethyst and a Malaquite/
    azurite stone also a moon stone and a blood stone , rose quartz, pink aventurine, onyx stone, black tourmaline, black obsidian stone, an apache tear stone, my light green stone i forget the name i use it for energy ,a clear quartz stone, a sun stone and a see through baby blue stone. Each has a use for something else but something feels off i be motivated and to calm its a up and down energy wave i want to keep this power but want to level it out what should i do?

    1. Hi Jason!
      That is quite a lot of stones to be working with at one time.
      Because something feels off, I’d suggest taking away one or two of the stones that you are just not attracted to right now.
      If you put all of them in front of you, which do your eyes go to immediately and which don’t you feel so good about anymore. The ones you don’t feel good about anymore, clear them and put them aside for a while.
      If you’re still drawn to ALL of them, I’d suggest clearing them on a more regular basis and see if things improve from there.

  2. Hi,

    I am quite new with crystals. I just bought today crystal bracelets malachite, citrine, pyrite, black obsidian, jade and tigers eye. Can I use them all together? I bought them mainly because I am drawn to them particularly the malachite and tigers eye. I honestly do not know how to use them but the lady from the shop told me that they can be used for prosperity, luck and money. Will go through your site to learn more. Thank you

  3. Hello. I recently had a dream where a friend that’s passed pointed to crystals hanging from a large bush. They have been identified as Labradorite , moonstone and tourmaline by the colors.
    What crystal in bracelet form would work best with these to help with blood circulation ?
    I’m using the ones named for energy, spiritual balance & clarity.
    I’ve also been deemed a “ minor empath”.

    Thank you for your insight

    1. Hi there!
      Crystals for blood circulation would include: Hematite or Bloodstone.
      See which you’re drawn to and work with that.

  4. Hi there,

    Am new to this i just stumbled into the crystal stones and would love to gain more knowledge . Thank you.

    1. Hi Jane! Welcome to the crystal journey!
      What do you want to know more about? My website has some great beginner articles 🙂
      Let me know and if I don’t have it, I’ll point you in the right direction

      1. Hi.Jn new to crystals as well.I have rose quartz for love. Regular clear quartz as my power crystal and it’s a natural cleanser for the other ones. I wear an amethyst ring and I were moonstone and Kuzite around my neck.For protection and to keep the negative energy away and to help with my anxiety and depression. I am also a HIGE Empath so theh hell with that as well. I have major thyroid problems and I’m looking for a crystal to help with my thyroid issues. I’m also looking for a Crystal to help with fertility issues and Romain and connection in my marriage. Any help would be greatly appreciate it

        1. H Chrissy,

          I can recommend crystals as I offer Crystal Reading services, but I only work with my client and one goal during a reading/consult like that. You can take a look at that here

          Alternatively, Google is filled with many suggestions but I like to use Healing Crystals’ Common Conditions page as it’s super handy and thorough so take a look there for recommendations/suggestions.

        2. I Chrissy, I have underactive thyroid because of radioactive iodine for the past 10 years and I bought labradorite with the blue hue in it. it is for your throat chakra. I have been placing it onto my throat on my thyroid area for the past 3 months, 6 months before my thyroid was still the same and underactive, 3 months later I had a call on my birthday to tell me my thyroid is normal. I was on the same medication for the past 10 years and the last 5 years the same dosage and nothing, used this stone just for 4 mins a day and now it’s normal, you can feel your throat pulsating when using it, so amazing. I hope this helps 🙂

      2. I’m addicted to your information and insight. It just feels right. I’m an empath and maybe A medium that dosnt know how to protect myself. Unfortunately the more I read about protection the more confused I get. I was thinking of having A necklace made of black tourmaline, rose quartz and clear quartz. I was curious what you thought of this combination. My intention is to protect me from negative emotions and energy. And to amplify positive energy and ground myself from my anxiety when I feel A spirit trying to communicate. It may sound selfish but after seeing 3 family members deaths come to light I know longer want visions. Any help would be very helpful. Ty much peace, light, & love!!!

  5. Hi.
    I have tourmaline near the entrance door.
    Rose Quartz at one side, and Citrine on the other side of the bed.
    I have Pyrite cube which I am yet to place (still kept at my spiritual altar) Can I place it near the citrine next to my bed??
    I would like to include amethyst, Black obsidian and Labradorite. Where can I place them for best results. Is it okay to pair them with the rose quartz or citrine next to my bed?
    I also plan to wear Tourmaline, pyrite and black obsidian or labradorite bracelets all at the same time. Are these a good pairing??
    Thank you for the article. It’s very helpful in understanding the basics.

  6. Well, I am just super excited for this chance to talk to somebody who knows something about crystals. Recently, I’ve been so drawn to them. With The typical Judeo Christian background I was warned against so many things as this. I absolutely hate the conflict that’s happening inside of me because I’m just so certain that I’ve been manipulated and lied to but on the other hand I am as scared as hell to go to hell. All of my life since becoming a teenager I’ve known that I am intuitive and slightly psychic. I have visions, they come as warnings for danger or promises for peace. Sometimes they’re clear vision while I’m awake and sometimes dream visions during my twilight sleep. I’m in my 50s now and I am experiencing just such a mess of emotions and health and confusion. I get very disoriented sometimes, and have a harder time than ever I’m staying on task and focused on any one thing. I’m thinking menopause and depression. Also, my skeleton has failed me! It’s disintegrating and Arthritic. I’m very limited on the amount of hours per day I can spend doing the things that always came so easily to me. I am a Sagittarius and a life Path number four. I am and have always been, very creative but I feel like this has always been one of my blessing/curses. Of the crystals that I own already, I am most drawn to my large rose quartz and my small citrine pendant. I’ve tried to give you a quick description of me so that I could ask you these two questions. Is it healthy, beneficial or even dangerous to put a fluorite stone in my water bottle? After I was reading about the healing benefits of fluorite I thought to myself wouldn’t it be clever to just let it sit in my water bottle every day. However, I was just reading an article about mining Flourite and it said that it can Leach into the ground water and poison it! So, as well as my inquiry concerning flourite in my drinking water, now that I’ve just told you so much about myself, LOL, can you recommend crystals for me?

    1. Hi there Debbie,

      So I never recommend placing crystals IN your water directly because you need to research your stones properly before doing that. I prefer to tape the stones to my water bottle or place the crystals AROUND the bottle. I also have a test tube for placing in my glass.
      Rainbow Fluorite isn’t listed as toxic so it should be safe. Here’s the list I turn to about toxic stones

      I can recommend crystals and I do have a listing for this on my website for tailor recommendations according to what you’re facing right now or would like to achieve right now, but I only work with my client and one goal during a reading/consult like that. You can take a look at that here

      Alternatively, Google is filled with many suggestions but I like to use Healing Crystals’ Common Conditions page as it’s super handy and thorough

  7. I used tigers eye,pyrite,aventurine,citrine and clear quarts this stone is it ok to combine them in ceramic bowl and put them on my table …

  8. Can i wear green aventurine as pendant and carnelian as ring together…. And pls tell me can i wear it on always everyday

  9. Hi,
    I was just intro to crystals. Would like to create a crystal bowl for career sucess. Currently fp have some tumblered tiger eyes, Green Aventurine, black Tourmaline, pyrite and selenite. Can u advice if this combo will works well

  10. Hello there,

    I stumbled upon your blog researching on what crystals combinations aid/ intention setting etc. I must tell you what a riveting read this has been. I am grateful to the universe for the experience. I am sure I will be looking this up often. Thank you ever so much.

    Whole lotta love

    1. Hello,
      I have Aventurine, Corrine, rose quartz, onyx, agate, amethyst, coral, and an aquamarine crystal. I can wear all together? For good luck, love n harmony and good health? I also have one bracelet it has different color crystal but I don’t know what that are. I really appreciate your replying.

        1. What wow fascinating articles of yours I have divinely come across, loved reading them.
          What other combinations can work well with Labradorite? To use for more than just protection. I would love to hear both, thank you 🙂

  11. Hi, I wanted to know what is the correct way to cleanse crystals and how should one charge it with intent. And how often should cleansing and intention be done ? Thank you so much.
    Love and Light to all.

  12. I have a question…. What if my crystals picked themselves…. I have two crystals that were separate when I got them…. And idk when but decided on their own to bond together…. I have tried my hardest to break them apart…. They refuse? Is that good or bad? Is it common? One is green… Hard to tell what it is… Might start with an A ( srry totally forgot) and the other is a blue something lol (black with sparkles)….. Sorry I can’t remember kinda freaking me out

    1. Hi Ashley,
      It isn’t necessary to worry or freak out. It could be that the fusion and synergy of the two energies is what you need right now in your life.
      Sounds like your two crystals are Green Aventurine and Blue Goldstone, so read up about those two and see if they resonate with you 🙂

  13. Hello.. can I use my amethyst bracelet (calming) together with 1 bracelet composed of black obsidian, onyx,clear quartz,sodalite and silver. I also have a rose quartz ( good relationship/lovelife) pendant and keep an aventurine stone ( good luck and good lovelife) on my pocket or purse? Can I use/ bring them altogether?
    I am single and wants a loving and healthy love relationship. I am also stressed out with my job and I feel that I’m always angry and can’t control my emotions. I sometimes end up hurting others because I can’t control what I’m saying when I’m upset. I also feel that I have many people who are jealous of me and who is angry with me because of my job and my temper. Please help me maximize the use of these crystals to solve my problems.
    Thank you very much. I’m a newbie with crystals

  14. i am currently wearing moldavite as my earrings. i am wearing unakite for my necklace. but my favorite stone to hold right now is a piece of black tektite, which i even hold in my hand all through the night while i sleep. my intentions are emotional healing, spiritual growth and transformation, to attract financial prosperity and to find my purpose on this earth. i feel that i am called to be a healer, and i want that to manifest in my life. are moldavite, unakite and black tektite considered a good combination for that? i also want to work on healing my married relationship, and so i also wear my sugilite. would that be alright?

    1. Hi there,
      Thanks for listing your intentions so think about how those stones assist in those areas. What are you using for what?
      If those are the stones you are drawn to then apart from what you want to manifest, take a look at the metaphysical properties of those stones. We are drawn to stones for a reason so there may be a reason for that.
      Please read part 2

    2. Hi sir, I have bought crystals together pyrite, Citrine, clear quartz, rose quartz, aventurine, jade, black obsidian, tigers eye, chrysocolla, moldavite, labrodite, sunstone, combination. Is these combination is good?

      1. Hi there,
        You’ve made a comment on a post to which I’m unsure you’ve read thoroughly. Take a look through the post and comments as I’ve addressed similar questions like this repeatedly. All the information is right here.
        Also take the time to look through someone’s website to get to know the healer and writer, I am a woman.

        1. Firstly, thank you for imparting so much knowledge! I am learning a lot from your page.
          I wondered if you could advise on a bracelet I am putting together to wear. My intentions are for reducing pain in the body, reducing anxiety, and for increasing self belief/motivation/confidence/love. Due to discomfort I dont generally wear jewellery, so it would be beneficial if 1 bracelet could tick many boxes. I was thinking rose quartz and green aventurine, and am looking for advice on another stone or two which would work well as a combination. What would you suggest? Thank you.

          1. Hi Amber,
            You are most welcome and thank you for your kind words.
            Okay I hear you on your intention, what do you want to use the Rose Quartz and Green Aventurine for?
            From there I know what intentions you have remaining.

    3. Hi i was making my first orgonite pyramid with protection stones/crystals combined with 7chakra type of stones/crystals after i finish when the pyramid is near me cant help it i become too drowsy then want too sleep allday ) my intentions wer to protect and balance my 7chakras by meditation..but its like draining all my energy…is it wrong to combine alofthem or shud i jaz separate stones all nd use them alternately..??

      1. Hi Neil,
        I wouldn’t say it’s wrong to combine them, but it can be that the combination of all the stones together could be overwhelming you.
        For instance, when people want protection, sometimes they use/wear Black Tourmaline, Labradorite, Black Obsidian and Smokey Quartz together. It’s not always necessary unless each stone had a specific intention. Less is more when it comes to crystals.
        I’d advise to think of how each of your stones work toward your intention and whether each of them is truly necessary? Are some of them necessary because they seem to be overlapping in intention?

  15. Hi~ Shall I wear crystal bracelet at my right hand or left hand? Different crsytal for different hands? For example, black color crystal for right hand, clear quartz for left hamd etc.

  16. Hi Siobhan

    Thank you for sharing all this. I’m new to Crystals but I had a dream of two crystals that crashed from a UFO. I ended up finding them in real life, I couldn’t believe it, one was a green quartz crystal and the other rainbow fluorite crystal. I wanted a crystal that would help my body heal and I was going to buy black obsidian, but at my local shopping centre there was a crystal shop going out of business and they had what I thought was black crystals but when the woman picked it up I seen a flash of blue in it, but I didn’t buy it that day, it was on my mind all night, the next morning I went to buy it called labradorite. It has healed my thyroid after 3 months, but the Question I would like to ask is my husband is a Leo and I have bought him a Tigers eye and a blue tiger eye also black onyx and labrdorite will they go together ok if I place them on one necklace or should I leave out the blue tiger eye, I hope you can help.

    Thank You

  17. Hi! What’s a good combo for wealth and luck? Also my mom has shoulder injury, what’s the best crystal for her? Thank u!

    1. Hi Sar,

      I can recommend crystals and I do have a service for this on my website to tailor recommendations according to what you’re facing right now or would like to achieve right now, but I only work with my client and one goal during a reading/consult like that. You can take a look at that here

      Alternatively, Google is filled with many suggestions but I like to use Healing Crystals’ Common Conditions page as it’s super handy and thorough

  18. Hi dear. Today I just ordered a bracelet for wealth, success and protection with the following stones: Emerald, Garnet, Malachite, Citrine, Green Aventurine, Amazonite, Carnelian. It will be set in Bloodstone as it is a very good protection amulet. Do you think I have the correct stones? Please advise. I previously used tiger’s eye and it brought me nightmares and disappointments. Now I’m trying other stones but this time my intention is for wealth success and protection. I’d appreciate if you’d reply. Thanks a lot.

    1. Hi Ld,
      All the stones listed in the bracelet could be tied to wealth and success, as well as protection with Bloodstone.
      I’d recommend speaking to the crystal shop you purchased the bracelet from for more advice as to whether that is a good combination and why. They will best know why they’ve gone with the combination they have.
      There are many stones that can be used for the same thing but remember we are all unique and what works for me won’t always work for my neighbour so that’s why there are so many stones with similar or overlapping properties 😉

  19. Hello. I stumbled on your sight & am very new to crystals. I have read all your articles. My question is what crystal/s would you suggest for physical body healing? I’m having a very invasive back fusion in 13 days & am so scared I need positive healing vibes, calming & deflection of negativity from others. Those are my intentions… please help me🥺

  20. I would love to be able to get some insight on some crystal combinations. I was told not to pair tigers eye with amethyst. I usually wear most days, my tigers eye bracelet, or my flower agate bracelet. I have in my back obsidian, rose quartz and clear quartz (after reading what you said about the clear quartz I may take it out). But I’m still very very new to this and would love to know what you think. I’m looking for more luck, protection, steer clear of negative energy.

    1. Hi Lauren,
      Why were you told to not pair Tiger Eye and Amethyst? It’s useless to a learner if someone tells you something and no reason why. Hate when folks do that.

      Now I cannot tell you why that person told you it won’t pair well, but I will share with you my knowledge. The reason why these won’t pair well is because on a color wheel (see blog post as I provided an image of it), yellow and purple are opposite to each other. This means that they can cancel each other out and this is why INTENTION is a HUGE deal when using your stones for your healing journey, MORE SO when they are of colors that can cancel each other out, because energetically they just are hanging around there doing nothing for you and just sort of meeting each other in a medium space, instead of going out to do their own thing in your life.

      They CAN be paired together but you’ve got to do it intentionally, otherwise they will cancel each other out. So bullshit to what you were told, but only to a certain degree. It isn’t as clear cut, in my experience, that crystals can’t be paired together. They can, with intention, for a healing journey.

  21. My combination are as follows:

    FOR PROTECTION: (1) fire agate for shielding and send back to sender; (2-3) bronzite (shielding and send back with red jasper beside it (grounding stone that will aid the bronzite and also has send back property); (4) jet dispells energy that pass through the shielding stones; (5) black tourmaline absorbw the negativw energy residues, (6) labradorite will aid you in knowing who is sending the energies, and (7) tourmalated quartz as amplifier. Burying them in dry soil for 4 days for cleaning and charging, rinse with running water, and air dry.

    FOR LUCK, ABUNDANCE, MONEY: (1) Emerald for luck, (2) adventurine for luck in risk taking, (3) citrine for abundance, (4) flourite for abundance, (5) peridot for abundance, (5) hematite for pulling of luck and abundance towards you, (5) pyrite for wealth, (6) labradorite with golden flash for money loss, and (7) clear quartz to amplify. For cleaning, use natural rain for about 6 hours and charge using selenite.

    FOR HEALTH: (1) black spinel as the ultimate healer stone, (2) selenite for cleaning, (3) chariote for regeneration, (4) amethyst for aches, (5) prehite for healing the healing and the healer stone, (6) clear quartz for amplifying. For cleaning, bury them (do not include selenite) in dry rock sea salt (not the iodized) for 4 days, rinse with water, and air dry. Selenite can be cleaned and charged using the ligth of the full moon or you may opt not to clean it anymore just get the dust of the selenite.

    FOR CAREER AND WORK COMPETITION: (1) carnelian for creativity and charting your way out of a competitive environment, (2) sunstone for courage and sustainability in going up to the top, (3) garnet for public relations and group dynamics, (4) flourite for spark of intellegence and clarity of mind, (5) dumortierite for wisdom and smarter moves, (7) blue apatite fir manifestation of success and communication, and (7) clear quartz for amplification. For cleaning just bury them in dry soil for four days and rinse with water. Tumble stones in your table will do great or chips in a pouch inside your pocket.

    FOR MEDITATION, PRAYER, & DIMENSIONAL COMMUNICATION: (1) Amethyst for calming, (2) charoite for connecting with super natural being, (3) labradorite for safe spiritual journey and taming energies, (4) larvikite for added safe spiritual journey and connecting with energies, (5) green kyanite to make enwrgies friendly, (7) blue kyanite for clear reception, (8) merlinite for enhanced spiritual journey, and (8) selenite for the angelic realms. For cleaning, burying them in rock sea salt (not iodized) for 4 days, rinse with water, and air dry.

    The stones works best if they are in raw for. They may not be as shiny as the polished ones but they have good and pure energy.

    As you can see, the are about 5 or more stones in one combination. It means that they are somewhat costly so to lessen the cost go for small raw chunks or if not for tumbled.

    Enjoy your crystals!
    God bless everyone 😍

    1. Awesome suggestions!
      All I’d add is that 5 or more stones may be quite overwhelming for some people as well as those who are very sensitive to energy so go with what works for you and don’t feel like you need a very diverse combination if it isn’t working for you.

  22. Hi Siobhan

    I used to wear emerald, but am feeling my energy rising to my throat chakra and want to do some work on that now; helping my ease of communication, to reduce frustration, at the same time I also want to professionally move forward and I am trying to progress internally/spiritually, understand my higher purpose, align heart and mind. I have a Tanzanite, and I have put that on today in a short chain necklace (not my emerald), along with my Citrine to help me access abundance and to believe in my light.

    I have worn a ruby on my finger for years – wear for self love, health.

    I know Tanzanite slows energy down, and I do need to progress professionally currently – it this combination beneficial to me?

    Many thanks for your guidance

    Best wishes

    1. Hi Mona,
      I’d recommend working with the Tanzanite and see how it effects you.
      I am unable to say whether it’s a good combination for you or not because I am not you and you need to work with the stone to determine whether it’s a good stone and combination for you.
      You’ve got this!

  23. I’d like to gather a few stones my husband can carry, he needs it for depression, hopelessness, negativity, ( he can’t turn his mind off at night to stay asleep) I’m getting a Dalmatian Jasper cube. I have a stone of Adventurine . I also have black tourmaline which I believe is an all around good stone….

  24. Raw Emerald Stones – 50 gm
    Carnelian Tumble Stones – 100gm
    Green Aventurine Tumble Stones – 100gm
    Amazonite Tumble Stones – 100gm
    Rose Quartz Tumble Stones – 100gm
    Clear Quartz Tumble Stones – 100gm
    Amethyst Tumble Stones – 100gm
    Pyrite Tumble Stones – 100gm
    Tiger Eye Tumble Stones – 100gm
    Flourite Tumble Stones – 100gm
    Citrine Tumble Stones – 100gm
    Turquoise Tumble Stones – 4 pc
    Rhodochrosite Tumble Stone -1pc (40-60gm)
    Green Jade Orgonite Pyramid

    Can I use these together
    It’s for manifesting 1. luck money and job and clear mind

    1. Hi Aish,

      As per post: Before you ask anyone if a combination is right for you, ponder upon this: what are you trying to achieve with your rocks. Intention always first! Read more about intentions in this post:

      Think about which you are using for manifesting, luck, money, work, love and a clear mind. Which crystal matches with which intention. If more than one matches with an intention, how does each one add to that intention.

  25. Hi I’m quite new to using crystals. I wear the emerald in a ring as it’s my birth stone and told it will enhance luck and prosperity for me. But I also wear black obsidian and the purple amethyst in a Bacelet on my left hand. Would this be to much? I also have other crystals like the tigers eye, rose quartz’s, agate, sandstone and pink jade but don’t use them all the time only when I feel I need to and they sit in bedroom on my window sill. However the obsidian and amethyst bracelet along with my emerald ring is worn all the time.. some advice would really be helpful x

    1. All crystals work well together. Work on your intention and think of what you want to achieve with your stones.
      I cannot say if your combination is too much for you – how does it make you feel? Let that guide you.

  26. I am looking to buy a bracelet i saw online with the combo Malachite , pyrite ,tigers eye !! So drawn to the colours & combination.. but just wanted to know an expert opinion.. so asking you. Pls advice..

  27. Hi, I happen to be searching for information on how to combine stones and stumbled upon your blog posts. Just wanted to say thanks for the message on intentions. I’m in the process of selecting some stones for a friend and have been pretty lost with the number of stones with similar properties. I compared the chakras associations, elements, zodiac etc but just simply forgot about the programming of intentions…! So thanks for the healthy reminder. 😀 (Bookmarked!)

    1. Ah you are most welcome Celestine.
      I hear you that it can be overwhelming to decide on stones but letting your intuition and your intention guide you can help clear the way.
      I know you’re going to choose the right stones for your friend!

  28. Hello! I recently got my first crystals. They are 4 obsidians, 2 amethysts, 2 clear quartz, selenite, lepidolite, apetite, and moonstone. I was wondering which ones would be most helpful in inducing lucid dreams 🙂

    1. Most likely Clear Quartz, Lepidolite, Amethyst and possibly Moonstone. Experiment 🙂
      I’d also recommend asking the company from where you bought your stones for more advice. They sold it to you and should be able to guide you.

  29. Hello, My daughter and her friend asked me to go with them to this beautiful shop. I was so excited and interested in visiting this shop. I purchased some crystals and I would like to know if the following crystals can be together: amethyst, Angeline and Rose quartz. The purpose is to find guidance and understand what’s my next goal in life in terms of career. I also purchased carnelian, blue lace, pyrite and black tourmaline. I was thinking of putting black tourmaline, prosperity and blue agate but I’m not sure. The carnelian i put it in my bag that use when I go out. I hope you can help ne. Thank you and I like your website 😊

  30. Me and my partner are about to become long distance but we have a very strong connection. I want to still have a strong connection but with it being far i feel it could weaken a bit im so in love and was wondering what crystals would help love connection and long distance . like combos of crystal i could get bracelets for both us so it can help and benefit us

  31. I’ve just gotten out of a stressful/confusing relationship. i’ve also just started feeling better from stomach issues. I’ve just started getting into crystals, the 3 i’m gravitating to the most is Sun Stone, Carnelian, and Labradorite. My Sun Sign is Leo, my Ascendant is Sagittarius, and my Moon is in Leo. I’m ready to change and blossom into this beautiful version I see myself becoming. I feel like i’ve been held back from blossoming for too long.. I could really use some advice.

    1. Use what you’re drawn to 🙂
      Read more about them and see what resonates with you about those stones and then begin to work with them.
      It’s really as simple as that.

  32. Hi there,

    So i have a problem what should i do when i activate a crystal and i buy more of other crystals then i activate them, will they cause chaos or??? Like in the meantime my intentions will change and i will want more should i reprogram them or if i will reprogram them how?

    1. When you get new crystals, you cleanse them and then activate them according to your intention (what you want to achieve).
      No it won’t cause chaos with other crystals because you’re using your crystals according to your intentions.

      When your intentions change for a specific crystal/s, while clearing your crystals you ask for prior intentions to be removed, then start with the new intention. Always ask for prior programming or intentions to be removed otherwise you’re confusing the crystal to put it in simple terms. While the crystal knows what it needs to do, you want to be clear about what you want to achieve with that crystal so be clear.

  33. I am just discovering the power of crystals, I love everything about them. I got 3 custom made bracelts with stones that resonated with me and my vibe… the catch is; Im left handed and so confused!
    These are my bracelet combos…I chose them by the way the combos made me feel, your opinion and help is greatly appreciated and highly respected!
    1. rose quartz and rhodonite
    2. sodalite, clear quartz, and citrine
    3. labradorite, amethyst, and malachite
    I also wear a cage in my bra with lapis lazuli, carnelian and clear quartz
    **I’m looking at recieving love, confidence, courage, intuition, strength, to speak my truth, to protect from negativity,wisdom,
    leadership, security, self love and esteem
    Thank you so musch, I am looking forward to hearing from you, your knowledge and guidance will definitely help me!

    1. You can wear the bracelets on whatever hand you like.
      If the stones you’ve chosen for the bracelets and cage match with your intentions then you’re good to go 🙂

  34. Hi,

    I have moonstone, black turmaline and rubin bracelets. Can i wear them together? I like each stone characteristics. I’m looking for protection and balance of my leo boldness and feminine side. As well as calming axiety, shifting negative energy to a positive one. I’m worried that fire and water stone should not be combined as they can create conflict and rotten energy. What’s your opinion on that? Is it safe to wear all 3 stones together?

    1. Hi there Roksana,
      The post does address whether you can wear your stones together. Take a read through that again please.
      A good way for YOU to know if YOU can wear YOUR chosen stones together is to throw out the rules for a moment (fire and water stones cant be combined, etc), and hold your stones. While holding them think about:
      Do they SING to your heart and soul?
      Are you resonating with your heart and soul?
      If they do, give yourself the permission to work with them.

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