Crystal Combinations

Crystal Combinations – something everyone seems to be wondering about. If you’re here and you haven’t read my first post about what crystals don’t work together, start here at Powerful Crystal Combinations before continuing.

Crystal Combinations

Crystal Combinations – What’s the Fuss?

When you get into crystals you want to wear them all because you want to fix so many facets and balance so many areas. Please don’t try to “fix” yourself in one go in one day. Healing is a PROCESS, not an overnight cure. Work on 1 or 2 areas and proceed from there. You’ll be amazed how shifts in something small, like being more compassionate and loving toward yourself, can cause ripples in other areas.

Now when you want to wear all the crystals, you start wondering if it’s the right combo. Folks I cannot tell you what’s right or wrong for you, because I’m not you. You are you. I can offer guidance.

All crystals can work together but I’m going to keep prompting you to go back to your intentions: WHAT DO YOU WANT TO ACHIEVE WITH YOUR STONES?

Crystal Combinations and Intentions

If you’re working with more than 1 stone, look at what you want to achieve with them. What’s your goal? Is each stone for something different in your life, e.g. A stone for love, a stone for protection? Or is all the stones for one thing, e.g. 3 stones for protection?

Example 1: Each Crystal for Something Different:

Say you have 3 stones: Rose Quartz, Black Tourmaline and Citrine, and you’ve chosen them for love, protection and confidence. Then there’s your intentions already in your choices and you just need to fine tune it to yourself: I use this Rose Quartz to encourage love in my life first from inside toward myself, I use this Black Tourmaline for protection and guidance on where negativity is draining me, I use this Citrine to remind me of my light and to not be ashamed to share it.

Example 2: Combo of Crystals for One Thing:

Say you have 3 stones: Black Tourmaline, Labradorite and Black Obsidian, and you’ve chosen them for one “job” of protection. This is where I call upon the Recipe. When you cook, in order to make one dish, you need various ingredients, each bringing a different flavour or enhancement to the dish you’re making. Crystal Combinations for one job is like this. Your dish in this example is protection and your ingredients are 3 crystals needed to make the dish. Think of how your chosen crystals work toward the dish/main intention?

In the example I could use Black Tourmaline to transmute negative vibrations, Labradorite to deflect negativity others wish upon me so I can more easily see what’s mine vs what isn’t and Black Obsidian to help me see my own shadow and negativity for healing. Each one has its own job for the main intention (protection): I want to transmute negative vibes, I want to deflect what’s not mine so I can begin to get in touch with my own shit and I want to be able to recognise my own shit for healing.

Crystal Combinations Conclusion

You can use any crystals you’re drawn to, in any combination you please but without your intention, you are going nowhere. Look at what you desire, what you want to achieve and use your crystals to help you reach those goals.

In continuing with the above recipe, you’re the main ingredient and crystals (or anything else) are the spices for flavour and enhancement. You’re the main ingredient folks. YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your energy, your goals and intentions is what gets the boiler cooling or cooking.

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