What’s Going on with Your Chakras

Today I want to talk about balanced Chakra Centers and as mentioned in my previous post, sometimes our chakras can be deficient in energy or excessive in energy.

Our goal is to always be in balance but that is not possible in the world we live in today to have all 7 of our chakras in balance so the sooner we know what’s going on with our chakras, the sooner we can move toward balance.

Our chakra centers are like little satellites communicating with the Universe. We want to take care of them as best as we can and pay attention to ourselves.

The Root Chakra:

Balanced means to be grounded. You feel safe and connected to Mother Earth. If the winds of Life blows, you’re ready to move with the flow instead of resisting and possibly falling down. You’re adjustable and abundant.

Deficient means to be be ungrounded, inflexible and you don’t feel safe or abundant.

Excessive means you have so much energy that all you can do is focus on the physical and work, work, work.

The Sacral Chakra:

Balanced means to be creative and sexually intimate. You’re in touch with your body, your emotions, your sexuality, your creativity.

Deficient means to be unmotivated, not in the mood for much, unproductive, procrastinate.

Excessive means to be overly emotional and have a possible overly active sex drive.

The Solar Plexus Chakra:

Balanced means to be confident in yourself and have the willpower to make choices based on you and not other people, a good sense of self.

Deficient means to be stagnant and self-conscious, taking on other people’s feelings/problems.

Excessive means to be anxious, overly judgmental and wanting everything to be perfect.

The Heart Chakra:

Balanced means to be loving and compassionate with healthy boundaries. To pour while you drink.

Deficient means to be unfeeling and you have no “heart”, self-defeating, struggling to show love.

Excessive means to be clingy, possessive and that you cannot survive without someone else, insecure.

The Throat Chakra:

To be balanced means to be communicative and able to express your truth. You don’t hold back to suit someone else and hold in the hurts.

Deficient means you don’t talk and you rather keep quiet about hurts.

Excessive means you explode and are prone to outbursts. You just explode with everything.

The Brow/Third Eye Chakra:

To be balanced means to be intuitive and in touch with your uniqueness.

Deficient means to over-analyse and be superstitious.

Excessive means that you have a lack of psychic boundaries, are obsessive and can be manipulative.

The Crown Chakra:

To be balanced means you trust, you feel connected to the Universe and others, you are aware that we all are part of a bigger picture.

Deficient means to be skeptical and you feel that nothing works out for you. You question everything and cannot decide.

Excessive means to be ungrounded and you’re more in your head as well as the clouds, than here in the present.


I hope this gives you some clarity on where on the spectrum you fall. I am quite unbalanced in a few of these areas so if you are too, you’re not alone 😉

Together we can be mindful of ourselves and use crystals to get to a more balanced version of ourselves, one step at a time.

External sources: Love and Light School of Crystal Therapy, Judy Hall (The Crystal Bible Vol. 2), Philip Permutt (The Crystal Healer), ViTerra Academy


Speak soon,

Siobhan xx

4 thoughts on “What’s Going on with Your Chakras”

    1. Hi Ri,
      One chakra cannot be excessive and deficient, it’s one or the other. Although, some of your chakras may be excessive and some may be deficient, this is quite normal and to be expected due to our lifestyles and stresses we experience. You would then use crystals as appropriate if you were called to work with them and then begin doing the work to uncover why those chakras may be out of balance. Using a crystal is not enough to “fix” things. They help, but we still have to do the work to bring them back into balance as best as we can. We will never have all 7 chakras in perfect harmony on this current timeline.

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