How to Use Clear Quartz – a Crystal Profile

How to Use Clear Quartz – a crystal profile dedicated to one of my favourite crystals because it is a jack of all trades (and master of none).

Why I love this Crystal

Through the chaotic times, or the times where I felt so utterly conflicted, I always come back to Clear Quartz. I cannot tell you how many of these times there were but this crystal has always been such a dependable companion (and BFF).

I liken this crystal to the number one comfort food you love so much which instantly puts a smile on your face. That is what this crystal is to me.

Clear Quartz Properties

Clear Quartz looks like such a simple stone. Sometimes it’s clear, sometimes it’s more translucent and other times it’s more opaque and ghostlike.

With its simplistic appearance, it reminds you that magic can be found in the simplest of items, times and your simple self. You don’t need to be a miracle worker, guru or some magician. You’re magic just as you are.

Clear Quartz is the jack of all trades and so yes, it’s also a master of none. However, I do believe that your own piece can be a master of something in your own life. For instance, I have a piece of Clear Quartz which always reminds me of the light in me.

Some other cool things about this crystal which you may not know:

  • Known for it’s amplification properties so it works well with other crystals if you wanted to amp up their vibes. This works especially well for crystal grids.
  • It’s a good cleanser especially of distractions in meditation (or in general.)
  • Enhances psychic abilities.
  • Aids concentration.
  • Can boost and/or lift your mood.
  • Helps to relieve negativity too. This is not spoken about enough.
How to Use Clear Quartz - A Crystal Profile with properties and methods for use

How to Use Clear Quartz

I suppose I’m a fan of Jack here because Clear Quartz is just whatever I need. It’s so versatile and here are some of my favorite ways to use this crystal:

  • To lift your spirits and boost your mood, meditate with a Clear Quartz point with the point pointing UPWARDS toward the sky. (This is an affiliate link so if you click and buy, I earn a little bit too.)
  • If you find yourself overthinking and worrying, hold a Clear Quartz point pointing downward and focus on your breath for a few moments. I find this helps calm your head a little bit. You can’t always control everything outside of yourself, but you can control your reaction.
  • When you’re feeling indecisive, meditate with this crystal and hold the intention to receive clarity. Don’t force it and have the faith that you’ll get clear.
  • When you’re feeling doubtful of yourself, carry a piece with you to always remind you of the light inside of yourself.

How to use Clear Quartz and any way you work with crystals should not be a complicated matter. It is a simple, user-friendly stone and however you choose to use it, simple or more intricate, it can work for you.

If you are a fan of this clear crystal, share in the comments below how you work with this cool crystal!

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