How Long do Crystals Take to Work?

“How long do crystals take to work?” – A lot of people wonder this.

How Long to Crystals Take to Work?

Truthfully, I cannot give you an answer, even though I really want to, but we are all different. That’s why there is no accurate time-frame for this. Some people can use a crystal today and next week begin to see subtle changes. Other people can use a crystal and only see shifts months or years from now. We are all different and there is no timeline that anyone can give you as to when you’ll see changes on your healing journey.

From my experience, it’s often REALLY small steps and things which you NEVER even notice until you look back. It took me a good few years before I noticed those small things in my own life.

Healing is a JOURNEY and I shall keep shouting this until I’m dead because it’s true. It’s a journey. Healing will NEVER be an overnight cure or quick fix. When you go for surgery, are you recuperated entirely the next day? No. Healing our patterns, shadows, soul work and more is exactly the same. Treat it so.

Stop rushing yourself and your journey. Take your time and take time to being present on your journey.

It’s not always about the crystals you use, because technically you don’t need to use crystals. It’s also about being consistent and showing up for yourself. You’ve got to take of your time to progress on your journey in order to see shifts over time when you look back.

So how long do crystals take to work? It depends but don’t rush.

3 thoughts on “How Long do Crystals Take to Work?”

  1. Hi there,
    “It’s not always about the crystals you use, because technically you don’t need to use crystals“ I am new to crystal use. I am interested after reading some articles and because they are beautiful. Does the above words in your article mean that ; crystals actually don’t do anything but your belief on them psychologically affect you and make you gain things?
    Or actually crystals emit some vibes to help things better for you together with your efforts? Thanks

    1. It means that we have forgotten how powerful our thoughts and words are.
      Crystals do emit vibration and frequency that can promote the body, mind and soul to come better into alignment but do you NEED them, no. You need yourself and to remember your power, crystals help on the journey to that.

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