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A Crystal Reading with a Certified Crystal healer can help clarify which crystals you should work with suited for your energy and intention.

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Since I started my crystal healing journey and became a Certified Crystal Healer, I’ve found myself offering numerous crystal readings.

What is a Crystal Reading and Who’s it For?

Simply put, a crystal reading consult entails crystal suggestions based on what you’re looking to achieve or are challenged with right now in your life. I tap into my intuition and the crystalline grid so that I can channel guidance as well as crystals for you and what you are facing in your life currently.

Who’s it for?

  • A crystal newbie who is keen on crystal healing but doesn’t know what stones to work with, or where to start.
  • Someone who already has many crystals and isn’t sure which to work with for their goal.

You can expect to gain clarity in regards to what stones to work with right now based on your goal/intention.

This is more like a psychic reading but I’m not a medium. Please don’t book a reading if you are seeking a prediction of your future or to make contact with loved ones crossed over. This is not a healing session. Please don’t book a reading if you are seeking healing on any level.

A crystal reading offers crystal suggestions and guidance from your spirit guide based on your goal/intention that you’ve shared with me.

The Process

Once you have booked your Crystal Reading Consult, I shall email you regarding your intention/goal. Please remember to put your single intention IN THE ORDER NOTES!

Carve out some time, undisturbed so that you can work out what goal you want to focus on. Spend some time, about 20 minutes to have a think about what you are specifically seeking to achieve right now in your life, i.e. what your goal is, and then to write that down. Focus on ONE goal. I am more than happy to brainstorm with you about this is you are struggling with clarity.

The reading is done remotely and you do not need to be present or make yourself available for it.

After I conclude the reading, I shall email you a beautiful PDF report. This will include a breakdown of the following:

  • Insights from your spirit guide and the crystals that come up during the meditation when I channel.
  • Crystals channeled which come up during the reading.
  • A photo of the crystals.

Please Note: This is not a listing for physical crystals and no crystals will be shipped to you. However, I can offer stores to purchase from based on where you are. All information I provide is not a substitute for medical or professional advice. Always consult your local physician. No guarantees or refunds are offered.

3 reviews for Crystal Reading Consult

  1. Shelley (verified owner)

    Working with Siobhan was a wonderful experience. She emailed with me to ensure she was clear on my intentions and what I was seeking. Her crystal reading was detailed and informative. We continued to communicate thereafter about events in my life. Siobhan’s energy is wonderful and calming. Highly recomment.

  2. Kay (verified owner)

    You get a lot for your money. Not just help and advice with what crystals to use but almost like a psychic reading. I am aware of my angels and spirit guides and she picked up on this and was able to describe them. Highly recommend purchasing a reading.

  3. Kylie (verified owner)

    Working with Siobhan was absolutely incredible and I am so happy I decided to get a reading. It was not just some “here’s a couple crystals I think you should get”, Siobhan gave me amazing advice from my guides and even described them to me! The reading was so detailed and informative. If you are considering getting a reading, please do! You will be so happy I can promise you that. Highly recommend!

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