Working Consciously with Crystals

Hi Everyone! I’m sure by now everyone is bored of hearing me to say to consciously work with your crystals, especially those who ask me how to use crystals. Today I’ll be sharing three easy ways to work with crystals. There is also a video toward the end of the post if you don’t feel like reading today 😉

Why work consciously with your crystals:

Nothing happens when we buy a crystal and just leave it around, even if we resonated with the crystal we were drawn to and then purchased.

Shifts and healing happens when we spend time with our crystals to absorb that energy. Some people get messages, some people don’t but you’re always going to absorb the crystal energy. Absorbing the crystal energy will promote your body to move towards balance.

It also helps to set your intention and keep in mind why you are using the crystal. This is how you get consciously involved and stay aware of what you are doing.

How to Use Crystals – Wearing Them:

The easiest way to get involved with your crystals is to wear them.

You can wear crystal jewelry and you can find practically any crystal in whatever type of jewelry you prefer, i.e. necklaces, bracelets, rings.

You can also wear them in a little pouch around your neck and this works really well if you wanted to carry a few pieces around with you.

Many women love to stash them in their bra but for the men, I really recommend that you wear it in your front pocket. A few crystals in your back pocket, doesn’t make for a nice sitting experience.

How to Use Crystals – Meditating with Them:

This is another easy way to work with your crystals.

I use an app called The Calm app which makes meditation so convenient for me. I can set the timer for 5-10 minutes and spend time with my crystal.

Sometimes I hold my crystal and sometimes I don’t. It doesn’t really matter if you hold it or not. Do what is most comfortable for you.

I personally find that this is a great way to start my day.

Crystals I recommend to meditate with are Clear Quartz, Citrine, Selenite, Amethyst and even Magnesite.

How to Use Crystals – Healing Layouts with Crystals:

This is a fancier form of meditation. I say it’s like meditation because you’re going to be spending time with your crystals but they’ll be on or around your body.

The simplest way to do this is to lay crystals on your chakra centers. You may also feel that a certain crystal would benefit being laid upon a certain body part and that is a great way to facilitate your own healing. You don’t need to understand why this crystal should be on whatever body part, but go with it anyway. That’s often when the best healing takes place in my opinion.

This is one that works great for when you have had a stressful day. Taking time out to do some healing after that busy day, leaves you feeling calm and relaxed again.


It’s not complicated to get involved with yourself and your crystals. The most complicated and challenging bit is actually making and taking the time to do so, but I can promise that it is worth it!

I’d love to hear how you work with your crystals 🙂

Speak soon,


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