The #1 Problem for Lightworkers

Number 1 Problem for Lightworkers

The number 1 problem for lightworkers in my opinion, is what I am discussing today. I chat about how being authentic can be a challenge and my personal struggle with that. Yes, this is a more vulnerable post that I’ve started over a few times, because I wasn’t sure how to write everything that I feel which is true to ME. Check how authenticity comes up even in my intro huh 😉

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How to start your day off RIGHT (with Love)

How to Start your Day off RIGHT

How to start your day off right, with love, in the shower! Imagine if you can start your day with a little more mindfulness and love, wouldn’t that make for an amazing day? And why not do so when you’re in the shower, because most of us shower in the morning before starting our day anyway!

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