Spirit Quartz Macro

What you may not know is that when I do these posts, I rely on my intuition to guide me to the crystal for the week. I wasn’t sure what crystal I’d be focusing on this week but then my gift from Lynette arrived. I saw this crystal and KNEW it was THE one.

I’ve always held a soft spot for Spirit Quartz because it has such a sweet vibration and this piece is no exception.

Spirit Quartz speaks to what it’s name suggests: your spirit and it gently uplifts your spirit. It has such a great feel-good vibe to it. How can you not feel happy looking at it? If you’re going through a hard time or period of grieving, then this may be a good companion.

When I first got into crystals, I remember buying 2 of my closest friends each a piece. It wasn’t until later that I learnt it promotes peace, harmony and benefits relationships too.

I love how it has crystals stemming from all sides and it feels to me like it’s energy just wraps you up. This would make it good for manifesting I feel, because it sends out your intention on all levels. Basically it’s almost like it sends out all the helpers to get things going.

Spirit Quartz is also known as fairy quartz. I can’t help but wonder if this would be a great crystal for working with fairies and elementals. What do you think?

If you LOVE Spirit Quartz, leave a comment with your favorite emoji or tell me what makes it special to you.

Labradorite Macro

Sweet, sweet Labradorite. It’s the one crystal to rule them all for me.

A short story for you: Before I got into crystals, my Twitter friend Elisma shared her Labradorite with me. I always said it would be the first crystal I own. Probably a decade later later, when I first visited a crystal shop, I bought a piece. Only some time afterwards did I realise the link between what I had bought and what Elisma used to share with me.

Labradorite speaks to me about magic: Your own inner magic, intuition and talent; as well as the magic of the Universe.

It’s a good crystal to work with and develop your own inner magic. Also, it can be great support to you while you’re going through transformations – reminding you of the magic thereof.

Apart from it’s magic, it’s a really good shield from negative energies. For me Labbie works better at protection, especially if going out into crowds. It’s one I feel is super helpful in a Lightworkers kit.

If you LOVE Labradorite, leave a comment with your favorite emoji or tell me what makes it special to you.

Citrine Macro

Citrine is one I am INCREDIBLY attracted to right now. It’s like no matter where I look, someone is talking about it or sharing pictures of it. PeaceLoveMeditate has these INCREDIBLE pieces which are coming in soon. I’m staying away from them because I’m afraid that my phone will get water damage from all the drooling.

Citrine is known as the happy stone as it promotes happiness and feel-good vibes. It is often turned to for attracting more abundance and wealth into your life. The ultimate “money stone” if you will.

I mentioned to one of my friends recently that Citrine speaks about abundance on ALL levels for me. It reminds me to be confident in my own lightworker capabilities and talents. When you can believe in yourself a lil more, you may just draw in more connections for/to wealth.

I also find that it’s a lovely one to energize your skin if you enjoy that type of thing… you know crystal facials 😉

Citrine Macro

If you LOVE Citrine, leave a comment with your favorite emoji or tell me how it makes YOU feel.

Top 5 Crystals for My Birthday

Top 5 Crystals for My Birthday

The TOP 5 Crystals for my birthday are a reminder to start my day with a crystalicious bang. Most people don’t like getting older. We dread our birthdays because we tend to look back at all the things we didn’t achieve. When we look back, it’s like we achieved absolutely fuckall. Let’s turn that around yeah!

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