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Hi Everyone!!

Oh my gosh I am so excited to write this blog post and I know I said I’d be talking about how to determine the status your chakra (whether it is excessive or deficient in energy) but I need to tell you guys about this NOW!!! The chakra post I have scheduled for this Friday so don’t worry, still have your back

I have been revamping the Facebook page if you haven’t already seen. Feel free to let me know what you think of the new cover page, the services art AND the new shop which I have reopened to sell magical items.

I have also secretly released a new service that I will be offering and it’s called Virtual Self Healing.

Virtual Self Healing is for you if:

You want to do your own healing, you have your own crystals/minerals/stones but you don’t know where to start and/or how to achieve what you want and you want more than just meditation time with your crystals.

This you getting consciously involved with your crystals! It’s meditation on high vibes people!

What Virtual Self Healing Includes:

  • YOU AND I, will work out a custom healing layout for you and take an in-depth look at what you want to achieve for healing with your crystals.
  • Detailed step-by-step guide on where to place your stones on and/or around your body.
  • A guided meditation that I shall record and send to you. This may vary depending on what you want to achieve for your session.

What Virtual Self Healing DOESN’T Include:

One-on-one session time with me via Skype video call or in person.

You are going to do the healing on your own, in your own time when it suits YOU and YOU’RE READY. I am just going to guide you via email or Whatsapp. YOU ARE THE KEY!

Virtual Self Healing can Include as an Optional Extra:

If you don’t have crystals but you really want to do this on your own, I can supply you with crystals at an additional fee.


Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or if you’d like to book this service! 🙂


Speak soon!


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4 thoughts on “Virtual Self Healing”

  1. I wear a black onyx necklace 24/7 which comfortably stabilizes my energy. It was then when I’ve decided to add a rose quartz bracelet & my chakra bracelet. Plus a purple florite and green labradorite in my pockets, I’ve noted how my energy changes from stable calm to my skin crawling with anger and rage. All negative.
    Of course I’m aware of too many crystals. My question is what crystal is compatible with my onyx?

    1. Hi Jada,
      All crystals can work together, but it works best when you work with your crystals intentionally. Here are two blog posts to read: (about crystal combinations) (using intentions with crystal combinations)

      It is most likely that you are wearing too many crystals for your energy so I’d remove one that you’re not drawn to at this time and then see how your combination effects you for some time. If you still feel off, remove another.

  2. Hi!I have on my wrist a black tourmaline bracelet,one clear quartz ,and,one lepidolite.Is it ok to wear it together?

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