Hi, I’m Siobhan and if you are interested in crystals, healing and mandalas then you’ve come to the right place.

I am a Certified Crystal Healer based in the Western Cape, South Africa who offers the following services:

  • Crystal Reading Consults are perfect for anyone who wants to work with crystals but doesn’t know which ones to start with or which is suitable for them. A Crystal Reading offers you clarity about yourself and a goal that you’re working on.
  • Distance Crystal Healing Sessions offers you clarity about what’s going on energetically, confirmation about what you may already know and the opportunity for balance. I offer healing sessions also for pets and animals.
  • Digital Prints of Oracle, Chakra, Moon and Crystal Mandalas for meditation and your sacred space. They offer you the opportunity to deeper connect with yourself, your goals and your journey.

Crystal reading, healing and my oracle mandalas offer you the space to invest in yourself, spend time with yourself and RECONNECT with your magic. It’s about getting clarity regarding where you are on a spiritual and energetic level at right now, as well as having fun on the way.