Hi there! I’m Siobhan, and if crystals and mandalas intrigue you then you’ve come to the right place for a cup of coffee and a chat.

I am a Certified Crystal Healer (CCH) based in South Africa who supports women to get clarity and see the bigger picture so that they can find and reconnect with their magic. My tools for helping folks with this involve working with crystals and mandalas – they are how I found my own magic.

My Offerings to You

Crystal Reading Consults for clarity and guidance from the stones. Perfect for crystal lovers who don’t know what crystals to start with, which are most suitable for their goals or who want guidance from the stones.

Oracle Mandalas (Digital and Printable) for connection and self-reflection. Perfect for those who love self-reflecting during journaling or after meditation. Mandalas can bring a certain energy and enhancement to your practice and work. They’re also wonderful for decorating your space with if you love having pretty images in your space that carry an energy signature.

If you want to go deeper, allow me to channel a custom mandala design unique to your energy or channel some guidance from the stones in a reading!

Crystals and Mandalas unlock the magic already within you, so let’s begin to unlock that for you.

Crystals and Mandalas are not a replacement for medical advice, practices or treatment but can complement all kinds of therapies and journeys.