I got it WRONG! Confusing Quantum Quattro with Chrysocolla

Hi Everyone! I’m want to tell you about my latest mistake which was actually more of an opportunity. Remember when I told you about Chrysocolla? What if I told you, it wasn’t Chrysocolla but it was actually Quantum Quattro Quartz! Come read more about it!

What Happened?

If you’re a regular reader or not (gasp), you would’ve seen one of my recent posts where I spoke about the healing properties of Chrysocolla.

Here I was all confident writing about this awesome crystal that I spent a few weeks getting to know and listening to. I was so excited to share it when I published my blog post and shared it all over social media! Then I found out, it wasn’t even Chrysocolla! Sara, the owner of Gaia Crystals Langebaan, who continues to mentor and teach me even when she probably isn’t trying, informed me that it is actually Quantum Quattro Quartz.

At first, I was like “OH MY GOSH! THIS IS REALLY BAD! When a crystal healer doesn’t even know what a crystal is!” but then I took a step back to reflect on how awesome this actually is!

My Reflections:

I am in the business of crystal healing. Does that mean knowing the properties of every single crystal out there? Not necessarily. It’s nearly impossible to know EVERYTHING about every single crystal because there are SO many crystals out there. Also, we each experience things differently so one type of crystal is going to possibly effect many of us in different ways. Some of those ways may not even be listed in one particular book but mentioned in another.Β This is why we have books to research when we are looking for a crystal for a specific reason.

So does being in the business of crystal healing mean knowing the properties of every crystal I want to use on myself and/or clients? FUCK YES! One of the best parts about what I do is getting to hang out with crystals, learn them and use them.

You aren’t going to know how a crystal can benefit you if you don’t spend time with your crystal. This is something I’ve always believed in. Spend time with your crystals and form a relationship with them. Nothing happens if you buy a crystal and leave it lying around, out of sight and mind. I love spending time with my crystals because I get to know the crystal as well as myself better, and what I can use that crystal for.

Quantum Quattro Quartz

About Quantum Quattro Quartz:

So yes, I did get the name of the crystal wrong. We’ve established now that the crystal isn’t Chrysocolla and it’s actually Quantum Quattro Quartz which is made up of copper-based minerals, one of which is Chrysocolla. You can also find Dioptase, Malachite and Shattuckite in this Smokey Quartz Matrix. This crystal will have its own properties, as well as properties from each of the crystals that forms part of its composition.

What I think about Quantum Quattro Quartz:

Apart from what I’ve told you in my previous post, these are my first thoughts about this crystal that’s known to be a powerful healer.

It could be quite uplifting and feel-good, due to it being made up from copper-based minerals.

Smokey Quartz is known to be a good protector from negative energy as well as EMF. It is also an amplifier seeing as it’s part of the quartz family; possibly amplifying the properties of each of the individual crystals making up the composition of this powerful healer. Smokey Quartz is linked to both the Root and Earth Star chakra, making it a good grounding crystal.

MalachiteΒ on it’s own is quite a powerful crystal. It is known to provide pain relief for arthritis suffers as well as relief from insomnia. It is linked to the Third Eye Chakra. I have also read that it can return negative energy back to its source, protecting the owner of Malachite.

I don’t know very much about Dioptase or Shattuckite in order to tell you what I think about them.

All of these minerals seem to overlap, complement each other and bounce off of each other within Quantum Quattro Quartz. They also seem to be linked to many of our main Chakras and provide a good middle ground for them, nestled in the Heart. I still feel a lot of balance to this crystal… I want to go further than emotional balance, and say balance in all areas: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

It’s quite ironic that what I initially got from the crystal was expressing that which is on your heart. That is exactly what I did when I initially posted about it. It’s what I’m doing now to talk about my “mistake”.

Is it REALLY a big deal?

No! When it comes to crystals, nothing you do is a negative big deal, because there is no right or wrong. Sometimes you are going to buy a scratch patch crystal and not know what the fuck it is, but it KEEPS calling to you!

Just because you don’t know what a crystal is called and you can’t research more about it from a book or online, don’t put it away if you’re attracted to it. Spend time with it and learn what it wants to teach you. In this case, it’s nice to judge the book by it’s cover and learn its story by reading it πŸ˜‰

What do you think?

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4 thoughts on “I got it WRONG! Confusing Quantum Quattro with Chrysocolla”

  1. Thanks for sharing your mistake.. I am new at this and I buy stones and think I’ll remember what they are,then I get a few together that are close and WTF I can’t tell them apart. your story made me feel better.

    1. LOL to your WTF!
      Sometimes that happens and that’s okay πŸ™‚
      It’s always nice to know the names of our crystals but sometimes I think we rely a little too much on the name along with the properties we can look up instead of doing a little work ourselves you know.
      I’m really glad to have made you feel better and rest assured, you’re not alone πŸ˜€

  2. Thank you for the article!! It made me feel better as well πŸ˜‚ However, I do have another question for you. How DO you or I, tell a Quantum Quattro Quartz from a Chrysocolla Crystal?? I have a few rough chunks of what I believe could be one or the other. But I’m so in the dark and confused as to how I can tell the difference. And without special laboratory equipment or supplies. Any help will be EXTEREMLY APPRECIATED!! Thanks πŸ€—πŸ€—

    1. Hi Fallon!
      I am glad I made you feel better hehe πŸ˜€
      Okay so Chrysocolla will always be blue/green BUT Quantum Quattro Quartz will have that grey to it – and that I assume is more from the quartz. That’s one easy way to tell it apart from thorough Chrysocolla.
      Also, I think that possibly quantum quattro is more likely found in tumbled form. I could be wrong though.

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