Crystal Connections Magazine Jan/Feb 2018

Hi Everyone – have you heard about e-zines which are basically online magazines? If not, I have one to share with you! Crystal Connections is an online magazine that you can read for free. Come and read more about this online holistic magazine January 2018.

Crystals Connections Magazine, Online Holistic Magazine January 2018:

Crystal Connections Magazine is actually a bi-monthly online, holistic lifestyle magazine and this is the issue for January/February 2018. It is all about forgetting the hustle, getting aligned and helping you manifest your best, in 2018.

Is that not something you want to read about?! Who doesn’t want to know more about how they can have a better and more aligned 2018! We want to do more of what makes us feel good and lights us up!

In this issue you will find the following articles:

  • Keeping your Aura Healthy by Emily Rodacker
  • January and February Tarot-scope by Jasmin Maurer
  • Align your dreams in 2018 Tarot Reading Spread (to do yourself! How awesome is that!)
  • Number Nirvana by Tammy Campy
  • Are you Blocking Miracles from your life by Teri Bach
  • Good Riddance to 2017 and Hey Girl to 2018 by Lila Jones
  • Cosmic Weather for January/February 2018 by Irma Kaye Sawyer

Crystal Connections Magazine and I:

This is actually the second article I’ve written for Crystal Connections Magazine and it’s something I truly enjoy doing. Sarah runs the magazine and through her, I feel that what I’m sharing is going to an audience I may have not been able to reach before. This way, I may be able to reach more people which makes me happy. You never know who needs to hear what you have to say so speak about what lights you up!

If Issue #11 is about forgetting the hustle, getting aligned and manifesting your best, how can crystals help with that? Well it makes sense to use what you have for your highest good doesn’t it? Crystals can help remind you of what you’re trying to achieve.

Crystals can be a physical reminder of our goals that we can touch and see physically. This can be a powerful tool for our benefit. It’s easy to write down or journal our intention/s and forget about it after some time. That’s why attaching intentions to your crystals can create powerful shifts. Shifts happen when we can regularly keep going back to what we want to achieve and be grateful for the opportunities that arise causing us to move toward our goals.

Crystals can’t make miracles happen because you are the miracle yourself. They can remind you of what you want to do and achieve.

In this issue I wrote about one of my favourite topics which is how to use crystals consciously and intentionally. I’m always sharing this with people because it’s something I’m incredibly passionate about and believe in!

Crystal Connections Magazine, Online Holistic Magazine January 2018:

Issue #11 for Jan/Feb 2018 you can read below or here 😉

Did you have a favourite article for this issue? Share it with me!


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