Tulbagh’s Crystal Cave

Hi Everyone! Ah Crystal Cave Tulbagh, is a stunning crystal shop that you will enjoy visiting if you are ever in Tulbagh’s neighbourhood.

I was away for a few days last week to accompany my hubby to a wedding in Tulbagh. One of the first things I did before we left for our trip was to research if there was a crystal shop nearby, because that’s what you do right? 😉

Now Tulbagh is not a very big town and you can basically walk it from left to right without getting lost or missing a shop, but leave it to me to get lost! Thankfully Gideon picked me up and we were able to find the little gem called Crystal Cave 😀

Let me share my experience with you!

Crystal Cave Tulbagh Entrance and Exit Crystals:

The first thing I must share are the entrance and exit crystals! There are two huge chunks of Rose Quartz at the entrance gate and upon exit is this awesome chunk of Red Jasper which is just amazing! It says to me that you’re entering into a place of love but also you’re getting grounded and energized from the Red Jasper.

Crystal Cave Tulbagh Succulent/Cacti Nursery and Crystal Delights:

As you enter, there is a sweet little nursery with succulents and cacti, but also pretty little garden ornaments.

One side of the shop is decorated with the crystals and the other side of the shop contains cute, little trinkets. Many of the crystals are delicately arranged in sand which I think is a cute reminder of where crystals come from 😉

The Crystal Cave also offers a wide range of raw/natural crystals which is quite an adventure to see. They have a wide range of absolutely gorgeous ones!

Crystal Cave Tulbagh Purchased Treasures:

I did buy a few crystals during my visit and I know you want to know what they are.

Moonstone – promotes/balances feminine energy, emotional balance, calming.

Fire Agate – deflects negativity and it’s one I’ve been after for some time. Can you see the rainbow in this baby? It isn’t high quality fire agate but leave it to me to choose a piece out of pile that holds a rainbow. Rainbows are a good indication for me that this is a crystal which has a secret for me to unravel

Rainbow Fluorite pendant – can promote mental clarity. I kept going back to this pendant before I finally decided to purchase it.

Snakeskin Agate pendant – I think this is Snakeskin agate, but what attracted me was how different this pendant is. I wore this pendant to the wedding and oddly had a few epiphanies so there must be something to it.


Tulbagh is an amazing little town that’s not only beautiful but so green. You really feel part of nature while you’re there! Don’t forget to visit Crystal Cave Tulbagh whenever you’re in the neighbourhood. Here is where you can find them online:

Crystal Cave Website and Crystal Cave Facebook Page


Speak Soon!

Creative Crystal Blessings,

Siobhan xx

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