How to do Crystal Healing Yourself

So I heard that you want to do crystal healing for and on yourself right? Well let me show you the basics of chakra crystal healing which is the easiest way of healing I can show anyone, and then you can get started right away 😉

Chakra Crystal Healing:

Step 1: Put a smile on your dial 🙂 because today you’re undertaking to send yourself some healing vibes. That IS awesome!

Step 2: Go to your nearest crystal store OR online crystal store. Try not to purchase everything! Focus on purchasing a chakra set that includes tumbled crystals each one corresponding to the colour of the rainbow. The basic colour guideline is red, orange, yellow, green/pink, light blue, dark blue and violet so you could go with red jasper, orange carnelian, yellow citrine, green aventurine/pink rose quartz, light blue lace agate, dark blue sodalite and violet amethyst (this is the set I have in the featured image). It is up to you what you’d like to get.

Step 3: If purchasing crystals online: wait for them to arrive. Otherwise proceed to Step 4.

Step 4: Once you have all 7 of your crystals, we are going to cleanse them nice and lekker because they do tend to gather up energy and we want them working at their optimum vibration here.

Tumbled stones are safe to cleanse under running water but you can also use a singing bowl if you own one or moonlight (leave them overnight under the moon, full or new moon is preferred but to cleanse and charge crystals it doesn’t matter in my opinion because they love the moon anyway.) You can also cleanse them with smoke from incense or a smudge stick BUT lets keep this basic and just clean them under cool running water. Give them a nice bath and while cleansing them hold the intention to cleanse them of any energetic build-up that is not for the highest good of all beings. When you feel you’ve done enough cleaning, please dry them thoroughly.

If you wanted to skip this step because you felt so, please do what you feel is best. I personally cleanse all crystals before use because I believe that even a motivator needs motivation BUT I have met people who just don’t cleanse them ever and they still work perfectly. My point: it’s up to you!!

Step 5: Get ready for a undisturbed lie down: so go wherever you want to lie down and make sure you won’t be disturbed for 15 minutes (10 if you’re short for time.)

Step 6: We are going to start from the bottom chakra which is the root chakra and place our crystals upwards. I find from the bottom up is most easiest when you do this yourself. I’ve included some photos as well so you have an idea of where to place your crystals.

Chakra Crystal Healing on the body

The red stone will go on your root chakra, which is situated on the pubic mound.

The orange stone will go on your sacral charka, which is situated about a thumb’s width below your belly button.

The yellow stone will go on your solar plexus chakra which is situated in that soft spot between the rib cage, by the diaphragm.

The green/pink stone will go on your heart chakra which is situated in the center of your chest.

The light blue stone will go on your throat chakra which is situated in the hollow of your throat.

The darker blue stone will go on your brow chakra which is situated between the eyebrows.

The violet stone will go on your crown chakra which is the center of the top of your head. Try to get it make contact with your head because this is the only stone that lies on the “floor” and not the body but if you cannot, that is not a big deal at all!

Step 7: Set a gentle timer for 10-15 minutes. Please guys DO NOT set the alarm tone as some crazy-ass, chaotic sound that will make you have a mild heart attack. Just a gentle bell. Please! Trust me here!

Step 8: Set the intention that you will receive love and light healing that is for your highest good and what you need right now.

Step 9: Now for some breathing just to get you relaxed. Take three beautiful deep breaths, each deeper than the last one, holding at the top and then exhaling with the purpose to let it all go! Just let everything go that’s making you tense up like a little ball.

Step 10: You can continue to lie down focusing on your breathing, gentle ins and out, for your 10-15 minutes. If any thoughts come to you, acknowledge them and then let them go. The point is not to be Gandhi and have a clear mind here, it won’t happen. What comes is what comes so acknowledge and then let go.

I made this little meditation to go along with it if you’d like to give that a listen. The full video which includes a walk through of these steps is on YouTube but I’ve cut it to add just the meditation here for you camily and that is approximately 6 minutes long!

Step 11: Once your timer goes off, wiggle your fingers and toes, stretch and do what you need to. Then have a nice glass of water and smile because you just did some healing for yourself 🙂

You can do this about once a week if you feel like it but I wouldn’t suggest longer than 15 minutes if you were doing this weekly. It’s always nice to relax and crystals help a lot with that so let them make the experience all the more cooler for you.

That is really all there is to DIY Chakra Crystal Healing camily. You can make it as fancy as you like or not and just lie there with your crystals. Make the experience about you and do whatever feels good for you.

I hope you enjoyed this and if you did, feel free to let me know how your experience was.

Speak soon! xx

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