How I draw my Oracle Mandalas

How I draw my Oracle Mandalas – this is something that many people wonder about when they see my mandalas. Many know I work with crystals and that I draw my mandalas using crystals but they don’t know how I combine them to create magic. I share a bit of my process.

Before I Begin to Draw

Before I begin to draw, I meditate. Meditation is the starting point of everything for me. Without the meditation, it’s like running a marathon without shoes on.

If I know what stone is going to support the drawing, I’ll meditate with it to get an idea of what to draw. Sometimes though, I don’t know what stone to use and after meditation I’ll just begin to draw. Once I begin, I get an inner knowing of what stone is going to complement the drawing. I’ll then grab that stone and work with it for the rest of the drawing. I trust my intuition and it’s never led me astray with my crystal choices.

Meditation allows me to tap into the crystal and allows me to let the crystal show me what to draw. Of course intention comes into play here too, as it always does.

During meditation, sometimes I get an idea of some detail to the mandala, such as shapes and swirls. Other times, it may be actual images, like with the Rose Quartz Mandala, I saw softness. Images such as a feather, soft touches of fingers brushing the skin, kisses, as well as a flower opening and closing. When it’s images like this, it can be harder to interpret what the stone is telling me, I’m not going to lie.

How I draw my Oracle Mandalas - the Process

Drawing an Oracle Mandala

After meditation, I get out my sketchbook and pencils to begin drawing. To give you a glimpse into my tools:

  • My Sketchbook is the A4 Dala Visual Diary bought on Takealot but I also have/use the A5 one. I love these because they are hardcover and spiral bound.
  • Croxley Create 11pc Mathematical Instruments tin is what I use to create the base of my mandalas with the compass and protractor. I bought mine from Checkers but I’ve linked to the Takealot product if you need to SEE it.

Once I put pencil to paper, I let the pencil guide me and I don’t usually think too hard about it. I go with what I saw in meditation and simply draw.

What is unique for me, is that because I let my intuition and the crystal guide me, often I can feel when the “ink runs dry” . When this happens, I cannot draw anymore. It’s really strange to experience, but my mind goes blank and it’s like there’s nothing there anymore. I liken this a lot to free association writing where you just write, except here I’m drawing. Even when I want to continue drawing, I simply can’t. Times when I have pushed through, I end up changing those elements because they don’t feel right when I return to the drawing.

Once I’ve completed the mandala sketch, I ink it, scan it and begin the digital process.

Why I Love Drawing Oracle Mandalas and using Crystals

I’m notoriously always busy and rarely sit still. Drawing allows me to be without my busy cage and routines. It allows me to simply be and flow, with no real rules except the lines I draw as my base of the Mandala.

Crystals talk to us in different ways. For me, they allow me to draw them and their energy, like with my Crystal Mandalas. Alternatively, they allow me to complement them with the affirmation and my Mandala such as with my Oracle Mandalas. Crystals, the pen and the paper are my tools; I channel the action with drawing.

Drawing fills my cup and as I’ve grown on my journey, I realise that it’s important for me to take time to draw. It brings me joy to draw. Also, it makes me happy that people can find guidance and clarity when they use my Mandalas (read more on how to use Oracle Mandalas here).

How I draw my oracle mandalas relies on getting quiet, trusting my intuition and taking the time to draw. It’s a simple method that anyone can do because crystals can support you with whatever you decide to do. Try it.

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