Ask the Healer Q and A Session

Hi Guys!

I am super excited to share my latest video with you because it’s my first Q and A session for “Ask the Healer”. I thought this would be something awesome to do if anyone had any burning questions about crystals, crystal healing, energy healing or crystal experiences and they were dying to know the answers to any of these. I also had a ton of fun in this video which I’m sure you’re going to pick up on almost immediately.

What answers will you find in this video and what I’m talking about in this Q and A session:

  • My ultimate favourite crystals and I show them off for you (thanks Lynette for that question)! I show off 4 very awesome crystals from my personal collection 😉
  • I shortly discuss how crystal healing works and those 3 main “methods”. I name drop Ashley from The Love and Light School.
  • Distance healing and what I think about it.
  • Sensing crystal energy and what can happen when you consciously work with your crystals and spend time with them.

I technically only got two questions for this video and the other two I sort of moulded into questions from chatting to two lovely people on my page 🙂

If you have any questions, ask the healer and throw them my way! I’m game to do another Q and A session in the future if you guys enjoy this 😀

And now for the video! I am literally so excited to share this that I’m practically bouncing in my seat over here so watch or listen below 😉 Don’t forget to like, share, subscribe and enjoy!


Speak soon,

Siobhan xx


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