Crystals for your Face

Hi Everyone! Today I wanted to talk about the crystals that I like using for my own face as well as for the crystal facials that I offer.

We stress, worry and think a lot. All of that great stuff ages us which is fantastic right? NOT! Crystals are good for a lot of things and they can be good for your face too 😉

Crystals to Beautify your Facial Skin:

Rose Quartz because it is a loving healer and I like to call this “crystal blush” for the skin because of its rosy colour. When you use rose quartz on your skin, it gives your skin some love and attention which is not something we mindfully often do. We tend to just wash it, slap on some moisturiser and go.

Selenite which is another gentle healer and I love to use for the whole head area actually because it is soothing as well as cleansing of the kaka energy. It’s also a good one for the crown chakra which boosts connection to the Higher Power.

Citrine and other Yellow Crystals – I have found that face loves yellow crystals so heat treated citrine can work as well. Citrine energises the skin and can add a bit of colour to the skin, but I don’t use this for too long on the face, because after some time, you’ll be able to see the heat building in the skin and go rosy. That’s a good enough indication that your skin has had a good enough boost.

Nephrite Jade because jade is generally good for the skin as I’ve mentioned in a previous post but it’s also incredibly healing for the skin. It promotes growth being a green crystal so it can encourage the skin to produce new cells. I love to use my Jade Roller on the face because that is quite cooling after using yellow crystals and the rolling is very beneficial for the skin as well (encourage lymphatic drainage, boost blood circulation).

These are my favourite to use but I’d love to hear what you use for your skin?


Speak soon!

Siobhan <3

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