5 Crystals to Promote Happiness

5 Crystals to promote happiness that everyone needs in their collection because who doesn’t want a little extra happiness in their life. Let’s face it, some days are just grim so let’s see what crystals can help with some happy vibes.

We are always striving for happiness, but sometimes Life throws us a curve ball and then it goes down the drain. Being happy takes some work and it can be challenging if you are not wired to be an optimist ALL THE TIME.

If I’m down then I look at one of my crystals then I remember why I like this stone so much and what it means to me. What makes a crystal so powerful is when you couple that crystal’s vibration with your intention. It becomes a visual/physical affirmation that you can carry around with you for reminding.

Sadness shouldn’t be avoided and ignored. It has its time and place to be fully felt and dealt with. Being sad all the time isn’t healthy but know that you are not alone. Many people suffer from depression and there are many people around who want to be there for you. Please reach out.

5 Crystals to Promote Happiness:

Crystals to Promote Happiness

These are my top picks for crystals to promote happiness with an extra one thrown in that came to mind.

  • Pyrite may not be one that you’d normally think of for happiness. Yellow or gold stones can help to promote happiness but Pyrite gets extra special because of it’s grounding abilities. It can help to keep you present so that you’re not lingering on things that could be better or make you happier. It keeps you happy in the present.
  • Mookaite Jasper is one I chose intuitively but I wasn’t entirely sure why. When I thought of crystals for happiness, Mookaite is one that jumped into my mind. Most Jaspers have an earthy vibe so Mookaite with its red banding reminds you to stay grounded. To me, the creamy yellow banding emphasizes those happy vibes. It just looks like a piece of happiness.
  • Citrine is the #1 feel good stone and I personally don’t think it matters whether it’s been heat treated. That Citrine, happy, yellow vibes are going to creep around your aura and just promote feeling good and happy! It is also recommended by many crystal fans as being a good reminder for and attracting happiness into your life.
  • Golden Tiger’s Eye is one I knew would come strolling in for happiness! As I mentioned in Crystals for Grief, Golden Tiger’s Eye reminds you of the light in darker times and lifts your mood. Golden Tiger’s Eye is an unappreciated gem and we are very blessed that it’s “native” to South Africa. It isn’t great for everything, BUT lately I find myself wanting to say to everyone “just put some tiger’s eye on it dude, it’ll help!
  • Clear Quartz is not one I’d immediately grab for happiness but it deserves a mention because it’s a natural amplifier. If you’re feeling happy, it can amplify that vibration, but I must warn you that this goes both ways. If you’re feeling down, it is probably going to amplify that as well. It can also amplify any other crystals’ vibration, making it the carrot to any crystal pea 😉

Other Crystals to Promote Happiness:

Sunstone is one that pops in my mind whenever I think of happiness even though I don’t own a piece. It is easily available and also recommended by other crystal fans as an awesome stone with happy vibes. It reminds us that “the sun WILL eventually come out”.

Sunstone is a joyful, light-inspiring stone. Judy Hall – The Crystal Bible

ANY CRYSTAL you own can remind you to be happy because crystals naturally have that happy vibration. Crystals have a high vibration and they vibrate higher than sadness which can be considered as a lower vibration. I have never met anyone who told me that they owned a crystal which made them sad, even if the crystal wasn’t linked to happiness. Crystals naturally make us feel good without trying.

Share with me your favourite crystals to promote happiness. I would love to hear what they are!

Speak soon!!

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8 thoughts on “5 Crystals to Promote Happiness”

  1. I do have all these crystals in my house and they do various things for us all. I have never put this group together but I will try this someday as it is a very welcoming group to gather together that does look and feel good for me too.

    1. Hi Bill 🙂
      I think that all of them together may make an awesome happy mojo bag but I don’t think you need to use all of them together to raise the happiness vibration, unless you wanted to of course 🙂

  2. Hi Siobhan
    Thanx for some crystals that I hadn’t thought of to use for happiness I can’t wait to try😄 here is the one I most frequently use Rhodochrosite 😉

    1. Hi Chrissy!
      Thank you for your comment and suggestion! I would have never thought to use Rhodochrosite for happiness! WOW! How amazing is that!
      Comments like this always remind that we are as unique as our crystals and just because many sources list a crystal for certain themes/opportunities/challenges, does NOT mean that they cannot be used for something entirely different!

  3. I have a “happy” bracelet of carnelian and pyrite, and I did make a “happy” necklace for someone with pyrite and citrine.

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