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Sweet, sweet Labradorite. It’s the one crystal to rule them all for me.

A short story for you: Before I got into crystals, my Twitter friend Elisma shared her Labradorite with me. I always said it would be the first crystal I own. Probably a decade later later, when I first visited a crystal shop, I bought a piece. Only some time afterwards did I realise the link between what I had bought and what Elisma used to share with me.

Labradorite speaks to me about magic: Your own inner magic, intuition and talent; as well as the magic of the Universe.

It’s a good crystal to work with and develop your own inner magic. Also, it can be great support to you while you’re going through transformations – reminding you of the magic thereof.

Apart from it’s magic, it’s a really good shield from negative energies. For me Labbie works better at protection, especially if going out into crowds. It’s one I feel is super helpful in a Lightworkers kit.

If you LOVE Labradorite, leave a comment with your favorite emoji or tell me what makes it special to you.

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