A Simple Crystal Grid for more Abundance in your Life

This simple crystal grid for abundance is something that came to me some time ago as I was falling asleep. I could still remember the basics of the grid even though I didn’t journal it. After asking my guides for clarification, I decided to do it and share it with you.

Even though grids aren’t entirely my thing, I STILL think they are very pretty and powerful. Crystal grids combine sacred geometry (the language of the Universe) with the power of crystals for some pretty powerful shit. It’s also a GREAT way to consciously work with your crystals and intentions.

Simple Crystal Grid for Abundance

A Simple Crystal Grid for Abundance:

For this simple crystal grid for abundance, you will need the following:

  • 1 x Citrine tumble/generator.
  • 6 x Carnelian tumbles.
  • 6 x Clear Quartz points.
  • Your intention/affirmation for the grid.

A good affirmation to complement this grid or work with: I am abundant, abundance overflows in my life and I have more than enough every day. This is the intention that you want carried up to the Universe.

My guides offer a simple explanation for the grid and crystals:

The Citrine carries your intention UP to the Universe to draw more prosperity and abundance into your life. If you had a generator, the direction is clear to go straight up BUT a tumbled crystal can do the same thing! Citrine is also known as the money and/or abundance crystal.

Carnelian keeps you motivated to take action on those abundance opportunities. Taking inspired action is what you want to do and it can also help you to not procrastinate about.

The Clear Quartz pointing inward draws the opportunities for prosperity and abundance out there in the world TOWARD you. It acts as the channel directing prosperity and abundance to you.

Disclaimer: I don’t know if this is going to make you rich overnight so please don’t expect that!

Working with the Grid:

I’ve made this grid my wallpaper and I try to take at least a minute during my day to connect with it. I feel the energy and gratitude for the abundance that’s in my life and that which is coming. What’s coming? Abundance in all forms: money, memories, happiness AND I WANT to take inspired action towards the ideas that come to me.

The funny thing that I just HAVE to share with you guys about all of this. As you know, I had this grid dream/vision quite some time ago. I have ALSO been thinking regularly about accessing my past lives for quite a long time now. During the past two weeks, at Healing Crystals we have been posting regularly about crystal formations. Last week we posted about the Activation formation which has been on my mind since because I couldn’t work out how this formation looks.

When I was working on the grid, I found a left Activation formation in my Clear Quartz point. A Left Activation is linked to accessing past information. This is some real shit right here! LOL!

Maybe this grid isn’t about bringing money abundance into MY life. Maybe it’s there to bring an abundance of past information into my life 😉

Join the discussion and share with me what abundance you’re calling into your life? Have you ever thought to use a simple crystal grid for abundance like mine?

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