Top 5 Crystals for My Birthday

The TOP 5 Crystals for my birthday are a reminder to start my day with a crystalicious bang. Most people don’t like getting older. We dread our birthdays because we tend to look back at all the things we didn’t achieve. When we look back, it’s like we achieved absolutely fuckall. Let’s turn that around yeah!

Birthdays should be a time of celebration because you’ve come of age. It’s a day where you’re a new age. You’re evolving and growing daily, but on your birthday, get mindful of that. I like to say it’s the day you get that notification that you’ve “leveled up” in the “game” of life.

Top 5 Crystals for My Birthday

Top 5 Crystals for My Birthday:

These crystals came to me while I was falling asleep and together, their intention is for balance, stress relief and clear confidence on your birthday.

My top 5 crystals for my birthday are the following, but they can apply to you for your birthday too:

  1. Rose Quartz for self-love, to recognize what you’ve achieved and SEE yourself. You’ve made it this far, recognize yo!
  2. Green Aventurine for additional prosperity as you start growing into a new age. Together, Rose Quartz and Green Aventurine promote BALANCE at the Heart Chakra.
  3. Lepidolite to alleviate stress, worries and anxiety especially if you feel there were things you didn’t achieve. You want to let go of that because you don’t need that right now. Turn to the Lepidolite to ALLEVIATE STRESS leading up to your birthday.
  4. Citrine for the confidence on this adventure of a new age. Let it give you that nudge to shine!
  5. Clear Quartz to help you get clear on your path and amplify the Citrine. Together Citrine and Clear Quartz is about CLEAR CONFIDENCE.

How to work with them:

You could keep these out close to you or carry them in a little medicine bag leading up to your day. I have mine on my computer to remind me that I’ve conquered, I’m evolving and clearly allowed to enjoy that!

On Thursday, I am entering the 30s and 3 is a special number to me. I’m excited, yet nervous too. So many new things to learn, do, see, experience, fall and try again! I admit that things I haven’t accomplished, have crossed my mind but I’d really have to SIT down long and hard to actually bring all those up. I’m quite excited for this new chapter and for all the things I may learn. I’m excited to shine harder!

Your birthday is your day where you can consciously say, “HEY! I’m officially leveling up now!” Go and have a great day on your birthday and every other day you choose to.

Join the discussion and tell me what are your top crystals for your birthday?

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4 thoughts on “Top 5 Crystals for My Birthday”

  1. Thats awesome! I have a big birthday coming up and I am double your age .. cringe! But hey its only a number and the last couple of years have been such a new learning experience and adventure for me from meditation to reiki and crystals and its all soo good! I will have a think about my birthday stones and let you know x

    1. NOOOOO! Don’t cringe because you may be double in age BUT you’re also double in experiences, wisdom, love and how many other AWESOME THINGS! ­čśÇ
      Totally keen to hear what you end up working with and if we crystal match a bit!

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