5 Best Crystals for Lightworkers

These are my recommendations for the best crystals for Lightworkers and they came through to me during meditation. I feel they would be a lovely addition to any lightworkers pouch but by all means they are not the only crystals you could, would or should use.

If you have ever wondered what is a lighterworker, or if you are a lightworker and wanted to use crystals for protection and energetic support during your journey, I’ve got your back today! 😉

5 Best Crystals for Lightworkers

5 Best Crystals for Lightworkers:

Red Jasper for the Earth.  Its earthy connection and vibe is what makes it such a great one for Earth healing. Red Jasper, connected to the Root Chakra, reminds us to be connected to our Mother Earth. We spend a lot of time looking up or ahead, but we don’t look down at our feet on the ground, where we are right now. Red jasper reminds us of the physical existence and due to that, there is only so much we can do to heal the Earth. We shouldn’t beat ourselves up for what we couldn’t do. Jaspers are seriously such amazing crystals!

Rhodonite to remain grounded in love. Rhodonite reminds us to pour into ourselves as well. It keeps us grounded so we aren’t pouring all of our love out to others all the time. Love, but love yourself too.

Labradorite for it’s shielding ability. I have to laugh because I asked about Labradorite as it’s one I use, and my guide shows me this huge shield. Yes, Labradorite is protective but it is more of a shield that deflects. I believe it deflects back to The Source of All, and not necessarily deflected back to whoever it came from.

Citrine for being like sunshine in a crystal. It can help with the confidence in what we are doing and remind us of our own light within. We should shine our light in a way that corresponds with our truth and not someone else’s truth or path. It also reminds us to be confident in ourselves in order to put boundaries in place for time out, self-care and reflection.

Angel Aura Quartz for connection to the Universe. Angel Aura gently reminds us that we are connected to Higher Powers, that we are part of the bigger picture, that we have a tribe behind us and we are supported. I feel it would also be a great reminder that we are of the Divine.


I want to know what are YOUR best crystals for lightworkers and which do you turn to? Join the discussion by leaving a comment below.

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