Ways to Cleanse your Crystals

Ways to Cleanse your Crystals – we all get so caught up on this so I thought I’d chat more about this and make a video to show you a few ways to cleanse your crystals.

What to do BEFORE you Cleanse your Rocks

There are many ways to cleanse or charge your crystals, but the most important thing is your intention. The method you choose reinforces your intention. Essentially just by saying your crystals are cleansed, means that they are cleansed but because humans don’t always believe in the power of their words, they do rituals. It helps our brain reinforce our intentions and it’s fun! Always go with a method that works for YOU!

Basic Intention to Hold during Cleansing

A basic intention for clearing would look something like: “I cleanse this crystal from any energetic build-up not for the highest good of all including myself.

If you were going to charge your crystals, you alter the intention to something like “I charge this crystal with love, light and blessings from the Universe.”

You can tailor this to suit your own needs and taste, but that’s what I use.

Ways to Cleanse your Crystals

There are numerous ways to cleanse crystals so experiment and see which you feel right to you:

  • Smoke from Palo Santo, a smudge stick or incense. Using Palo Santo is my current favourite burning item to use for cleansing. I love the smell of it.
  • Running water which is not too warm or too cold. This is my least favourite way to cleanse crystals because you need to know when the water will cause damage, e.g. Selenite can disintegrate in water and excess water caught in a crevice or crack can cause fractures. Tumbled stones can be cleansed safely with running water though.
  • Brown Rice is another cheaper method to cleanse your crystals with. Bury it in some brown rice and leave it there for 24-48 hours.
  • Soil is one for more tired crystals so if you feel your crystal needs a huge boost, then soil is a great option. Leave your crystals in potted soil because then you won’t forget where you buried it and it’s best to leave it there for about a week.
  • The sun is better suited for limited times because it can cause your crystals to fade or start a fire if you leave clear quartz unattended in direct sunlight. Warmer coloured stones benefit the most from short sun charging like red Jasper, Carnelian, Golden Tiger’s Eye and Pyrite. Remember, the sun is powerful and the moon is subtle so use sparingly.
  • The moon is a well-known method that many people use for clearing or charging. You can leave your crystals outside to charge or cleanse under a full or new moon. I like to use the full moon for clearing and the new moon for charging. Irrespective of what phase the moon is in, your crystals will enjoy the time because the moon works well with crystals.
  • Crystal singing bowl or singing pyramid is another very popular method of cleansing. Sound is excellent for cleansing and re-calibrating your crystals. If you don’t own a singing bowl, then make use of this video by Kim from SpiritualReSOULutions by Re-CreativeResources on YouTube. Crank up the volume and play this for your crystals. They are going to love it just as much as you do.

When Crystals Should be Cleansed

How often should you cleanse crytals? The short answer is: as much or as little as you’d like.

I clear before and after use if I haven’t used a crystal in a long time. If I’ve recently used the crystal and it’s been cleared, I won’t necessarily clear it again unless I felt called to.

Crystals can become tired and need a charge or a clearing depending on how often you’re using them and what you’re using them for. If they are doing deep, emotional, transformative or exhausting work (like protection from EMF), then you may want to clear them more regularly.

Tap into your crystal by holding it in your hand to get a sense of whether it feels slower or tired. You can also do this after clearing or charging to get a sense of how the crystal feels. This will help you to suss our whether it needs more clearing or not.

In conclusion

Intention is always the most important. When it comes to the actual methods or ways to clear crystals, go with a method that is fun to you. Lastly, don’t forget to connect with your crystals.

6 thoughts on “Ways to Cleanse your Crystals”

  1. I found these tips about cleansing crystals so helpful, thanks for sharing!
    I’ve recently become aware of how crystals can benefit me and my life so knowing how to clean and recharge them and set good intentions with them is so important in terms of having them work effectively and efficiently.

    1. Aw I’m so glad you enjoyed it Anthea 😀
      There are many methods to do everything really but our intention is always the big thing. I’m sure you’ll find a method that works for you 😀

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