Crystals for Protection from Negativity

I’ve wanted to talk about this for ages so my top picks for crystals for protection from negativity is LONG overdue! We all engage in negative behaviors and environments that it is well worth discussing how to protect ourselves from it.

Crystals for Protection from Negativity

Top Crystals for Protection from Negativity

My top crystals for protection from negativity include from middle left:

  • Black Kyanite because it is like a broom. It sweeps clean and helps let go of lower vibes.
  • Black Tourmaline as it transmutes lower vibes to higher vibes.
  • Selenite purifies and works fantastically with Black Tourmaline to keep your vibration cleaner.
  • Labradorite because it works like a shield and deflects. This is actually my personal favorite crystal for protection when I go out.

One I didn’t mention above is Rutilated Smokey Quartz.
Not one really recommended for energetic protection but because of the Rutile, it really adds that touch of gold and divine light to help negative vibes become more positive. It works a lot like Black Tourmaline and Selenite with the Rutile needles catching the gunk and Smokey Quartz then clearing and transmuting it.

How Can Crystals Protect Us?

Crystals will never take your negativity away for you. Crystals don’t work that way and they cannot do something you’re quite capable of. Never forget your power!

Crystals can support you while you see patterns and remove yourself from negative or lower vibrational situations. What do I mean by this? Well, look at the following

  • Do you engage in gossip? How do you feel afterwards?
  • Have you started hanging out with people who drain you?
  • Do you not clear your energy or space after emotional upset or fight with a loved one? Do you clear your space at all even after challenging/emotional meditations?

Crystals can help on an energetic level but the power will always be with YOU!

Sometimes we keep ourselves in negative circles because we don’t remember that we have the power to remove ourselves or say no. Often, we just need a reminder that we’re allowed to choose differently, not engage, respond differently and take responsibility for our own energy + positivity. That’s where crystals can support.

STOP GIVING YOUR POWER AWAY!!!! One step at a time. Start small. You don’t have to ghost everyone tomorrow, but begin taking responsibility for yourself, your energy and the spaces you occupy.

How to Use Crystals for Protection

In my IGTV video I talk about crystals for protection and how we can use them to protect our energy in the morning as well as clear our energy in the evening.

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