How to Use Oracle Mandalas

Many may wonder how to use oracle mandalas and I realised that this was something I had never spoken about. This post will shed some light as to how to use your Oracle Mandalas for better self-connection.

What Are Oracle Mandalas?

Let’s start here shall we!

Mandala is a Sanskrit word which means “circle” or “discoid object and it is a geometric design that holds symbolism. It’s what I deem as sacred in many cultures, such as Hindu and Buddhist cultures. In places like China, Japan and Tibet, it is said that a Mandala represents different aspects of the universe and that they can be used as tools in meditation or prayer.

The Mandalas that I draw could be considered as healing mandalas as they are drawn intuitively. They are meant to deliver guidance, insight, calm and understanding into yourself.

How to Use Oracle Mandalas

How to use Oracle Mandalas can be broken down into these three methods:

  • Colouring them in.
  • Placing them in your sacred space or on your desk as a reminder.
  • Using them in crystal grids.

For many of my mandalas, I also suggest crystals that would complement it. If you have them in your collection, you can use them with any of the above-mentioned methods too. Alternatively, you can use any crystal that speaks to YOU when you look at the mandala. Don’t forget to energetically clear or cleanse it before use. Once you have your chosen stone/s, meditate with it for 10-15 minutes. HibiscusMoon offers a great guide for how to meditate with crystals.

For each of the above-mentioned methods, it can be complemented with a good meditation. Meditation helps ground you and bring you back to the present moment, helping you to set the tone for whichever method you’d like to use.

Coloring in

"How to use Oracle Mandalas: Coloring In" depicts a beautiful mandala titled Blooming, coloured in with purple, pink, green and orange colours.
Oracle Mandala Blooming coloured in with purple, orange, green and pink colours

Colouring in is the most simplest method, and maybe the most fun!

After your meditation and with your printed copy of the mandala, you simply begin to color. You can use any colors you wish so don’t overthink it. Just color! Of course, you can be very intentional and use similar shades of the suggested crystal or colors associated with a Chakra for the Chakra Mandalas.

Once you’re done, simply sit back and witness. Notice if there was anything that comes up for you while you were coloring or when you’re done. Journal about that as well as how the mandala made or makes you feel.

If you notice that you used very similar shades, look up what those colours can mean.

Placing them in your Space

"How to use Oracle Mandalas: Placing them in your Space" depicts a beautiful mandala titled Listen on a desk with an orgone Pyramid. The mandala has been coloured in with green, blue , red and yellow colours.
Oracle Mandala Listen placed on the desk for constant reminder to listen.

You don’t need to print an A4 copy of the mandala, you can print it smaller and then place it in your sacred space or upon your altar. This is a beautiful way to keep the message of the Mandala with you to remind you of what you’re working on or calling in.

Also, it’s something pretty that you can add to your space to complement the energy of the space. It doesn’t need to be “woo-woo”.

You can even spend some time on a regular basis to meditate with the Mandala. After meditation, simply witness and notice what the Mandala has to share with you. Journal about that.

Crystal Grids

"How to use Oracle Mandalas: Crystal Grids" depicts a beautiful crystal grid upon the Ocean Flow Mandala using Clear Quartz Points and a tumbled piece of Larimar.
A Crystal Grid made on top of Oracle Mandala Ocean Flow using Clear Quartz Points and tumbled Larimar,

Another way to use these mandalas is to create a crystal grid with the printed mandala.

Crystal Grids combine sacred geometry like a mandala with the amplifying and complementary energies of crystals to send your intention to the Universe for manifestation or healing.

A crystal grid can be as intricate or as simple as you’d like. It can also be more intuitive where you place and use crystals chosen intuitively, or you can give it more structure and research your crystals. Your imagination is your limit.

My Favourite way to Use Oracle Mandalas

My favourite way to use my own mandalas is to draw them. Being able to take the time to connect with a crystal to draw its energy like for the Crystal Mandalas, or to allow the process to flow and draw something with love, is one awesome experience.

I store all of the digital copies of my Mandalas and there are often times when I’ll page through those images and find one that speaks to my heart. Sometimes this happens when I page through my sketchbook too. Even I need a good wink from the Universe at times 😉

My method of use is the process and you can read more about how I draw my mandalas here, but I have been known to use of the above-mentioned methods too.

Your imagination is the limit for how to use oracle mandalas and there is no right or wrong way. However, there is a right way for you so have fun with it!

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