Crystals for THAT time of the month

Hi Everyone! I wanted to talk about crystals for that time of the month ladies (transgender people included) and crystals for menstrual cramps! Let’s face the facts, it is horrible. You feel uncomfortable, crampy, tired, emotional, cranky; everything all at once and sometimes you eat all the chocolate at once too!

Here are my top picks for when you’re menstruating…

Crystals for Menstrual Cramps

Crystals for Menstrual Cramps:

Selenite and Rose Quartz are an awesome combo to relieve cramps and discomfort for me, especially if you lay a piece of Selenite over the Sacral chakra and a piece of Rose Quartz on each side of it.

Cooler stones work best for me during my cycle so that’s why this combination works well as a healing layout on my body.

Carnelian is another awesome crystal for menstruation, because female reproductive organs are situated in the Sacral chakra area. It is known to assist with menstrual cramps, but it is also said to help regulate blood flow. Most importantly, is that it offers a bit of an energy boost and motivation to do what I need to do. Warmer stones can aggravate my cramping so I don’t like to use this on my body during menstruation. I rather keep them around me in my environment.

Crystals that assist with Hormonal Balance during Menstruation:

Sometimes during that time of the month, you do struggle a little with your hormones and things are out of whack. You cry if you can’t open the peanut butter or eat the whole slab of chocolate… just me? Oh! Right! Anyway on to some crystals that help balance your emotions!

Moonstone is a beautiful stone for women and transgender people. It is incredibly soothing, helps to balance hormonal as well as menstrual cycles and many gravitate toward it because of its feminine energy.

I am a sucker for anything related to the moon so that’s why Selenite is a powerful healer for me, but Moonstone is another one. It reminds you that just like the moon has it’s own cycle, so do you when you have your cycle… I guess that’s why some women and transgender people like it so much.

Crystals for Hormonal Balance

Chrysoprase is another one that assists with hormonal balance that I just learnt about. I also feel that this may be another good one to soothe cramps as it’s a good stone for healing.

How to Use Crystals for Menstrual Cramps, Flow or Balance:

I wouldn’t recommend you pop a crystal in your panty. I know this might seem tempting and I don’t think it can get lost in there but you may go off to the bathroom and forget that you actually have a crystal in there.

The best way to use these crystals in my opinion is to keep them around you. Sometimes not all the chocolate in the world will make your period time better but crystals are nice to have around. You can also wear them of course or keep them next to your bedside table.

My favourite way to use them is to lie down and place the Selenite on my Sacral Chakra with a piece of Rose Quartz on either side. I do this for about 15 minutes and it’s nice to do before bed as well.

What crystals for menstrual cramps do you find works fantastically and are there any you gravitate towards during menstruation?

Creative Crystal Blessings and Speak soon!

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15 thoughts on “Crystals for THAT time of the month”

    1. Hi Michelle,

      Unfortunately, no crystals can help regain your period. It would be best to speak to your doctor or nutritionist about this. Look up women such as Jessica Ash ( or Lara Briden (

      To support you on the journey, you can work with Carnelian and Moonstone, but again, they will never be able to bring back your period. They can support you on an energetic level and with any other therapies you undertake, but they won’t make anything come back. That you need to dive into on a health journey whatever it may be which is right for you and your body.

    2. I would try a full body detox to reset your whole body and it may help your body get back into having a cycle. That is usually a side effect from extended exposure to birth control/radiation. They make you infertile which is gonna alleviate the whole need of a period. So the best thing is to do a full body detox. See how your body reacts to that.

      1. Indeed pelvic steaming can help with it BUT talking from personal experience, steaming should never be used to cure things like period cramps or more. Social media portrays steaming as this cure to many ailments that women and transgender women face, however it doesn’t work like that, same with seed cycling. There is A LOT more that goes into this such as lifestyle and nutrition. Steaming is a great start but it’s not the end all, be all for making shifts within your cycle.

  1. Hmm, going to have to try the selenite and rose quartz.. I usually go with malachite and chrysocolla, but there’s always room for more 😁

  2. this is all nice and well but when writing this article you should’ve considered that not only women get their period..

    1. Are you referring to trans men?
      If so, then yes, I have excluded them from the post so you’d be correct! I shall need to rectify that ASAP!

    1. I would look at nutrition and supporting the body on a physical and nutritional level. Check out Jessica Ash Wellness – her social media is filled with tons of free resources.
      Crystal wise to support the body energetically I’d recommend working with crystals linked to the divine feminine such as Carnelian, Moonstone, Chrysocolla, and truly spending time connecting with the womb space, as well as the body.

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