Learning about Magnesite

A while ago I spoke about discovering Magnesite (also known as Turquenite) that is dyed and often sold as imitation turquoise.

I really didn’t know very much about Magnesite except that which I had quickly read for that earlier post so I carried it around with me to bond with it and learn more about it. I prefer to do this as opposed to relying on books for crystal properties. I also find I remember more about the crystal when I take the time to learn what it specifically has to teach me. No two crystals are the same so they can each teach you something.

Feel free to watch my YouTube video if you don’t feel like doing all the reading 😉 I won’t judge ya 😉

My Properties of dyed Magnesite:

What I learnt about my piece of dyed Magnesite: peace, relaxation, calming, aids with visualisation in meditation, assists with sleeping problems, can sooth headaches, physically can be good for teeth.

Learning about dyed Magnesite through sleep:

The first thing that this stone taught me was about sleeping. I sleep on 2 pillows so I would put this piece between the 2 pillows and I could feel myself being pulled down and I would go to sleep pretty quickly. I can remember that on the first night of sleeping with Turquenite, I wanted to ask G to wake me when he gets up and I called him but the poor guy had ZERO chance of getting to me before I was asleep. Sleep was always peaceful and I wouldn’t wake up often. I would fall asleep quite quickly if I did wake up.

The first night of sleeping with it, I also felt slight pressure at my right temple. I am not sure what this can relate to as I initially thought it may relate to the brow chakra. Perhaps it could relate to the temple chakras, if that even exists? I do get the feeling that it may be really good to soothe headaches, especially since this stone is calming and peaceful.

Here’s the fascinating bit and why I say that each stone works uniquely for each person. I was sleeping so good with my stone and my mom was having sleeping problems so I recommended her to try her own piece of dyed Magnesite. It helped her zero with sleeping and she said that her dreams were just too vivid which wasn’t not making sleep pleasant!

I also heard Fibromyalgia which was very strange to me because I was busy falling asleep so it felt so random to me like it just came out of air. I also went to go research about this:

Fibromyalgia is often accompanied by fatigue and altered sleep, memory and mood.
Widespread muscle pain and tenderness are the most common symptoms. – Google

I personally feel that Magnesite would help if the person struggled with sleeping and memory problems and that is what comes to me. I went to check my books and Judy Hall does mention that Magnesite is a good muscle relaxant in “The Crystal Bible”.

Learning about dyed Magnesite while meditating:

During meditation I also had a tenseness in my jaw, which all I could think of may indicate that it’s good for teeth so I did go research this and according to Philip Permutt in “The Crystal Healer” physically Magnesite is good for the bones and teeth.

Magnesite is known for its visualisation in meditation properties. I can say that for such a plain and dare I say it, ugly stone, it actually really does work for this!

What I could visualise in meditation and the times that I would have dreams, they were incredibly clear. I can visualise and see well in meditation but it’s slightly blurry almost as if I don’t have my glasses on and that sensation was not as “bad” when I meditated with this stone.

During my first meditation with it, I stood in front of a doorway and the doorframe was made entirely of tiny pieces of magnesite. I could see each piece fit together like a puzzle. As I entered the room, there were sort of dark green leafy plants which I think were ferns but beyond that, the room was head to toe in deep red velvet which was so incredible and luxurious. I felt at peace, calm and relaxed. I could sit in this room forever and that is how peaceful I felt. My guide mentioned to me that this is what relax is and that’s exactly why he is there. He had nothing to share with me about the stone, except relax. I also heard that this is more for sleeping for me than for healing so that was a good confirmation of the good sleep property I felt.

As I write this post… I am wondering of the significance of that red room. Red speaks to me about the physical, grounding, action, movement. Could it be that Magnesite has some grounding property to it and helping you to see what movement is needed? Magnesite being originally white is related to the crown chakra which relates to your understanding and connection to Source/bigger picture so I feel a link here.

Dyed VS real Magnesite:

I am aware that this stone has been dyed which sort of alters this stone because I have no idea how they go about doing the dyeing. I assume that’s why I’ve been guided to not use it for healing, but I do feel that I could use it for myself if I was struggling with sleep, relaxation or visualisation.

If something works for you, awesome. If it doesn’t, also awesome!

Do you own a piece of chewing gum Magnesite and work with it? What have you discovered?

Speak soon xx

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