Are Raw Crystals More Powerful than Tumbled Stones?

Today I want to chat about whether raw crystals are more powerful than tumbled stones, and if so, why! It’s something that so many folks wonder and ask me about. It’s a good thing to think about but don’t let it trip you up when crystal shopping.

What are Raw Crystals?

Raw Crystals, also called Natural Crystals, have a natural appearance that isn’t altered in any way or form. After being mined, they are generally cleaned up but they are not cut or polished in any way.

What are Tumbled Stones?

Tumbled stones are tumbled using a tumbler, rotary machine with water and different polishing grit. They can be tumbled in a round barrel or a vibratory device can be used to shake the stones at rapid speeds until it reaches the desired appearance. It takes much time to tumble stones so it’s a very lengthy process. It’s incredibly fascinating to watch people do this and see the results each time.

Video from Maqaroon on YouTube.

Their Energies

All crystals have energy and certain shapes can alter and enhance the energy. This isn’t negative at all.

Raw crystals have a more potent energy. They are straight from the earth, aren’t altered in any way and carry that potency. Generally this is the case with natural stones. If you know that you need a push to do it, a raw crystal may be the perfect companion.

Tumbled stones have more of a gentle energy. The way they get their tumbled appearance lends to their energy which is softer. They’re also more “user friendly” for beginners and some others. If you are very sensitive to crystal energies, you may enjoy working with tumbled stones. Just like raw crystals, they also offer the needed push, but in a gentle manner that builds up over time.

What I personally love about tumbles is that there’s always a range to choose from and they’re generally so affordable. They’re also fantastic for carrying on you. Anyone who sleeps with or carries their crystals will tell you that natural stones don’t work well in the pillowcase, or the bra. Ouchie!

Raw Crystals More Powerful than Tumbled Stones

Are Raw Crystals more Powerful than Tumbles?

Raw crystals can be just as gentle as tumbled stones. Take a look at Celestite: it has a soft and gentle energy. It’s not always easy to obtain a tumbled piece but big and small pieces are easy to come by. The natural crystals can be just as gentle as the tumble stone’s energy.

Tumbled stones can be just as powerful as natural stones and they are powerful in their own right. Take a look at Ruby: it has quite a powerful energy but a tumble is easier to afford than gemstone ruby or a natural piece with record keepers. Aquamarine is another example. Natural rods are expensive and a tumble may be more accessible if you wanted to work with its energy. As tumbles, they can still be as powerful and potent as their natural counterparts.

For me Selenite is the perfect example of natural and tumbled power. Whether you work with a large Selenite rod or a tumbled stone, you still get that powerful, purifying energy in a gentle way.

Your budget is also an important factor. Not everyone can afford a lavish Amethyst Cathedral but most can afford a tumble, raw point or cluster. Both forms are powerful in their own right.

You’ll find that the same instance applies to whether Higher Grade Crystals are More Powerful than Lower Grade Ones.

In Conclusion

Are raw crystals more powerful than tumbled stones? Yes and no. Neither is better than the other one and each can be powerful in its own right. Work with what you’re drawn to as much as you’re able to. If your budget allows you to spend more and you want to work with more expensive natural piece, do it. If your budget doesn’t allow that, there is no shame in that. You can still be a powerful healer in your own right. It’s not the size, price, quantity, natural or tumbled that counts. It’s the work you do and the work you do with your stones that counts *wink*

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