Aura Quartz Crystals: What’s the BIG deal?

There is much hype around Aura Quartz Crystals. Are these crystals you’ve ever wondered about? What can annoy me the most, is when people say Aura Crystals are fake. You do get fake ones but most of them are actually just enhanced in my opinion! I feel that proper aura crystals are quite underrated.

What are Aura Quartz Crystals?

Most Aura Crystals are clear quartz crystals that are placed in a vacuum chamber and vapourized with a very thin coat of metal which adheres to the crystal. The metal/s are what give the crystal that aura appearance and because they have bonded on a molecular level with the crystal, the metals cannot be scratched off. While it isn’t naturally made in the Earth, you are still taking two naturally created elements and combining them.

It is rare, but it is possible for the Earth to do this as well. I have seen this with my own eyes: natural Tangerine Quartz with an “aura coating”. It is actually naturally coated with iron oxide, how cool is that? I thought Sara from Gaia Crystals was pulling my leg, but indeed she wasn’t. Though these photos don’t entirely show the aura crystals, it was from this rock hound batch that they found a few natural auras (click the right arrow ON the photo to see more):

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With Aura Crystals, you are getting the crystal properties along with the properties of the metal. I feel that the crystal amplifies the metal’s properties and the metal complements the crystal’s properties. To me, it’s a mutually beneficial relationship right there!

Any crystal can be used to create an aura crystal and I have heard of people using rose quartz, celestite, amethyst and spirit quartz. I have even see some amazing aura items like sea shells. It is mind-blowing to me!

Well-known Aura Quartz Crystals:

Here are the few Aura crystals that I know of and have been able to see in my lifetime thus far:

  • Angel/Opal Aura: Clear Quartz vaporized with platinum and/or silver.
  • Aqua Aura: Clear quartz vaporized with gold.
  • Flame/Titanium Aura: vaporized with Titanium and/or Niobium. Interesting fact: Turgite is a mixture of hematite and goethite and may be iridescent. It is not an aura created crystal in a lab.
  • Champagne/Smokey Aura: Clear Quartz vaporized with gold and indium. While this is the same ingredients as for Tanzan Aura, the process is apparently different. The different process is what creates a different colour and vibration.
  • Tangerine/Melon Aura: Clear Quartz super heated and vaporized with iron oxide and gold. Tangerine Aura is NOT Tangerine Quartz which is naturally coated with iron oxide.
  • Tanzan/Indigo Aura: this is a darker blue than aqua aura and it is vaporized with gold and indium. While this is the same ingredients as for Champagne Aura, the process is apparently different. The different process is what creates a different colour and vibration.

The Love and Light School of Crystal Therapy mentions a whole bunch of aura crystals that I have never seen before so you may want to take a look at those 😉

What I Think about Aura Crystals:

I think Aura Crystals are pretty amazing. As I mentioned above, the metal/s and crystal seem to complement and enhance each other. They have a place in my heart.

Yes of course, you can have this dyed and made to LOOK like an Aura Crystal which I don’t endorse because why are you dyeing crystals in the first place? This is NOT the point here because I’m not getting started on dyed crystals!

Aura Quartz Crystals Pinterest

Aura Crystals have a wonderful energy and I just adore my little Angel Aura Quartz. She is sweet, gentle and soothing. She is as her name mentions, angelic.

Aqua Aura has a very cleansing vibe to me (probably more from it’s name) but it also has this very masculine energy that I cannot quite pin-point. It is like it’s a no nonsense, strong type of crystal. Perhaps if there were matters you particularly struggled with expressing, Aqua Aura could help you with that? It’s not one I have worked with but that’s what I get for a first impression.

Aura Quartz Crystals: My Tangerine Quartz

I thought I’d show you the Tangerine Quartz I have with a slight aura coating here and there. It’s difficult to photograph but I hope you can see. This crystal always makes me feel positive and upbeat if I look at it or hold it. It was a bargain box score I got from Gaia Crystals ages ago! I also like to say it’s good for sexual energy as it’s shaped like a penis BUT that’s a story for another day 😉

Do you have any Aura Quartz Crystals? If you don’t, how do you feel about them?


Crystalicious love, Siobhan xx

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