Smoky Quartz Crystal Mandala Watercolor Digital Print


The Crystal Mandala Watercolor of Smoky Quartz offers you harmony and a gentle reminder that you also need to be a home for harmony in your own life.


The Crystal Mandala Watercolor Smoky Quartz Print forms part of my Crystal Mandala Series that I was inspired to work upon. These differ from the regular prints as they are watercolor art.

Crystal Mandala Watercolor – Smoky Quartz

Can you believe that I had the inspiration to draw Smokey Quartz in late 2020 but the time never felt right to draw it until recently? This one has been in the works for nearly 2 years now, which is insane!

Smoky Quartz brings the message of: “Be your home for harmony.”

Through the pandemic in 2020, I began working with Smokey Quartz. It has been a constant and stable companion through many challenges the past 2 years. I have always found such great comfort from working with this stone. It always reminds me that I need to be a home for harmony. There is always chaos in the world and if you turn to the outside for harmony (which there IS out in nature), you may find that you stumble at times.

Create harmony within and let that ripple outwards so that even in the most turbulent of times, you can still stand up in the winds of change, grounded to Mother Earth and know that it’s going to be alright!

Smoky Quartz is also one of my favourite stones for forgiveness work and it pairs beautifully with Peach Agate or Rose Quartz for this. It’s also wonderful for grounding and releasing negativity in your life.

Mandala Tip:

Take some time to meditate with your mandala before going out on a walk outside in nature. Go to the beach, visit a forest, take a hike, whatever catches your fancy as long as your plugged out of your technology and into nature. Allow nature to fill you with harmony and simply witness how this feels for you. Truly tap into that experience and feeling however it comes up for you. Come home and make note of that so that when you need to cultivate harmony within you have something straight from nature to drawn up on and ripple into your aura.

What the Crystal Mandalas Are About & How to Use Them

The Mandalas in the Crystal Mandala series are different from any of my previous Mandalas. The featured the crystal I used while channeling for the mandala. The watercolors are also from the colours of the crystal itself.

How to use the Crystal Mandalas

  • If you have an actual stone of the specific crystal featured in one of these mandalas, grab it, energetically clear or cleanse it and meditate with it for 10-15 minutes. Take notice of what comes up for you and journal about it afterwards. Glue your mandala in your journal if you’d like.
  • Print a smaller sized mandala and use it in your sacred space or place it upon your altar. Keeping the mandala in your space reminds you of the energy you are calling into your life and on your journey. It can keep you inspired, motivated and on track.
  • Use it to create a crystal grid with or without corresponding crystals.

More about Coloring

This Instant Digital Download includes a high resolution .pdf coloring page of an individual drawing for coloring and artwork purposes. My watermark will not be visible on the downloaded file. This listing is an instant download, no crystals are included and no print is mailed.


  • 1x A4 print (.pdf document) ready for you to print and use.

My designs are for your personal enjoyment and use only. Please do not redistribute them. All images are under copyright protection. Do not reproduce or duplicate images without permission. No refunds on Digital Downloads. If there is a problem, please email me and I shall do my best to help you!


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