Full Moon Forgiveness Ritual with Rose Quartz

For many we do some self-work on the full or new moon and I’m sharing my Full Moon Forgiveness Ritual today. On Full Moons, I like to do my forgiveness work and I always pair this with my Rose Quartz egg.

Crystals for Forgiveness

Rose Quartz is a stone of forgiveness for me. There is just something about this egg which makes it easy to put someone in a bubble of love when doing forgiveness work.

Other stones which carry the energy of forgiveness and support you when doing that include:

  • Rhodochrosite
  • Chrysocolla
  • Tangerine Quartz (especially when it’s self-worth issues)
  • Prehnite
  • Green Apophyllite
  • Smokey Quartz and Peach Agate (a great combination when there are negative feelings involved)
Full Moon for Forgiveness Ritual using Rose Quartz

Full Moon Forgiveness Ritual with Rose Quartz

If you need some guidance for forgiveness work, here’s my full moon forgiveness ritual:

  • With a cleared Rose Quartz (or your chosen stone) sit down and carve some time to write down any past hurts that come to mind from the past month or any that sit on your heart. Really think about what you’ve been dwelling upon over the past 4 weeks.
  • TIP: Do this on a loose piece of paper and don’t overwhelm yourself with a burn book amount of people or situations. There are many full moons to come and forgiveness is a journey, like everything else in healing.
  • Meditate with your Rose Quartz in your hand and bring those situations or people up to your mind.
  • Now send them love by surrounding them in a pink bubble. Do this until you clearly see or feel that pink bubble of love around them.
  • TIP: If it’s yourself you need to forgive, see yourself sitting in front of a mirror.
  • Once you’ve wrapped them in love give thanks and say that you forgive them now.
  • Allow those people or situations to float or walk away.
  • Send yourself love.
  • Burn your list OR tear the paper up and flush it down the toilet. If you decide to work with fire, please ensure you do so in a SAFE MANNER. Burn your paper in an abalone shell or fireproof container. Dispose of the ash safely.

Some hurts may need a little more time and you may find that you’re unable to give love or forgiveness the first time BUT keep doing your forgiveness work for YOU to release yourself. You’re going to get there, so don’t feel the need to rush this.

This full moon for forgiveness ritual can be done whenever you like, it never needs to be done on a full moon! What matter is that you do the work, do it with love and yourself.

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