The Importance of Emotional Release and Forgiveness

Hi Everyone! I hope everyone is having a lovely women’s day today. Today, I want to talk about how crystals can provide support during an emotional release and which crystals I think work best for this. I thought I’d share something a little personal with you guys so that you can understand why emotional release is important to your well-being (and heart).

Emotional Release, Forgiveness and Crystals:

To feel things that hurt is not the most pleasant process at all. In fact, let’s get honest here: it is shit, easier to bury and forget about it. This isn’t a healthy option because then it tends to fester and it can actually manifest as a physical ailment or behaviour. What you feel and think, you act upon. To release what no longer serves you, means to grow and make space for new stories that feel good again.

Recently we had someone in our circle pass on and between this person and I, there were many things left unsaid. I had to find time to look at how I felt about this person, all the hurt that was left behind and all the things I never dealt with. I had to feel that hurt and pain again, which I really did not want to do because this is ugly work.

It would have been easier if the person was still alive and I had the guts to shout and scream at them about how I felt. This wasn’t a luxury anymore and as I said, I didn’t have the guts to do that anyway which is why I BURIED IT. I buried it so deep that I actually think I blamed this person for my own reason because I couldn’t face myself so I just threw everything onto them.

I sat myself down after many hours and tears because I did not want to work through this and feel the pain that I had been holding onto for so long which had turned bitter. I wanted to release the emotions that weren’t serving me anymore but I also wanted to do this out of love. I wanted to find love for this person again, release them with love and find love for myself. As always, I turn to crystals for every situation in my life and so I went off to my crystal box knowing that my banded pink agate wanted to be my support through this.

Long story short and after many more tears, I had found love and forgiveness. I was able to work through that pain with a very long guided meditation which I probably should have recorded before the time to play for myself, instead of between ugly crying gasps working through this. Sometimes it gets tricky when you have to be the healer to yourself and forget the small things which can make the process easier LOL!

What the emotional release process looks like:

The process of an emotional release is walking yourself into a campfire with your tribe, bringing up the memory/s that hurt you, feeling it for all that it is, cry, scream and whatever. You then invite the person who “caused” that hurt and tell it to them and then you let them respond to you. Lastly, you just let it go. Let that person go, let the hurt go once it no longer hurts anymore and just feel love. Feel and send love to that person, the lesson they may have taught you, the process and yourself. During this whole process your crystal is held over your heart chakra and it energetically supports you throughout this whole process.

It gets easier over time and you’ll be surprised how much hurt you can actually build up and not even realise it. What’s also amazing is that I’ve never had the other person respond in harsh ways to me and you’d think that in certain situations they would be aggressive or cocky but it really never is that way. There is such peace and understanding.

It something that you can do often because oftentimes you’re always learning something new about these situations that caused us hurt, new sides to the story and then you can work through it to release feelings and emotions that no longer serve or benefit you.

This is basically what it entails and of course you can do this on your own. You don’t need to be a healer or go to a healer. You just need to be a person who is willing to work through it. The work is the same if you go to a healer but I think that it’s a little more comforting when you know someone is there to witness even though they cannot see what you see during your meditation.

Crystals I use for support during an emotional release:

I’m sure many of you are wondering why I chose pink banded agate for this process of emotional release and the reason is very simple: it embodies love.

Pink banded agate is a stone for the heart chakra. It knows that hurt has many layers but encourages you so that you can work through that and you can do so with many layers of love. This stone’s vibration is gentle and it promotes love, calm, forgiveness and understanding.

Another really good one to use with pink banded agate is Smokey Quartz because of its grounding capabilities. When you are going through a release that is incredibly emotional, you are releasing emotions which no longer serve you and smokey quartz helps with that. It grounds you so that you remain present in what is happening and it also transmutes that which doesn’t serve you into something more positive.

There are many crystals you could use but these are my favourite two because they support me during the release and connect me to feeling love and forgiveness during the process.

Are there any crystals you tend to use when you need to release emotions that no longer serve you in order to find forgiveness and love?


Speak soon!

Siobhan xx

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