Crystals for Beginners

There are so many folks who are finding themselves drawn to crystals but have no idea what crystals are for beginners or which to start with. Let’s dive into that!

Let me start off by saying that all crystals can indeed be perfect for beginners. If you are intuitively drawn to a specific stone, get it. More often than not, you’ll find that it resonates with your energy and can support you in some way.

Some Reasons Beginners are Drawn to Crystals

We are drawn to crystals because they’re pretty. That’s how they attract us. They say that like attracts like, and perhaps on a deeper level, our own soul beauty is drawn to their beauty, and visa versa.

I was drawn to their beauty when I was experiencing so much negativity, anxiety and zero confidence in my life. Most of that from my own doing but these are the things you learn as you grow.

A lot of beginners who come onto the crystal path are also struggling with so much negativity and want better protection. Some are looking to find love or are learning to love themselves again. Others are seeking to get back their confidence and power and go after the things that bring them joy. Many want to use crystals specifically for manifestation. And there are many more reasons.

Crystals for Beginners

Favorite Crystals for Beginners

There are so many crystals that are suitable for beginners and all crystals are beginner friendly. These are my favorites that address some common challenges and/or are just great to start with.

Clear Quartz for its flexibility and amplification. If you had no other stones in your collection except Clear Quartz, you’d be fine because of how flexible this stone is. You’re able to use Clear Quartz for any intention and it can support you with anything under the sun. The only limit to Clear Quartz is your imagination. Word of caution: if you’re in a dark space, try limiting your work with Clear Quartz. It can amplify that feeling.

Rose Quartz for love and forgiveness. Known mostly for it’s love properties, I’ve always felt that Rose Quartz is more than attracting love or a partner into your life. Yes, it’s great for that, but it’s also wonderful for learning to love yourself. Also, it supports forgiveness on all levels, even if it’s yourself that you need to forgive.

Selenite for cleansing and purification. If you’re working on getting rid of negativity in your life then this is a great one to combine with your protection stone. Use it to clear your aura, body and mind of negativity after a long day. It’s also a great for connecting to spirit guides, plus it’s incredibly comforting to have when you’re going through challenges.

Smokey Quartz for grounding. I’ve found it to have a great earthy connection and that’s why it’s fabulous for grounding and connecting with the earth. Being grounded is incredibly important in spiritual work. Being up in the clouds all the time isn’t going to serve you in the long run. Smokey Quartz is light enough energetically but strong enough to keep you grounded regularly. Also, great to pair with Rose Quartz for forgiveness work as it supports letting go.

Labradorite for protection. Highly protective and shielding but also great for connecting with your own inner magic. Also, it’s stunning and easy to fall in love with. Labradorite is my first choice for protection. It’s always been easier for me to work with it for protection, than the popular choice of Black Tourmaline.

Amethyst for the mind. Overall it’s pretty healing, just like Clear Quartz but I love Amethyst for it’s mental abilities. It is great for the brain, mind, and intuition, but also protective on that level. If you’re also working on negative thoughts and self-talk, Amethyst will support you to pinpoint and work on that too.

Golden Tiger Eye for happiness, confidence and supporting manifesting. Not only for that, but for protection too. Manifesting and manifestation are trendy words and actions these days around money. Golden Tiger Eye does support that but it’s a great stone to support you on your path to going for what you want with confidence and fire!

Lepidolite for relaxation and relief. Perfect for when there is so much going on and you are struggling to keep your head above water. Lepidolite is so soothing and calming. To me, it’s like a massage in a crystal form. When I first began working with crystals, I wish that I had worked with more grounding and relaxing stones. I was so busy all the time and falling over because I wasn’t thinking. A great one to bring back balance, especially when paired with a grounding stone.

Some other stones you may consider include: Green Aventurine for growth, Carnelian for motivation and energy, or Sunstone to remain strong in your boundaries.

All crystals can be suitable crystals for beginners depending on our own energy and what we are going through. It’s hard to choose when you’re a beginner and faced with so many crystals to choose from.

This guide is only a guide and you should always trust your intuition when purchasing crystals. Always go with what you are attracted to.

How to Use Crystals for Beginners

Short and sweet: wear or carry them in your pocket or bra. This is the easiest way to work with crystals when you’re starting out. Not only is it comforting to have them so close to you, but it’s easy to build a relationship with your crystal and remember what you’re working on with your crystal.

Once you get more intune with your crystal, your intuition and building your confidence with your crystals, you may want to experiment with other methods for using your crystals.

In Conclusion

There are many crystals for beginners which are suitable. It’s important to always trust your intuition when choosing a crystal, whether that’s from a guide like mine or when your shopping. Once you’ve selected one, work with it.

There’s no rush to finding your first crystal, a method for working with it and experiencing shifts. Take your time and have fun!

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