How to Choose your Stones Intuitively

Have you ever wondered how to choose your stones intuitively? Or how to tap into your intuition and choose a crystal? Let me show you how to give yourself a simple crystal reading. Perfect for when you’re feeling overwhelmed or conflicted as to what stone you need right now.

Using your Intuition

It’s very easy to tell someone to “just go with your intuition” but sometimes doubt creeps in. You feel like you know which one to choose, but you also feel like you’d benefit from another stone you saw or know of. It’s easy to fall into this trap because there is often so much we want to shift, heal and change; and there are so many crystals we want to use for all those.

I believe that one of the easiest ways to go with your intuition is to not overthink the process, however in the beginning and as a beginner, you may struggle to trust your intuition. This exercise can help you practice and/or lean more into your intuition.

An Exercise in How to Choose your Stones Intuitively

This simple exercise allows you to let the crystals and your intuition guide you to the crystal energy you may need right now.

Get your crystals together and have them out in front of you. If you have a big collection, it’s not necessary to have them all out. In that case, keep out the ones you want to choose from.

Take a few deep breaths. Really focus on your breathing; inhaling and exhaling until you feel centered and grounded.

Now you’re going to begin choosing your stone/s and there’s a two ways to go about this:

Choosing a Crystal by Sight:

Open your eyes and go with the first crystal that catches your eye. Which crystal first caught your eye before you started thinking and the mind took over questioning? You want to go with the one that catches your eye immediately.

When you just choose in your stone by sight, there isn’t time for the ego to come in. There is less chance for your mind to begin doubting or questioning your choice. It’s a handy and incredibly simple method to have in your toolbox.

Choosing a Crystal by Touch (an alternative method):

Run your hands around them if they’re in a bowl or over them if they’re laid out. You are connecting to their energy through touch. If any feel different in any sort of way, that is a good choice. You want to take note of any sensations that you feel either physically in your hand (tingles, heat or cold) or within your body. When it comes to touch, there is still an element of doubt that can creep in but it’s another great method that you can experiment with.

Once you’ve chosen your stone/s, sit quietly with it for some time and see what comes up for you. You’re simply sitting with the crystal to listen to the crystal whispers. Then you also want to read about the stone and its properties. Don’t discredit what messages or nudges you receive from your own crystal and don’t ignore good crystal research either.

In the beginning and as a beginner, you are still learning to trust your intuition so keep practicing and leaning into your intuition.

When to Choose Your Crystals Intuitively

You can use this exercise when choosing a crystal for the day or if you are struggling to decide on which crystal would be best for a certain intention. For example, crystals for love include Rose Quartz, Rhodochrosite, Emerald, Morganite and Pink Tourmaline. When you have all those crystals in front of you, choosing the first one which catches your eye may be the perfect one to assist you with your current love goals.

The above exercise works just as well if you wanted to use your crystals like you do oracle cards!

You can follow the same above steps but before connecting with your stones, think of your question and then choose your stone. After you’ve done this, you’ll want to read up about the crystal and contemplate upon that. Also think about how that particular crystal could lend support to what you’re seeking guidance on. Alternatively, you can pick a stone of the day/week/month to carry with you for support through the day. Remember to read up about the stone for more clarity, then ponder upon that.

There is a lot of information about how to choose your stones intuitively as well as crystals for this and that. All this information can be overwhelming and doesn’t always help us decide which crystal would be best for us. There is something very approachable and easy about connecting and then choosing your stones. At the end of the day, you know yourself best and allowing your intuition to step upfront, you’re giving yourself the opportunity to trust yourself.

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