Are Higher Grade Crystals More Powerful than Lower Grade ones?

Are higher grade crystals more powerful than lower grade crystals? This is something that many people wonder especially when there are so many crystals to choose from. This is the first question I’m tackling in my “What’s Better?” Series!

Now the first thing we should take a look at are crystal grades and what they are. Let’s break it down:

What are Crystal Grades?

The Grades I am aware of are extra-grade, then it lowers from a-c grade. I’ve never seen lower than C-Grade, BUT there indeed could be. Here is a general guideline I follow for crystal grades:

  • Extra-Grade are those absolutely breath-taking, almost gem quality crystals. These crystals have great clarity and they have a beautiful, vibrant colour. More often than not, they will have very little to no matrix. These are also more expensive than lower grades.
  • A-Grade is still beautiful. The crystal will also have a pretty colour with a little bit of matrix.
  • B and C-Grade can have a very dull or poor colour and they will often contain a lot of matrix. More matrix than crystal in some cases, and they can be entirely opaque.

Matrix is that finer grained mass of material that you often find your larger crystals embedded in. The part of a crystal no one really pays attention to because it isn’t really pretty to look at.

Below is an example of extra-grade Aquamarine (left) vs a/b-grade Aquamarine on the right. Look how vibrant, clear and bright the extra-grade is. The lower grade is still pretty, but it is a little more dull and not entirely that sea blue colour of Aquamarine. It looks like it came from the bottom of the ocean while the extra grade came from mermaids themselves.

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Are Higher Grade Crystals More Powerful and Effective?

Now this is a tough question to answer and in my opinion, there isn’t really a clear black and white answer for me.

Some say that higher grade crystals are more powerful, while others say that the lower grades are more powerful for them. I would say that it boils down to what YOU’RE attracted to, what you’re using the crystal for and what you can afford.

There is no doubt that higher grade crystals can be pretty powerful. You just cannot deny that if you look at a good quality aquamarine crystal for instance, BUT that doesn’t mean that a lower grade crystal couldn’t be just as powerful FOR YOU. Some of the most dull crystals can be incredibly powerful. For instance, when I hold barely polished, ugly looking garnet, I can FEEL that vibration, but if I hold that gemmy garnet then I feel unmoved.

As mentioned above, keep in mind your budget as well as what you’ll use the crystal for. Some extra-grade crystals are incredibly expensive. Can you afford that? If you can, are you collecting it or using it for healing? Not everyone has a mass amount of cash to fork out for gem quality crystals for their healing sessions.


Are high grade crystals more powerful, effective and better? I would say yes and no. Yes they are if that’s what you’re attracted to for your healing and no they’re not if you aren’t attracted to them.

If you are using a crystal for healing, the most important thing is to choose a crystal based on what you’re attracted to, and NOT the crystal grade. If you’re just collecting and wanted a gemmy quality crystal, go for it. There is no right or wrong.

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