Monday Motivation Week 39

Are you ready for belated Monday Motivation Week 39? Here is my motivation for this week so let’s get those motivation vibes going!

Monday Motivation Week 39:

Monday Motivation Week 39

My Monday Motivation for this week is late but I still want to share something motivating for the week! 😛

I woke up a few nights ago (23 September 2018) with these song lyrics in my head. I don’t even listen to ABBA, unless it’s on the radio, which isn’t often.

Truth is, I DO believe in angels and I am trying to see something good in everything I see… which can be damn hard when you see all the shit in the world *eye roll*

Apart from all of this, today as I started the PC up and finished my gratitude challenge for the day by QUARTZ + COAL, I felt this nudge to brush my hair. That’s a lil random for me but okay, I go with it. I find this little pendant and necklace at the back of my brushes basket. It’s something my Mom gave me a year ago for my birthday but I never took it out of the packaging or anything. I must have kept it there and just forgot about it… or did my Mom know all along I’d be working with Guides so I put it away until I was ready for the deeper meaning. Who knows 😉
The Angels are sending a little reminder that they believe in me too and they’re with me. How awesome yo!

So today, and this week, I am here to remind you that you DO have a guardian angel that walks with you everywhere. Whether that’s an animal, angel (in the traditional sense), starbeing, faerie, whatever. You are not alone, we are not alone. They love us so much to stand behind us no matter what… even when we feel like we are a bit of a twat!

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