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  1. Dearest Siobhan, I’m 50 this year and have never “visited” a blog 😳😁 but I stumbled upon yourself whilst researching crystals this morning and literally haven’t moved for an hour as your blog is so diverse, informative and interesting. My quick question for you hopefully won’t keep you very long…… I have a small opaque pyramid and slightly smaller labradorite pyramid (oh my, quite expensive for the size lol) sitting on thick selenite beside my bedroom/bedside crystals comprising of:
    Rose quartz
    Clear quartz
    Clear quartz point facing toward bed
    Green aventurine
    Green fuchite
    Blue Lace Agate
    All my crystals are in their rough state as Im just attracted to how they feel. My question is how do I actually benefit from these pyramids – I’m drawn to them as I believe the pyramid shape itself is sacred but unsure of their purpose/properties. I would love to hear your take on my problem as it’s clear to me, from what I’ve previously read, that you know your stuff lovely lady. Sending this with positive vibes from Scotland, Heather

  2. I want to combine labrodorite, lapis lazuli, and black tourmaline for spiritual elightment and protection against negativity, are they a safe combo for said intentions?

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