Healing Crystals an A-Z Guide Book Review

Today I am sharing Healing Crystals an A-Z Guide book review. I am purely reviewing this because I wanted to share with you some of my go-to crystal books. I am also privileged to be able to give away a copy of this eBook because I work for Healing Crystals.

*Full Disclosure – this is not a sponsored post. I work for Healing Crystals and my views expressed are my own. I have not received compensation for this post but I have been permitted to give away one eBook.*

What is Healing Crystals an A-Z Guide about?

In a nutshell: Healing Crystals an A-Z Guide, is a metaphysical directory by Healing Crystals. It is PACKED with crystal information for over 300 crystals. I’m not even joking about this.

The layout of information is easy to read, short, to the point and follows this format:

  • Crystal name, photo, keywords
  • A short write-up about the crystal
  • Primary and secondary chakras associated with the crystal
  • The crystal system it belongs to
  • The chemical composition of the crystal
  • Astrological sign/s related to the crystal
  • Numerical vibration
  • Moh’s hardness scale indicator
  • Colours of the crystal
  • Rarity
  • Pronunciation which I find handy for those hard to pronounce crystals,
  • Mineral class
  • Common conditions associated with spirituality, emotional and physical
Healing Crystals an A-Z Guide book Review

What I love about this eBook:

I love this eBook’s clickable index. Now I know that’s a strange thing to love about a book BUT I have a good reason. With a paperback, you have to go to the index, locate the item and then turn to the page. With this eBook, I select my chosen crystal and I’m IMMEDIATELY directed to the information. Convenient and time saving! There are A LOT OF crystals listed and being able to do this easily, is incredibly helpful.

Each crystal has associated keywords and I absolutely love that. The associated keywords gives you a basic idea of what the crystal is about. I find this handy because when someone asks about a crystal, I tend to list keywords instead of an essay. It’s a good starting point for learning about your crystal.

There are two things that make this eBook unique which can help you form a deeper relationship with yourself as well as your crystal:

  1. A Crystal Affirmation: If you weren’t good with crystal affirmations, you now have one that you can use with your crystal. It serves as a good reminder to shift your mindset and something you can recall in order to brighten your day. Imagine the effect of saying this affirmation to yourself every morning and evening.
  2. Many of the crystals have a question: It wasn’t until I started working through the eBook that I understood the relevance of these questions and realized how thought-provoking they were. It raises your self-awareness.

What I don’t like about it:

I didn’t really like that the book is only available in PDF format because PDFs are a pain in the buttocks to read on a Kindle eReader. When it comes to PDF documents, I prefer to use my tablet.

I’m glad to report that Healing Crystals is working on offering other formats specifically for eReaders in the near future!

Purchasing Healing Crystals an A-Z Guide:

If you don’t want to struggle with finding crystal information from a reputable source, then get this eBook!

You can purchase it directly from Healing Crystals and if you use this coupon code “siobhan10” you get 10% off your order.

Buy this eBook NOW

The Giveaway:

If you enjoyed this Healing Crystals an A-Z Guide book review and would like to win a copy, join the discussion on my blog. Leave a comment below and tell me what crystal you are working with or would like to work with.

This is open internationally and you’ll need to have an email address 😉

The winner will be announced via blog post on the 13 March 2018.

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19 thoughts on “Healing Crystals an A-Z Guide Book Review”

  1. Right now I’m not working with anything even though I do have a whole bowl full of crystals 🙁

  2. I have at least five books on crystals, but I would love to add this book to my collection. Selenite is my favorite crystal and also blue Kyanite.

    1. This eBook sounds like the perfect addition 😀 I always find it’s handy right here on my tablet or computer, like BOOM thinking of a crystal and I can just look it up quickly!!!

  3. Hi Siobhan, the book really sounds great with lots of information about the crystals and gems,I love reading anything with valid information about crystals.
    I received an Azurite today, I’m such a lucky happy soul, I’ll definitely start working with it this week coming.

  4. I can not think of anyone that will write a book about crystals with more passion and intuition than Siobhan, I have experienced her beautiful and caring treatments myself and will forever be an advocate to the magic surrounding these precious gifts from mother nature.

    This book is a true and valuable GIFT!


  5. Hi Siobhan..iv ordered a sodalite and Tigereye pendant and will be working with them especially the sodalite..

  6. I can so relate. My crystal collection is growing weekly, and each one unique and special in their own way. Having to choose is tough. Somehow I always buy rose quartz. Always..and i am not a big fan of them? My absolute favourite is amethyst, but i tend to have my black tourmalines close alllll the time. Especially at the office. Would be awesome to have an ebook with me on the go, especially since I’m currently doing a crystal healing course. What a magical experience! Nice to be surrounded by so many likeminded addicts 😀

    1. Ah you’ve come to the right place Ilze!
      I’m looking to learning all your insight over time 😀 you’re going to love learning.
      Well are you someone who is very loving but not always toward yourself?

      1. Indeed, you hit the nail on the spot with your question. Definately. Excellent at fixing, healing, being a shoulder to cry on…but i dont do the same. Never

  7. I recently purchased some moss agate and am seeing a trend in other recently acquired crystals for some Earth healing in the near future.

    1. Erin, you’re hitting the nail on the head there! I totally agree that Earth is needing some attention. I’m actually being drawn to animal healing at the moment and away from working with women. My biggest suspicion with this is that Earth needs help and Earth’s furchildren need it too.

  8. I am very much attracted to blue and green stones, currently and mostly carrying lapis lazuli. For the throat. 🙂

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