Top Crystals for the New Year 2019

Today I share my top crystals for the new year of 2019, because it’s here folks! 2019 is approaching quickly!

These are by no means the only crystals you should use. My TOP crystal for anything under the sun is whatever crystal you are attracted to RIGHT NOW. These are solely the crystals that came through during meditation and how I think they’ll be helpful.

Top Crystals for the New Year 2019

Top Crystals for the New Year 2019

Green Tourmaline to heal the heart and overcome any challenges of the heart. Let your heart lead the way! Green Tourmaline is also known to bring abundance, creativity, success and aids with visualization.

Angel Aura Quartz to remind you that you are never alone. You are supported in ways you cannot even imagine. You ARE divine and part of this Universal picture. Don’t forget that!

Citrine because it’s time to start believing in yourself now. Light yourself up and start tending to your confidence fire.

Dalmation Jasper to keep calm, stop lashing out and reacting. Take a breath first. This is a crystal that is calming and helps dissolve negativity.

Blue Kyanite to let your words fly, but remember to maintain balance. It was Kimberlei Ann from Spiritual ReSOULutions that came time mind and something she wrote about: “It’s about balance. Constantly speaking and spreading negativity (if that’s the ‘truth’ you are speaking) is no good for anyone. Balance out some of that by saying something nice now and again because words have some serious power.” So, speak your truth, but if you only have hurt to share continually, then grab your Dalmation Jasper instead 😉

The last thing I want to share is about Connection. For 2019, it’s time to come out of the cave and start getting out there to make connections. Start chatting, stop hiding and connect. You never know who you will meet and what love you’ll encounter.

What is YOUR top crystals for the new year of 2019? Leave me a comment below and share it with me!

4 thoughts on “Top Crystals for the New Year 2019”

  1. Great picks ! For a long time now I felt like the whole world needs a Dalmatian jasper in their pockets. It’s good for finding joy in your incarnation.

    1. Janice, I feel your vibe and I LOVE it! Here’s to more Dalmation Jasper in the future *raises not a glass, but a piece of Dalmation Jasper*

  2. Love the fact you chose Citrine 🙂 Being a member of the Solar gem family, it’s a comforting ray of sunshine in these dark winter days. Citrine is a very special crystal and one I personally love very much!

    1. I feel the same. Sometimes I feel so disheartened that many don’t want to recommend Citrine all that much because it’s heat treated. I hate excluding such an amazing crystal irrespective of whether it is heat treated or more natural.

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