The Papery Stationery WOW Diary Review

Oo today is a good day because I am sharing with you The Papery Stationery WOW Diary Review. Yes I know it’s nothing crystal like BUT it’s a mindful and intentional diary fit for any woman looking to be more of that.

Full Disclosure – this is not a sponsored post. I have not received compensation for this post and views expressed are my own.

Some History

The Papery Stationery is based in Cape Town, South Africa #localislekker and it is run by Alison Deary.

“9 years ago, Alison Deary decided to create a diary that would help her with the challenge of managing a household, kids and work all at the same time. In 2010 the Mom Diary was published for the first time, and has since become an invaluable tool to many women.”

“The MOM and WOW Diary system incorporate many helpful solutions to organisation, time management, budgeting, goal setting, shopping, meal planning, record keeping, expressing gratitude and convenience. All in a simple, effect and easy to use format.”

Why I Purchased This Diary

I entered a competition of hers, which lead me to subscribe to her newsletter and I have been following Alison since then. A while before I bought the diary, she released a newsletter specifically about these diaries. I fell in love with the WOW Diary after I saw the gratitude section. That was all I needed to be sold. Little did I know that the Diary is actually jam packed with a whole lot more which tickles my pickle!!!

The Papery Stationery WOW Diary Review

The Papery Stationery WOW Diary Review

Shortly, The Papery Stationery offers both a WOW and a MOM Diary. Both sorts are available in 4 “flavours”, each with a different colour and intention/affirmation:

  1. Yellow: A year to Shine
  2. Green: A year to Grow
  3. Purple: A year to Dream
  4. Red: A year to Love

I believe that there is something for EVERY woman here, whether you’re a mom or not and whether you are “woo woo” or not.

Here is my video review if you’re not in the mood to read. I talk about the diary and share some of my favourite sections. Yes, I am also a lil excited so prepare yourself for that!


As mentioned, the Diary is jam packed with all sorts of various features that a regular diary has and then some MORE! Some things you’ll find in this Diary:

  • Notes and Doodles pages for doodling or drawing mandalas in my case.
  • Recipe inspiration and who doesn’t need help in this department. I know I do.
  • A cute little Birthday calendar.
  • Bullet Inspo trackers for goals like self-care, health, projects, home, etc.
  • A monthly habit tracker (I’m SO excited for this!!!)
  • Monthly To-do List section that includes space for your OWN goals! YES!
  • Cash Flow Tracker!
  • Gift Ideas Section which is perfect for me when I see gift inspiration for family and friends. Now I don’t need to forget anymore!!!

Here are some photos:

Who Would Love This Diary

It may be cheeky but, I think that every woman would love this diary.

If you are looking to be more organized, mindful and intentional, then this may be for you. It would also be for you if you just wanted something for yourself that is pretty. There is also a MOM Diary specifically tailored for moms.

All women are welcome to The Papery Stationery and these Diaries

Get It Today

The Diary retail for R169.00 and you can purchase your Diary directly here: WOW 2019 Diary

You can find Alison and the Papery Stationery in the following places:

Website | Facebook | Instagram

There is also a range of other amazing products like multi-planners, journals, notebooks and stationery.

I really don’t regret spending my money on something pretty, lekker local and that makes me feel excited for 2019. 2019 is my Year to Shine and I’m so grateful that I have a diary to reflect what I’m calling in!

How do you feel about the Papery Stationery WOW Diary review? Leave a comment below and share with me if you have gotten your 2019 Diary yet.

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  1. Alison, I love this video of my favorite diary. 7th Mom diary I think I have bought. The best addition is the birthday calendar. Thank you Alison.

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