Mistaking Dyed Howlite for Turquenite

Hi Everyone! Usually I do not post twice a week but today I had to share with you something that I learnt. I recently discovered that my piece of dyed howlite, is actually turquenite which is dyed magnesite. MIND BLOWN! Dyed Howlite and Magnesite are known to be imitation turquoise crystals.

I have made a video which you guys can watch on YouTube but if you are in the mood to read, feel free to scroll further down 😉

Howlite is often dyed blue to pass off as turquoise. You can always check these dyed crystals for white patches and that’s how you’ll know it is probably dyed howlite or magnesite. I circled the white patch around mine so you know what I mean. Can you see it?

Dyed Magnesite

I had no idea that Magnesite was dyed as well and there were a few instances where I found myself telling people it was dyed howlite and it wasn’t. If I had told you this, I’m sorry. In this week I ended up wire wrapping a piece, saying it was dyed howlite and I own a piece and there’s a 100% chance these are both actually dyed magnesite! *goes to correct Instagram post*

I feel a sense of calm, clarity and expression (because they are dyed blue) from these stones, but I thought it fair to play them up against each other so that you know the most common properties of howlite and magnesite.

Properties of Howlite:

It is associated with the crown chakra; promotes calm, awareness, emotional expression, less stress and anger; good for memory and study. Howlite is white and it is also generally smooth, it reminds me of marble.

Properties of Magnesite:

Magnesite is associated with the crown chakra; occurs in nodules that look like chewing gum which is how you can tell it apart from howlite and it is usually white but also gray, yellow or brown. It is good for meditation and visualisation; promotes peace, love and purification. Blue dyed magnesite is known as Turquenite.

I am not sure how I feel about using these for healing so I’m more on the fence. I love to use colour in my healing so the blue does work for me but I don’t really know how these dyeing processes work so it sort of puts me off. I haven’t come across the opportunity to use these dyed stones in healing, but who know what will happen in the future.

Even I’m still learning about crystals. You can never know everything. My mind will probably remain blown for the rest of this week! I’m off to go bond with this magnesite and see what it has to tell me.

Speak soon,

Siobhan xxx

4 thoughts on “Mistaking Dyed Howlite for Turquenite”

  1. I don’t see any white on our stones. Cracked one open and it’s all blue, looks crystallized. Can I assume that we have tumbled raw turquoise stones???

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