Scratch Patch in Gaia Crystals

This past weekend I went to scratch in Gaia Crystals’ patch and I found the most amazing crystals. The scratch patch is so under-rated with all the awesome ones you can find there. There is something so meditative about literally scratching for your crystals. It’s incredibly relaxing.

Crystals I found in the patch:

Amethyst – awareness, intuition, understanding. Though it isn’t mentioned often, Amethyst is also a good psychic/mental protector.

Sodalite – clarity, expression, intuition. Sodalite is also known to be good for students for mental clarity.

Citrine – confidence, abundance, willpower. This one is also known as the money stone *wiggles brows* and it can help bring more abundance in your life.

Agate – balance, stability. Agate also always reminds me of life and the fact that it’s all in layers and cycles. It speaks a lot about patience to me.

Jade – healing, abundance, growth. It is also known to be fantastic for the skin.

Rose Quartz – love, compassion, forgiveness. The ultimate love and self-love crystal!

Golden Tiger’s Eye – happiness, willpower, confidence. It’s pretty much good for anything if I’m being honest.

Bloodstone – growth, grounding, physical health. Also known to be healing for blood disorders.


I also ended up purchasing 3 little pieces of Kyanite for crystal healing sessions and a Lodestone/Magnetite for myself.

Here’s my video showing you all the pretties and I hope that you enjoy it:

What interesting crystals have you found in a scratch patch before?


Speak soon,

Siobhan xx

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