Monday Motivation Week 37

Are you ready for Monday Motivation Week 37? Here is my motivation for this week so let’s get those motivation vibes going!

Monday Motivation Week 37:

Monday Motivation Week 37

I am sharing another cute thing that came through to me during motivation. This time a panther came through with this message. She put her paw on my sacral chakra and told me to honour my sacred time.

I want to quickly touch on this. As a woman, honour YOUR sacred time because it’s the one time of the month you are releasing. I know it sucks and I know we dread it more often than we admit, but it’s OURS. Acknowledge it just a little bit more. That’s a step towards honouring it.

NOW, onto a little bit more.
Sacred time when you spend it on yourself, is ALSO yours. Don’t let anyone take that away and by anyone I mean yourself, because you’re thinking about all the things you haven’t managed to get done and and and.

We spend so much time on others; being there, attending to them, doing things, making sure everything runs smoothly, etc. We don’t spend all that same amount of effort on ourselves when we are thinking about other things.

Take your darker time to work on your spots and be there for yourself. Whether this is 5 minutes daily or during your sacred time of the month.

As Tracey told me this weekend: “there is incredible power in the feminine”. Don’t forget that, ignore that or shrug it off.

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